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  2. The importance of getting knowledge from books can never be underestimated and as a trader, I can boldly tell you that reading books about cryptocurrency is one of the most effective ways to update and get more knowledge and information on Cryptocurrency. I have found a lot of books like Mastering Bitcoin, Blockchain Technology, The Age of Cryptocurrency and a host of others through Crypto Link, and I can guarantee that they are some of the Best Blockchain Books. You will get a lot of important information relevant to the Crypto industry.
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  4. VanEck Securities Corp. and SolidX Management have decided to withdraw their application to launch Bitcoin ETF, submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) earlier. The relevant information appeared on the website of the department... Read more
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  6. I prefer doing trading on established options instead of going for these since its too risky for my own comfort and that’s why I am not so sure about it. I feel it’s so much better that we do trading through a quality broker and I do that only which is easier with FreshForex. As with them one is able to trade on everything from Forex to Cryptos and that with highest level of comforts too.
  7. As a newbie trader, I would say you should be focusing on learning the most. I am working with FreshForex, and they are amongst the best there is with having long list of benefits to help one with. I feel very comfortable with their awesome Educational Setup, which helps me go far and get the kind of results I want. And obviously everyone can get their desire destination if there is enough education for it.
  8. The BitPay cryptocurrency processing team decided to add Ethereum cryptocurrencies available for operations to the list. The update will allow entrepreneurs to accept ETH as payment, and users to store the asset in a wallet developed by the company's specialists. The relevant information appeared on the BitPay blog... Read more
  9. This very much a personal comfort thing as what one feels good at. There are some very top Crypto Exchanges available that we could use, so it’s just about the comfort levels for us to do things. I like Coinbase which is very much safe and secure option to use but ultimately, it’s really about the comfort levels for us. I feel very easy with it because it brings me great comfort and that is something that brings confidence to get the working right.
  10. The Binance team announces the launch of the fourth phase of the Binance Lending project. Now users will be able to receive a fixed profit through financing margin positions. Information about this was published in the company's blog... Read more
  11. The hacker stole 30,000 EOS ($ 110,000) thanks to a bug in game EOSPlay. The cost of the attack was just over 300 EOS ($ 1000)... Read more
  12. Сryptocurrency ATM provider Coinme raised $ 1.5 million in A-1 Series financing round. Xpring investment division and Blockchain Finance Fund is the major investors. The company has already managed to raise $ 4.5 million, including through the issue of convertible bonds... Read more
  13. The German parliament and the federal government will block the development of the digital currency Libra and other "private stablecoins" in Germany, Spiegel reports concerning parliamentarian Thomas Heilmann... Read more
  14. During my early days as a cryptocurrency enthusiast, I had a real struggle with choosing the best digital currency exchanges. Pardon my ignorance; there was a crowd of options to choose from. I was literally overwhelmed by these options until I stumbled upon a post on Crypto Link. It turned out to be a life-saver. The site makes a list of some of the best Cryptocurrency Exchanges every digital currency investor should patronize. The options include Bittrex, Poloniex, Binance, and Coinbase. That was a turning point for me.
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  16. Chainlink has become one of the most profitable investments this year. According to analysts at AnChain, investors gain XXX through market manipulations. According to AnChain data, most of the LINK's trading volumes were completed due to the small number of addresses... Read more
  17. Electricity is a necessary commodity in every home. From powering our TV sets to illuminating our houses, electricity has come to stay as we can’t do without it. No wonder it makes a substantial part of our utility bills. However, what about if you have a platform that pays you whenever someone consumes electricity? No kidding, that’s possible with AVALO-energy. Sensing the increasing needs for energy, AVALO has created a unique platform for energy investors to manage their funds. The European company with a special interest in renewable energy, environmental protection, and blockchain-based ecosystems has provided a way for energy investors to earn passive income while generating more energy for consumers. The project is currently in the pre-ICO phase. However, potential investors can still take advantage of its investment options to join the league of power investors. The company is currently looking for “first-movers, bounty hunters, super affiliates, crypto enthusiasts and nature conservationists, which are familiar with telegram bots.” When you invest in AVALO-energy, you get paid each time consumers use electricity at home. The investment plans range from €599 to €23,880. With this amount, you can purchase between 5 and 220 shares and become an investor in the energy company. Your commission is determined by the investment plan you purchase. For your investment, you will receive pre-ICO token that will be converted to ETH tokens once the project starts. You will also earn some bonus pre-ICO token every day as an early bird until the official ICO begins. Investment Plans: AVALO offers investors a couple of investment plans to choose from. These are: 1. AP 50 This is the cheapest plan and offers the lowest share. Subscribers to this plan earn 5 shares for €599. You are on your way to getting €950 profit on this investment. 2. AP 100 You can subscribe to this investment plan with €1,199. You will get 10 shares with the amount with an estimated profit of €1,900. 3. AP 200 €2,280 gets you 20 shares when you subscribe to the AP 200 plan. You stand a chance to get €3,800 profit on your investment. 4. AP 500 €9,500 profit can be yours if you purchase this plan. With €5,880, you will own 50 shares 5. AP 1,000 This plan offers you an opportunity to earn €23,047 in profit when you purchase it with €11,880. 6. AP 2,000 220 shares can be yours if you purchase this plan. It goes for €23,880 and offers you an estimated €41,800 in profit. Note that regardless of the investment plan you purchase, AVALO offers you a daily token. This amounts to a substantial amount once it is converted into ETH. Affiliate Program: AVALO offers you another means of earning passive income through its Affiliate Program. Whenever you refer an investor to the company, you earn an affiliate commission. The company pays commissions on three levels: 12%, 7%, and 4%. For direct referral, you earn 12% commission. The second and third lines will receive 7% and 4% commission respectively. You don’t have to go through a rigorous process to redeem your commission. The company pays in BTC instantly and sends it immediately through its Telegram bot. you don’t have to purchase an investment package to qualify for commissions. Make a referral and earn it. Every referral gets a 50 free token as their welcome gift. The investment process is pretty simple. To join the AVALO team, do these: 1. Sign Up on their website for free. 2. Choose a Plan. 3. Get aid Note that you need Telegram to use the platform. The operations of the company are run strictly on Telegram. Download the app on your device to simplify your activities on the platform. Why Should You Join AVALO? Why should you invest in AVALO-energy? There are several reasons why investing in this energy company may be a wise choice. Here are some of what your investment in the company offers you: 1. Daily bonus token 2. Fast commission in BTC 3. Profit in EUR 4. Future-proof business concept 5. 24/7 support Create a personal account with the company. That’s the first step towards becoming an investor. Don’t forget, you can earn much from their affiliate program too. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to earn passive income for the rest of your life. A one-time investment with AVALO guarantees that. Join now and get your 50 Token FREE for Signup! Get all further information at:
  18. Genesis Engineering team is a collaboration of Software and Systems Engineers who’ve come together from all over the world. Everyone in Genesis Engineering is free to live and work wherever they want. With such a diverse group of people, from so many different places, we bring a unique perspective to everything we do. Over a period of one year we’ve successfully been able to develop a complex product that works at the amalgamation of blockchains and conventional web systems. Unlike most SaaS products (with one application server) our multi-tenant system manages as many application servers as our customers deploy i.e. at least one per customer. We also maintain a central application that keeps track of all these server instances without any manual intervention. We specialize in: - Building Mining Pools for multiple algorithms - Building virtual tools to manage huge amounts of mining hardware in the cloud - Creating while label services to easily rent out hashrate on your website from your mining facility - Easy to manage proxies for mining hardware - On premise software solutions/business tools tailored for the mining industry - Other on-demand software projects Further details on:
  19. The cryptocurrency market keeps adjusting. The strong movements have not yet occurred, but the risks of a decrease are increasing. Perhaps the leading cryptocurrency is just gaining strength before the next growth wave as part of the development of the Triangle model. But to confirm this may the breakdown of the upper model's boundary... Read more
  20. It is certainly human nature to save money for rainy days. We must all plan and save some money for any emergency which might arise in the coming days. The future is uncertain; thus, it is important for you to make a wise investment decision to avoid a financial crisis that would make you go bankrupt. So what is an investment? For the benefit of those that may not know; an investment is any goods or commodities you buy today to be used in the future or whenever there is an emergency. Spending all the money that you make and saving nothing may spell doom for you in the future. What is Financial Investment? Simply put; financial investment means setting aside a fixed amount of money in a project and expecting appreciable gains after a stipulated time frame. Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are so many reasons to make a financial investment. The financial investment will enable you to enjoy life to its fullest without worrying yourself about what the future holds. Plus, your spending pattern would be controlled. If you are seeking a financial investment project to invest your hard-earned money and earn mouth watery profits, look no further, the Chartoken project is where you should put your money. There are so many investment projects on the market, but many of them are not what they claim to be. Plus, they are subjected to regulatory authorities. Chartoken is a blockchain-powered investment project; the founders of this project focus on digital assets to bring mouth watery profits to their investors. Chartoken’s mission is to ensure that investors smile to the bank in their respective locations. They also aim to empower investors so that they can enrich themselves and in-turn supports their immediate community. As a registered user of the Chartoken community, you are sure of earning profit up to 1000 times the value of your assets through a referral program and token ownership. How does Chartoken work? It is pretty simple; Chartoken provides investment packages between $100 to $1,000,000 for all their investors to leverage. They also make it possible for investors to own Char token. Whether you are a newbie or professional investor, there is an investment package that would suit your needs. Once you pick any of the investment packages, you would then have the opportunity to participate in their referral program, where you can refer your friends or family members to receive more Char token or profits. Now, let’s see other benefits of investing in the Charton project; Benefit of Chartoken • High profit: As a registered user of the Chartoken platform, you have the chance to receive up to 35% interest rate via the referral program. • Transparency: Remember, Chartoken is a blockchain-based project; therefore, all your transactions would be transparent and highly secure. • High Liquidity: They support the conversion of the Char token to ETH or BTC right on their website. This means you can withdraw your earnings with just a few clicks. Immediately you register on their platform and confirm your email, you would receive 500 Char token. This is only applicable to the first 10,000 new customers. To enjoy this bonus, use this code “UBK9939999361” when registering. Visit for more information on how to get started!
  21. CEO Blockstream Adam Back states that the Bitcoin dominance index is returning to a normal average of 90% at the moment... Read more
  22. There are prospects: forecasts of digital currency market participants This week was full of various events for both participants of the cryptocurrency industry as well observers. Here are some expert comments on the current development of the digital asset market. On Monday Yves Mersch, Member of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank (ECB) criticized Facebook’s Libra.”Libra could reduce the ECB’s control over the euro, impair the monetary policy transmission mechanism by affecting the liquidity position of euro area banks, and undermine the single currency’s international role” . The official has also noted that Facebook’s cryptocoin will in fact be accountable to shareholders, raising trust issues, as it will not be backed by a central bank. Mersch called on regulators to take tight control over Facebook’s projects, and for users not to trust the tempting but questionable promises from the representatives of the American company. Meanwhile, Jack Dorsey, the head of Square payment start-up and Twitter co-founder, continues to insist that cryprtocurrencies will continue to spread. The businessman believes in bitcoin, but he thinks that it is still too early to call it currency. In one of his latest interviews Dorsey notes, that bitcoin’s rises and falls in prices are more characteristic of a investment asset, such as gold. He hopes that as soon as the cryptocurrency becomes the currency of the Internet, his own start-up will pay more attention to services that create added value, rather than those that are engaged in money transfer Mark Mobius, an investor in developing markets and Mobius Capital Partners founder said that gold-backed cryptocurrency can be an interesting phenomenon. The investor emphasized that there is a whole generation of people who have faith in the internet, and they have faith in cryptocurrencies. “People believe in dollar because they have faith that with dollars in their hands they can buy something. Crypto enables people to buy something merely because they believe it has value”, Mobius said. In the beginning of the week trader Peter Brandt tweeted that bitcoin has entered the fourth cycle of the parabolic uptrend that could lead it significantly past its all-time high price. The analyst is confident that the price of Bitcoin will reach one hundred thousand dollars in the long run. And although this bold prognosis does not yet have lots of supporters, one can’t ignore the fact that the price of the main cryptocoin is showing steady growth since Monday. According to Coinmarketcap, by September,6, bitcoin rose in price up to $10 875, starting from the mark of $9 623 on the night of September,2.
  23. In early summer, Tron creator Justin Sun won the right to lunch with Warren Buffett. The cost of the charity event was near $ 4.6 million. The event had to scheduled originally on July 25, but organizers had to cancel it due to health problems with Sun. Both parties agreed to reschedule the lunch to a later date. At the same time, the specific term was not presented... Read more
  24. BCH was very sloppy during early days of the week but has recovered well to reach near 300 level. It is highly likely that we will see similar trending continue on in the week to follow. Although, the trend is still not so clear but the history of this it’s very much a likely scenario.
  25. LTC was amongst the most down pair this week again. We have seen Litecoin drop extremely fast in past few weeks. It will be interesting if it can hold up or will go down further. But at this stage, it will be good to go for buy if we can hold for few months.
  26. ETH was very much neutral this week as we saw no major happening either side. It was all very much flat and with how things are turning up, it’s highly likely that we will continue to witness similar trajectory ahead too. It makes it better for short term trades but not for long term.
  27. BTC has seen very much up and down scenario this week. This week we saw it start going upwards but was floored very quickly and currently, it’s just running inbetween. It’s highly unlikely that we will see any dramatic movements so soon but whatever comes there is all likely scenario of it going high, eventually.
  28. BTC has seen very much up and down scenario this week. This week we saw it start going upwards but was floored very quickly and currently, it’s just running inbetween. It’s highly unlikely that we will see any dramatic movements so soon but whatever comes there is all likely scenario of it going high, eventually.
  29. Facebook's Libra digital currency is vulnerable to economic shocks, writes Bloomberg, citing analysts at banking holding JPMorgan. According to the source, the project will not be able to provide the level of security that the current payment systems offer... Read more
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