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  2. It is our pleasure to bring this to your notice that a number of leading cryptocurrency portals have been covering the growth of Money Trade Coin. The group that marked it's presence in the crypto-space last year has been doing extremely well and giving a tough fight to leaders. Money Trade Coin has been the pioneer in providing multi-cryptocurrency exchange and wallet services all across the world, thereby making a stronghold in this volatile market system. In order to make a mark and fight powerfully to attain the desired position, the newly emerging cryptocurrency, Money Trade Coin is leaving no stone unturned. The Group has decided that it will establish its footprints and provide services in 40 countries all over the world probably in this new year. It will soon provide its services in Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Bulgaria, Denmark, Sweden, Poland among others. You may read the comprehensive article below. Courtesy - Wu Wei Dao, Cryptobble, and Ambcrypto
  3. Hackers hijacked an administrative console of Teslas Amazon cloud account. They then installed crypto-mining scripts or software to mine cryptocurrencyRead more here: Tesla Amazon Cloud Account Hijacked
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  5. 1. While big companys, like Genesis can't affort new customers and just taking presale deposits, HashFlare finally realized that there can’t be any customers if the profit is minimal and they LOWERED ALL prices, especially on SHA-256 and SCRIPT for BTC mining. Moreover they open new capacities, despite the fact, that it is to risky.Another iteresting candidate: CCG Mining. The company is only a year old, however it has already found a wide audience of admirers for its uniquely advantageous terms. 2. Here is counted profit for SHA-256 per 1 Th/s 0.00010171BTC (Antpool) 0.00010050 BTC (F2pool)0.00009650 BTC (Slush)0.00009450 BTC ( BTC (BTCChina)(excluding maintenance fees)By the way, have you noticed how Hashflare lowered prices. They finally realized that there can’t be any customers if the profit is minimal, especially on SHA-256 and SCRIPT for BTC mining. I’ve checked official calculator – 60% from past prices. Now it’s like bitcoin was upper 18000$. 3. Here is site with a new promo code for Hashflare: remember, code is disposable, so you can't just pay a little, and then pay full price. But when you make the deposit on HashFlare, it will show, that promo code is active right now, and the size of discount. PromoCode isn't suitable for every one, because you have to invest at least 220$.Promo code is LIMITED IN USE i general, not for single user (maybe 500 activations). So Hurry up, if you want to catch it working.For future promocodes check this page Acording to - Hashflare promo codes distributors page there are several types of Hashflare promo codes. They can be sent to additional bonuses when registering and replenishing the account and also present a specific discount percentage. The first kind of codes is hard to verify by eye, they have long been out of stock. The structure of the second code is quite recognizable. For example - this is the code that has expired by the number of uses : HF18WPDJDW3. The first four figures hint at the year of creation and the capital letters of HashFlare. Obviously, codes with numbers 17 and 16 can not even be considered. In addition, the following symbols are not unimportant, the range of their collection may indicate the legitimacy of the promo code, but this does not always happen. For example, a recent Hashflare sale was offering a promotional code HF18SVALDAY.Regulary updated legit promo codes you can find on
  6. As you know, there is no infinite growth in the market. The price of any asset moves up or down, or is in the "side channel". Yesterday, on February 21, the positive tone on the cryptocurrency market was suddenly replaced by the dominance of bears. Now we may see such picture... Read more
  7. Today dealing with cryptocurrencies has become a trend. Gradually, the world is moving towards a unique phase of Digital Assets. Since the popularity of Virtual currencies is surging high globally at a fast pace, it is imperative to understand and have complete knowledge about the working of the cryptocurrencies. With an aim to increase awareness and educate the masses, an Australian public research University RMIT is all set to launch the country's very first Blockchain Course. This course will be an online(digital) short course to briefly comprehended the Blockchain technology underpinned in the working of cryptocurrencies. The course is designed to run as an 8-week program, named 'Developing Blockchain Strategy' and is set to kick-start on 19th March 2018. The curriculum is developed by the RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub along with other industry experts and will be available to all wanting to fathom the application of this efficient system. Following the lines of the initiative to inform masses about this new era of digitization, the Money Trade Group is planning to launch its very own online education portal. With this new venture, the Money Trade Coin Group intends to provide a platform for gaining all the knowledge about the Cryptocurrency World. It will educate people on the very efficient Blockchain technology, ICO, the developments in the crypto-space and so on. It will provide its services in all the officially recognized global languages and will be available to everyone around the world. All the lessons will be conducted by industry experts, market- analysts and specialists, therefore, providing insights from the global financial market system.
  8. Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is gaining popularity and becoming more expensive, but you still don’t own it? You have a unique chance to profit and exchange without commission & no confirmations! 1BTC=87BTG & 1BTG=125$ More details and info: Instruction:
  9. I think it is impossible for any cryptocurrency to replace Bitcoin. Now, Bitcoin is at 11000$ and other cryptocurrencies are not even near to it. I CryptoNewsTrends helps you to get more information about cryptocurrencies.
  10. Matrix Coin invest in Smart Houses Registration on Coinhitex Buy MatrixCoin
  11. Australian University, RMIT has launched Australia’s first university Blockchain course. It is an eight-week short course.Check out detail info here: Blockchain course
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  13. If you're interested in crypto bounty / affiliate programs this is a good one with recurring income. If you don't know, Bitcoin Jackpot is a crypto raffle that has just recently launched. They are giving away a grand prize of $1,000,000 USD in either BTC or USD. They are selling 100,000 tickets at $20 USD and you can pay in any crypto. For each ticket sale, you’ll get $5 USD per ticket, and if that same customer buys tickets in the future, even without clicking your affiliate links, you will receive a $2 USD commission per ticket. For example if you sent 1,000 ticket buyers to them, you would receive $5,000 USD and if those same buyers purchased tickets in the future, even without clicking your affiliate link, you will receive a commission of $2,000. The conversion rate is high and the payouts are monthly but if you're a high volume affiliate you can request a payout weekly. The affiliate sign up is in the footer of the site (at the bottom). They are just starting out but hopefully this project succeeds!
  14. Rather high bitcoin network fees were the main theme of debate last year, but in 2018 their rate has sharply decreased. According to CoinMetrics data, the bitcoin miners now collect less than a third of the value they had in fees in December 2017... Read more
  15. Do you want to know the goal/objective of XinFin? Then this post has got you covered. The primary objective of XinFin is to minimize global infrastructure deficit by enabling peer to peer financing between Governments, corporations, buyers and suppliers to make efficient use of capital and deploy projects. XinFin platform will help buyers secure capital at globally competitive rates, give suppliers visibility on global tenders & customer base and gives financiers real time visibility on their investments using digitization and IoT integration of their assets. The greatest plus is that currently, there is 20% bonus for 2nd round, so this is something that we just can't afford to miss out on! It is awesome with ending on 22nd February, as the 3rd round begins on wards with lesser bonus!
  16. A few months for cryptocurrencies all over the world have been a little difficult as there have been a number of speculations regarding the Digital assets reliability and credibility. Just like other countries, South Korea was also earlier conjectural about the usage of virtual currencies in the country. According to recent improvements, the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) of South Korea has declared that the government is ready to accept 'Normal' cryptocurrency transactions. The officials further clarified that the entire world is planning to introduce a regulatory framework to gain a control on digital currencies, hence, instead of developing strict and strong controls, we should realize the importance and enable it for Normal transactions. However, this new statement by FSS official, Mr. Choi completely contradicts his earlier stand on designing strict regulations on cryptocurrencies. Earlier, he even remarked that Bitcoin will lose its bubble later. So, this new optimistic approach towards cryptocurrencies an opposite viewpoint. This initiative is helping medium and small-sized exchanges as the Korean Blockchain Association has imposed a real-name system on exchanges and thereby ceased the usage of virtual accounts that permit anonymous digital currency trading. This will encourage security and safety of the transactions and safeguard the money of the cryptocurrency holders. The government authorities are also encouraging Banks to work with Crypto exchanges and make transactions with these crypto exchanges, as they have sufficient and efficient systems that can freely open virtual currency real name accounts. This will to an extent solve the problem of small and medium-sized exchanges who are unable to obtain virtual accounts
  17. Matrix Coin on Coinhitex Exchange Registration on Coinhitex Buy MatrixCoin
  18. SatoshiLabs, creator of the most secure cryptocurrency hardware wallet, Trezor has released new Trezor Bridge. It is a further communication tool Check detail info here: Trezor Bridge
  19. Cryptocurrencies have grown and expanded significantly over the years. In a span of merely five years, a number of Digital assets have emerged in the global financial market system. The popular of cryptocurrencies have increased marvelously and are affecting the world economy. Even though it is still not accepted as a legal medium of exchange and is still to reach the mainstream market, it is having significant effects worldwide. Let us briefly analyze a few ways in which the virtual currencies have stimulated Globalization. 1) Global Transactions Sans Documentation The biggest and the most eminent benefit of cryptocurrency lies with international (global) payment transfers. Using cryptocurrencies for international remittances (the Money sent back home by workers living abroad) provides a big advantage as the average fee using traditional banking services is as high as 9%, which is not the case with virtual currencies. As such migrants are utilizing cryptocurrencies so as to curb the transaction costs and also, it allows transfers with long and tedious paperwork. Crypto-assets also, remove the risk of credit card fraudulent. 2) Speedy Transfers Cryptocurrencies are making international payments and transfers easy, secure, hassle-free and fast. Individuals and companies are finding the utilization of these digital currencies beneficial as the transactions are done almost immediately with any hefty documentation. Unlike the traditional banking system, cryptocurrencies are especially developed to provide security guarantees and credit conveniences without any extra fees, taxes and delays. 3) The power of Decentralization Cryptocurrencies work on the very efficient Blockchain technology and are based on a peer-to-peer network. This implies that no central authority has any control over its transactions or no third-party intervention is entertained. The transactions take place on a public ledger and are available to all the cryptocurrency holders. However, the bank transactions are controlled and regulated by the central authority of the country. As such the decentralization provides a upper hand, and allows people across the nations to make transactions fair, easy and fast, without losing the value of the product in currency conversion. 4) Accounting for a huge population. The accounts maintained by different banks (local, national and international) are not stored in manner that can be compared easily. It becomes a difficult task to dig out proper and accurate information from the scattered records. However, since cryptocurrency transactions are registered on a public ledger from the day the transaction of a particular cryptocurrency has started, it becomes easier for comparisons and measurements. Also, it provides a high end transparency, thereby reducing risks of illegal uses and fraudulent activities.
  20. The Australian juice company Boost is giving away four Bitcoins, once a week, for consecutive four weeks, who buy juice and enter a code in the Boost app Read Detail info here and win price: How to Win Bitcoin on Australian Boost
  21. Last week was positive for bitcoin price and cryptocurrency market in general. So, "digital gold" again returned to level above $ 10 000, and the market cap reached $ 500 billion... Read more
  22. Hello MatrixCoin community!We have great news! We added to the Decentralized Crypto-bridge exchange. We have such a pair Matrx/Btc, Matrx /Xp, Matrx/Eca
  23. Every time you hear the term cryptocurrency the first word that comes to your mind is Bitcoin. Naturally, being the pioneer of Digital currencies globally, Bitcoin has gained massive attention and popularity. However, the crypto-world is has a number of members which often are left out of one's acknowledgement. Apart from the Leading cryptocurrency - Bitcoin, the other virtual currencies in the global financial market are Altcoins i.e. alternate coins. These digital currencies are inspired from Bitcoin and are usually underpinned by the very efficient Blockchain technology. However, each of them has some unique and unusual features to offer the crytocurrency holders and each come with their own goods and bads. Let us have a look quick look at the other crytocurrencies that are slowly and steadily emerging as a winner and giving a tough competition to Bitcoin. 1) Litecoin (LTC) Litecoin was introduced in the crypto-space merely 2 years after Bitcoin in the year 2011. It was founded by Charlie Lee and is often referred to as the 'silver to Bitcoin's gold.' Litecoin functions on the scrypt algorithm and provides one of the fastest generation rates and transaction speeds. One factor that sets Litecoin apart is that it's overall supply market capitalisation limit is set at 84 millions. The process of mining Litecoins is simple, easy and can be solved sans any particular mining equipment. 3) Ethereum (ETH) Ethereum was initially released in the crypto-space in the year 2015. Ethereum was co-founded by a Russian-Candian Programmer, Vitalik Buterin in 2013. Ethereum is an open software platform based on the cutting-edge Block-chain Technology that allows developers to build and utilise decentralised applications. Ethereum blockchain has exceptional abilities. It allows one to build smart contracts. It is a contract that self-executes and the contract handles the enforcement, the management, performance and payment. Unlike the other cryptocurrencies, Ethereum permits developers to create whatever operations they want. Simply, it implies that developers can build thousands of different applications that follows way beyond anything we have witnessed previously. 3) Money Trade Coin Money Trade Coin was introduced in the financial market system September 2017 by the Money Trade Coin Group steered by Dr. Amit Lankhanpal. MT Coin is a virtual currency built on the efficient block-chain technology; offering safe, secure and transparent system to cryptocurrency holders for all their financial transactions. Money Trade Coin is a unique cryptocurrency that enhances the cross-border money transfer procedure. It transfers encrypted money across borders with SWIFT( wire transfer) and also become Secured Alternate Local Currency . It is a partially pre-mined coin using JavaScript APIs, with the focus of making money transfer a hassle free decentralized process. With MT Coin you can easily transfer pre-mined cryptocurrency to any person. What sets Money Trade Coin apart is that it offers Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering services to safeguard all the transaction, thereby providing a high-end transparency.
  24. Saudi central bank will use Ripple blockchain. Ripple announced the bank will use the xCurrent network to facilitate cross-border payments.Click here to read more: Ripple’s Xcurrent for Cross-Border Payment
  25. At the end of the week, we resume everything that the crypto community talked about over the past seven days. Exchanges On Tuesday, February 13, users of the Coincheck exchange have withdrawn 40.1 billion yen ($ 373 million) from their accounts. It was the day when customers were first able to withdraw funds after the theft of approximately $ 500 million that occurred last month. Little-known Italian cryptocurrency exchange BitGrail claims that last week it was hacked and lost about $195 million funds. On Sunday, February 11, was launched, Hodl Hodl, p2p-exchange cryptocurrency exchange. While the exchange is still a beta version, so the creators recommend using it with caution and reporting to the support team about any problems. Research and Analytics According to data, most of the 100 richest bitcoiners did not lose their assets during the last crash. On the contrary, their shares have increased exponentially. The largest revenues have recorded during the major crashes. Throughout 2017 there were six major corrections, in which bitcoin lost about 30% of the cost. Just in these periods, "whales" made their largest deposits. The Chinese company 360 Netla published analysis data, according to which 241 of the 100,000 most visited (according to Alexa Internet) websites contains code that uses users' computers for mining. 49% of these sites are pornographic. On February 13 Forbes for the third time presented a list of Fintech 50, which includes the 50 largest companies in the field of financial technology in 2018. It is noteworthy that 11 of the listed companies use blockchain technology closely with the cryptocurrency industry. Opinions Last week, Dan Morehead, the founder and head of Pantera Capital, on CNBC's Fast Money program, made very optimistic forecasts regarding bitcoin and the entire market. Referring to the past dynamics, he says that the last collapse of prices is absolutely normal. Moreover, he predicts a new period of growth in the next two weeks. This optimism shared by other representatives of the cryptocurrency market. Another opinion has expressed by Bloomberg expert Mike McGlone. Referring to examples of impressive growth and no less impressive fall of and Nasdaq Composite Index at the beginning of the millennium, he said that the price of bitcoin could drop to $ 900. At the same time a well-known venture capitalist Tim Draper says that the world needs a new currency, and bitcoin is the ideal candidate. Moreover, according to him, in the future a very large share of the world currency market, the current volume of which is estimated at $86 trillion, will be accounted for by the cryptocurrency. Charlie Lee spoke about the upcoming hardfork Litecoin Cash, after which all holders of Litecoin will receive a new coin. He called all "Litecoin forks" a fraud and an attempt to confuse users. Law Representatives of the federal government in Ohio confiscated bitcoins worth $ 4.7 million and computer equipment during the investigation of large-scale operations with fake identity cards. According to the head of the police service of the European Union (Europol) Rob Wainwright, recently criminals managed to launder $ 5.5 billion using cryptocurrencies. According to Wainwright, about 4% of all funds received by the criminal world were withdrawn using bitcoins or other crypto-currencies. Wainwright expects that this figure will grow. A group of Ukrainian hackers, calling themselves Coinhoarder, stole more than $ 50 million in cryptocurrency from users of, one of the most popular providers of digital wallets. Telegram creators Pavel and Nikolai Durov have filed a “Notice of Exempt Offering of Securities” with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), reporting $850 millions raised during ICO. Technologies Microsoft has announced plans to use blockchain technology as the basis for storing and processing digital identity data. After the recent announcement of a partnership with the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF), the company disclosed its plans to use blockage to solve the problems that people face when managing personal and personal data in digital form - in particular, to enhance privacy and security in the real and digital world. The company Nebula Genomics intends to digitize the genome of anyone who wishes for less than $ 1000, place it in a secure lock and then give its owner the opportunity to earn a crypto currency. The company will provide people with control over their genetic data (and their full-scale analysis) so that they have the right to provide their genomes for research and development of medicines. Blockchain, as argued in Nebula, will ensure the security of data and control over them, as well as exclude intermediaries. Developers of the Electrum wallet led by Christian Belcher have announced a new product called Electrum Personal Server (EPS). It is designed to provide secure and easy software wallets with a secure connection to the complete nodes of the network of bitcoins. While EPS is at the alpha. By early 2018, the number of digital currencies that plan to introduce or test one or another form of Lightning Network includes Litecoin, Zcash, Ethereum and Ripple. Developers of other digital currencies also try to include the Lightning Network in their plans. Bit.News
  26. I don’t think there will be exactly too many people in the world of Crypto unaware of Arbitrage, but still for sake of comfort, I will throw few words over it. Arbitrage is a strategy in which the same instrument is purchased at a lower value (price) and instantly selling it in a different market for higher value (price), which ensures risk-free profits. However, it is done only through an automatic system (bots), so now that you are aware, I want to move forward with XRPC. Where is this thing XRPC stands in the world of Arbitrage? Well, it is fair to call them the MASTERS. They have come up with a full-proof system, which never makes losses, as their bot is rapid with finding the same product in one market for a low price and instantly selling it in a different market to bring profits. The greatest thing is that it is no PONZI SCHEME or HYIP, it’s a very much genuine way and more so, it is LEGAL. So, it’s time we say NO to Lending programs or Ponzi Schemes, it’s time we say YES to a realistic system called XRPC. With that investors will be able to count on their efficient platform structure and their arbitrage system to give long term performance. With the 3rd round of token sale to start in next 24 hours, it is the opportunity not to miss! The 3rd round of Private sale runs from 19th February to 15th March with a price at $0.60. We can receive 5 FREE XRPC for each person signing up through us. So now be part of the NEXT BIG THING. For further info check here: Official Website - - Whitepaper: - Social Media Link – - Twitter: - YouTube:
  27. WEBSITE TWITTER TELEGRAM WHITEPAPER ONEPAGER SMART CONTRACT Bitcoinus will enable all businesses and retail customers to buy, store, spend and receive crypto assets. Current breakthrough of blockchain technology will essentially change the understanding of money and online payments as we know them today. Cryptocurrencies start to disrupt all major industries including the traditional banking. Online payments and card processing will be heavily affected by more efficient and secure blockchain technology. Bitcoinus enters the market to lead the evolution of crypto-payments. Company's main target is to reinvent real, living financial operations between retail and B2B entities. The direction Bitcoinus has chosen reflects the way e-commerce is headed. We will make sure that spending all sorts of crypto-holdings is instant and secure for both an individual and a business. Over 100 Altcoins will be integrated over a period of a year. Online based businesses will find their way to adopt Bitcoinus solution. Bitcoinus will develop plugins for all major e-commerce platforms, such as Magento 2, Shopify, Wordpress, ZenCart, WooCommerce, OpenCart, PrestaShop and others. Integration into all major E-commerce plugins, such as Magento, Shopify, Wordpress, Opencart and more! Only 0.5% transaction fee and multiple benefits for BIS token holders! CROWDSALE DETAILS ICO first sale starts on 22nd of January 2018 with 47% bonus for the investors All unsold tokens will be burned by the smart contract Bitcoinus team tokens will be locked for a period of 12 month to avoid market manipulation ROADMAP HIGHLIGHTS January 2018: Smart contract audit ICO starts June 2018: Listing on major exchanges. September 2018: End of MVP developement BETA-over 50 altcoins added All major e-commerce platforms added API release November 2018 Card processing implementation Additional altcoins Q1, 2019 Fully functioning e-commerce solution (Over 100 Altcoins integrated) Q4, 2019 In the first financial year we aim to reach $1M turnover Q4, 2020 Turnover reaches $8M (over 200 Altcoins integrated) TEAM BLOCKCHAIN DEVELOPERS ADVISORS LEGAL TEAM WEBSITE TWITTER TELEGRAM WHITEPAPER ONEPAGER SMART CONTRACT
  28. Hey folks, A very unusual Pre ICO is going on: to raise funds to build a free trade zone where crypto tokens are accepted by every business within the zone: The ICO is starting on the 23rd of this month, but you can buy 50% cheaper at the pre ICO going on now. The funds from the crowd sales will be used to do a feasibility study to be submitted to the Government of Honduras. They have also asked for a master plan, and we will have to buy the proposed site for the city. Then if we can show them we still have funds to build the city, they will grant us ZEDE status. With that status comes authority to issue you own currency or currencies over the zone, and as crypto enthusiasts, we have said every business that will invest in the area is required to choose at least 4 crypto tokens they will accept as payment mediums from clients. That will raise value of crypto tokens worldwide. Pre ICO and ICO details below: Presale To give token patrons a discount and generate funds for initial marketing and other strategic actions, we are holding a presale on Waves Platform. We will sell 400,000 CLCT for 738 Bitcoins at the rate of 0.0019582070 BTC per 1 CLCT. The presale ends on February 23rd, 2018. To participate in the presale, simply send Bitcoins to this address: 3K3ggaWU4McB4SriuVcxnJqjY7Yrhr17xt ICO Details The CCitiesLZones crowdsale will hold from February 23rd 2018 to March 23rd, 2018. The pre-ICO will end on February 23rd, 2018. It will be held on the Waves Platform’s Decentralized Exchange (DEX). Participants willing to purchase CCitiesLZones token can do so by sending Bitcoin to this Waves Wallet address: 3K3ggaWU4McB4SriuVcxnJqjY7Yrhr17xt By doing so, they would be purchasing CCitiesLZones token at the rate of 0.0039164141 Bitcoin per CCitiesLZones token, which will be instantly sent to their wallet. The accepted currency during the ICO is Bitcoin (BTC). The hard cap for this crowdsale is 155,090 Bitcoin or US 1.3 billion. Once the hard cap is reached, the crowdsale will end. Number of tokens in existence: 100 million Number of tokens to be sold at crowdsale: 39.6 million Token Distribution 40 million CCitiesLZones tokens will be held by a Swiss based foundation to be incorporated after the crowdsale for anti-inflationary and liquidity purposes. 30 million of this will be locked for 7 months. One million of the tokens held by the foundation will be used to fight infant and maternal mortality in memory of Prince Charles Offokaja The Second, Charles The Infant, who died at birth. 10 million CCitiesLZones tokens will be held by the Project Team 10 million CCitiesLZones tokens will be used for bounty 39.6 million CCitiesLZones tokens will be sold at the ICO 400,000 CCitiesLZones tokens will be sold at the pre ICO Even though the tokens are re-issuable, we do not plan to make a habit of reissuing them, except in cases where the superintending foundation believes it is an absolute necessity, or in cases where we have to raise funds to build a new city. To participate in this sale when the ICO starts, simply send Bitcoins to this address: 3K3ggaWU4McB4SriuVcxnJqjY7Yrhr17xt Website: White paper:
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