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  5. The developers of cryptocurrency Monero (XMR) successfully conducted hardfork to implement several important upgrades. Updating of network first of all aimed to maintain ASIC resistance and to increase of transactions fees... Read more
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  7. The cryptocurrency market is still subject to the influence of short-term “spikes” of interest, which affect volatility. Apparently, the market finds support in the area of lows, and this does not allow it to continue to decline... Read more
  8. You've got mail... As airdrop is almost over and we collected more than 40K newsletter subscriptions 👏💪 it's high time we sent a warm welcome and "thank you" mail to all of you. You are simply amazing! 😍
  9. On October 15, the leading South Korean bitcoin exchange Bithumb launched a decentralized trading platform. The developer of the protocol was the company One Root Network... Read more
  10. Telegram blockchain platform is 70% ready. September mailing of the company to investors testifies to it... Read more
  11. As an investor, it is highly challenging to make decisions that pay for long-term and are away from the fears of frauds! But life just can’t be lived happily without taking those tough decisions! With the rise of the Crypto industry, making investment feels safer and secure due to the decentralized system, which makes much better than all available ways of investment. However, yet there are many projects, which are just not capable enough to go far, so which one to pick? The choice is not easy to make and is never meant to be easy either, but not with this scenario, with the choice that is reliable, trustworthy and the most importantly, a proven option by all means, and is meant to revolutionize the whole industry! Bringing to you the finest creation of recent years, it is one and only the NetCurrencyIndex Family NetCurrencyIndex is a precious creation, which aims at bringing people the kind of choice that not only will give them an opportunity to be able to generate stable revenue through it, but also will be able to do it in a simple, easy and straightforward way! The whole concept of NetCurrency Index Family is to measure the entire Blockchain sector as the S&P500 Index does for the U.S Stock Market! Netcurrencyindex, Worlds First Visionary Cryptocurrency Index from all kind of Market stages with the Crypto Index Family which include NCI30, NCI100, and NCI500. It has become the Benchmark for the Crypto Industry and the entire Blockchain sector. Netcurrencyindex is set to Launch Index ETF+ with the beginning of the Presale on 26th October, 2018. The World’s FIRST Index ETF + coins, where you have the chance to invest in over 99% of all Cryptocurrencies by market cap by the visionary and revolutionary NCI500 Index ETF+ Coin, for the FIRST time EVER! With that, it will enable the people to stay updated throughout about the strongest Cryptocurrencies and growing ICOs from the Blockchain sector in a fully automatic way! With the visionary and revolutionary NetCurrencyIndex ETF + coin you get the +boost by monthly paid dividend directly in your coin from our Cryptocurrency Arbitrage trading. With all this, it clearly makes it the BEST and proven product on the Cryptocurrency industry EVER with also lowest possible risk and highest possible security! And with the NetcurrencyIndex, there is the next generation Hybrid Exchange called “Colsio”, and it comes with over 600 Crypto pairs, over 200 Crypto CFDs and, Binary Options. Colsio, the Home Of Crypto is already setting new standards for exchanges to follow! With the borderless crossover of all payment, platforms functioned QuitPay by QuitBox payment system. The QuitBeam function is also available for the FASTEST and EASY mobile transfers of Cryptocurrencies and Fiat Money, anywhere to everywhere. By QuitCard, you can get the CASH anywhere in the world for Cryptocurrencies or Fiat currency at the BEST rates. So, come and become part of this magnificent creation as the registrations are open now to get yourself Whitelisted for Early Bird Bonus!
  12. Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange has introduced a new system for depositing fiat currencies: US dollar (USD), British pound (GBP), Japanese yen (JPY) and Euro (EUR). At the moment, the users who have completed the KYC procedure had to create an application, indicating the deposit amount and currency, and the platform representatives had to consider it within 48 hours... Read more
  13. 85% of the airdrop pool is gone. That means one thing: first come first serve basis 😅 HURRY UP not to miss your social media #tokens!! 👇👇👊
  14. Blockchain is a smart way to go, and I think it will succeed.
  15. I like this guide, it's quick and covers more than enough for beginners to get started with blockchain
  16. Business Report - We're in the press again Community is growing, journalists notice our activity! Here's an article how we're going to revolutionize the market
  17. Dear Clients! Our exchange service was added on monitoring:,,, and We improve every day and strive to make our service better and more attractive for you. Yours sincerely, Okpay team!
  18. Last week, idea of a bear flag has fully realized, and bitcoin price fell by almost $ 500. During the month bitcoin price smoothly grow up and "unloaded", reaching a critical point of the flag. A similar situation was in early September, when the first bearish flag was in place and its decline also slowed drop to the $ 6,100–6,200. This zone is still insurmountable for bears, there is a large number of buy orders here... Read more
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