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  2. Steve Wozniak has invested in the Maltese blockchain-company EFFORCE, which is creating solutions aimed at the efficient use of energy resources. At the same time, he joined the EFFORCE cofounders, reports Malta Independent... Read more
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  4. The legendary investor and financial oracle Warren Buffett changed his mind about Bitcoin... Read more
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  6. Forbes has compiled a rating of 25 startups, that capitalization could reach $ 1 billion in the near future. There was cryptocurrency company Chainalysis among the potential "unicorns"... Read more
  7. Sometimes it is necessary to confirm that you are the owner of this or that address. This may be required when, for instance, the seller wants a confirmation of your solvency, when recovering a hacked or lost account, or to prove that it was you who made a transfer and not somebody else. Only owning a private key can prove your ownership of a bitcoin-address, but at the same time you cannot give away your private key: anybody with an access to it can spend your funds. To solve this contradiction, a special function was developed – “signing a message”. When you sign a message, you can prove that you own a certain address and manage its funds. At the same time, secret information is not revealed, and no risk is posed for the funds at this address. Creating a signature for any message is possible with lots of bitcoin-wallets. You will need to specify the address you need to confirm, and a message. The text can be of any nature, but it’s preferable it would tell something to the recipient. We advise you to always put the date and the reason of the message. If you sign any message without the specifics, somebody else might use it and pretend to be the owner of your address. After signing the message, you can give the message with your signature to the other participant which will prove your ownership of the address. To check the signed message, it is possible to use a wallet or other resources. Have you ever used this function? Have you heard about signing the messages for cryptocurrency wallets?
  8. According to a new study published by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), banks should accelerate the development progress of innovations, otherwise, they risk being left behind. There are many major technology companies that are constantly looking for solutions to improve the financial system in modern age... Read more
  9. Japan has created a working group to study issues of the potential launch of Facebook's cryptocurrency project. This is reported by Reuters... Read more
  10. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) studies the Libra cryptocurrency to find out if it has similar to an exchange-traded fund (ETF). This writes The Wall Street Journal referring to sources familiar with the situation... Read more
  11. Website | White Paper | Telegram | Twitter | Facebook AdSana's Security Token Sale Learn more AdSana's Security Token Sale Learn more AdSana's Security Token Sale Learn more
  12. BCH was amongst the worst performing Crypto in last 24-48 hours as we saw gigantic drop from 350 levels to 250. It is highly likely that we will see similar trending with this option. It could be perfect time to go for buy here for anyone.
  13. LTC got down rapidly after dipping inside 100 levels, it is unlikely to return up so soon. It could be good time to go for short if there is some recovery made. So we should be looking at that to be able to benefit and gains through.
  14. ETH had a major drop with it going as low as 190 levels from 270, but has recovered somewhat. It’s now moving towards bearish zone again, so it could be a good time to go for shorts here but should be only with tight money/risk management.
  15. BTC as we are watching is into relatively obvious bearish trend, but with how everything is working on. It is highly likely that we will see it pick up so that could make this into a really good opportunity to go for long term trade here.
  16. Recently, the US president expressed his ambiguous position on Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies on his Twitter account... Read more
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  18. Bitcoin lost about $ 2,000 after the Chair Of Federal Reserve Jerome Powell commented on the upcoming release of the Libra token. This stated Thomas Lee from Fundstrat, who commented on a sharp depreciation of Bitcoin on Thursday, July 11th on his Twitter... Read more
  19. WEBSITE | WHITE PAPER | TWITTER | TELEGRAM | FACEBOOK | BOUNTY ZooomEx- a new cryptocurrency exchange! Exchange with the lowest trading fee of all represented on the market! Our task is to make trading operations accessible to everyone! We do not strive to earn on clients, we create a convenient platform on which it will be comfortable to trade to everyone! Until September, trade commissions - 0%! Further, it will be increased so low that you will not even notice it! We are the first to take this step! You won't find anything like this on the market! Crypto Exchange ZooomEx made for the benefit of users! All members of our team are active traders, and we know all the nuances, pros and cons of the rest of the crypto-exchange, so we made our product for you and for us. It is suitable for both ordinary traders and professionals, both for users with a small capital, and for institutional ones. We started to change the cryptocurrency trading industry! We invite you to follow our example! On our exchange you will have the opportunity to win valuable prizes, with a minimum of effort, we will develop many new things with good prize funds! We present our first tournament! Tournament for active bidders! The pair for trade, which will be held the tournament will be determined by the community or developers and published a few days before the start of registration for the tournament. You will need to pre-register for the weekly tournament in the appropriate section.[/size] Terms of participation in the tournament: You need to hold on your account on the ZOOOMEX exchange ZXE tokens in a pre-announced amount for several days before the start of the tournament You need to apply for participation in the appropriate section. Example of scoring points: BTC / USDT pair User 1: on the balance of $ 100, as a result of exchange transactions by the end of the tournament on his account was $ 110, profit - 10% User 2: on the balance of $ 10,000, as a result of exchange transactions by the end of the tournament on his account was $ 10,500, profit - 5% User 3: on the balance of $ 1,000, as a result of exchange transactions, by the end of the tournament, on his account was $ 1,350, profit - 35% Winner - User 3. Thus, the participants profit will be calculated automatically and prize places will be distributed! 1. Registration of those wishing to participate, if the conditions are met, is held every weekend in the appropriate section 2. Start of accounting trades (Monday) 3. Completion of accounting trades (Friday) 4. Distribution of prizes What kind of prizes will await the participants of the tournament will depend on the chosen pair for bidding before it starts. It can be BTC, ETH, ZXE tokens and others. The distribution of the prize fund (may vary): 1 Place - 60% 2 Place - 25% 3 Place - 15% Accounting trades: Bidding registered users to the tournament will be counted in the period of tournament. The average percentage of profit / loss of all transactions for the entire period is taken into account. Unclosed transactions at the time of counting will be counted at the latest price. Remuneration Fund: 1. Fixed 2. Dynamic from the collected fees for transactions of participants Schedule: Private sales: 24 June 2019 - 01 July 2019. Bounty: 27 June 2019 - 12 August 2019. IEO: 05 August 2019 - 12 August 2019 or when all tokens are sold.
  20. On Wednesday, July 10, the price of the first cryptocurrency rose on a number of exchanges above the psychological level of $ 13,000. At the same time, the leading altcoins are trading in the red zone... Read more
  21. Since the end of hype over cryptocurrencies and decline of ICO boom, that developed a reputation to be highly questionable investment assets, the general interest to digital space and especially to crypto crowd-funding expired. However, TON ICO and project’s token is likely to happen event in the industry. This article to investigate more precisely what TON is like and when it is going to be launched... Read more
  22. Many members of the crypto community believe that the policies of the European Central Bank (ECB) on cryptocurrencies may change for the better. This will contribute to the new president of the organization as Christine Lagarde... Read more
  23. Bitcoin mining is usually sharply gaining popularity immediately when the price of cryptocurrency rises. Since over the past few months the rate of BTC has increased significantly, many people have become interested in this topic. By the way, the Bitcoin hash rate - that is, the total number of miners' capacities in the network - has recently reached a historical maximum... Read more
  24. The emission of Ethereum is reduced 10 times in two years, reports Trustnodes... Read more
  25. Everyone is talking about the upcoming Litecoin halving and its effect on the price of the cryptocurrency. Recall, the reduction of miners rewards for a block traditionally leads to an increase in its price. And the bull ran begins long before the event itself. And what will happen after? How long is it worth keeping Litecoin after the fifth of August? There are different opinions on this point... Read more
  26. The Bitcoin price failed to consolidate above long-term downstream channel. In the case of a successful breakdown it would be possible to see treasured test of the $ 20,000 area and the continuation of the bullish rally... Read more
  27. Perhaps one of the most underestimated revenue markets in the world is the remittance industry, which is worth billions of dollars every year. Money remittance has seen exponential growth over the last ten years. With changing times and technologies, you might expect remittance fees charged by money transfers operators and other institutions to have lowered. However, remittance fees remains high. Dexa Coin, an application using blockchain technology, wants to transform this space. What is Dexa Coin? Dexa Coin : A revolutionary APP that will simplify the way we send and receive money around the globe while allowing people to communicate through an inbuilt instant messaging feature. The main goal of Dexa Coin is to make the process of sending and receiving money faster more secure and with easy accessibility to anyone who can operate a smartphone device. This is done by harnessing the power of blockchain technology which will aid in facilitating money exchange like never before . By eliminating the middleman , we will simplify the process of sending and receiving money . We offer easy-to-follow directions that will allow anyone with a basic understanding of a smartphone to transfer money with low fees and no complications. How does it work? The traditional network database that operates on client-server dynamic is no longer efficient with the current wave of influx in the money transfer business. Decentralized control will become one of the key components of money transfers, ultimately removing the risks that come with centralized control which include accessibility of the content. Dexa Coin eliminates the middlemen and all other issues that come with the conventional methods of remittance and money transfer. Here there are only two players in the transaction, and offers complete transparency and with just a few touches on the screen, one could virtually make easy money transfers to friends & families alike. It requires a far less cost, takes less time and it does not require physicality to send the money. In addition to that, people will receive notifications on all the transactions being made through their APP. With blockchain as its core technology, it makes money transfer possible at any given time almost instantly and allows it to be Operational 24/7, 365 Days a year. At a later stage into the project, Dexa Coin plans to grow its global reach to new markets, such as implementing prepaid cards which could be beneficial to those who don't have a bank account. Features of Dexa Coin: • SEND AND RECEIVE MONEY ACROSS THE GLOBE Our simple user interface will ensures that our system is easy to use. Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection will be able to make international money transfers using Dexa Coin. • INSTANT PAYMENTS Going out for dinner? Putting fuel in the car? Picking up coffee for your team? Dexa Coin can be used anywhere that accepts contactless payments. Our NFC and QR Code payment technology will offer complete versatility for making transactions in many countries at any time. • LINK THE APP TO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT We will offer seamless integration with most bank accounts . Linking the APP to your bank account will allow the user to connect the APP to their payment card. Example (Visa or Mastercard) • INSTANT MESSAGING FEATURE This feature gives Dexa Coin a unique, competitive edge. Instant messaging is a social feature which allows the user to communicate with people they are sending money to or receiving money from. The user will receive and deliver updates regarding their transfers. • SECURITY We recognize that online security is a priority for our users and we are committed to ensuring that our platform will offer complete protection. Blockchain technology ensures security is robust and will be supported with a range of measures to ensure the safety and security of every user’s digital wallet. • PRIVACY Apart from the extensive security features in the app, privacy protection is also an utmost priority. The instant messaging feature will have end-to-end encryption, which limits the access of any third party and ensures the messages remain private between both users . The app will further be equipped with an attribute which detects and counters any unauthorized access in payment transactions. Prepaid Cards: Prepaid cards is a convenient alternative to people who don't have a bank account. Rolling out prepaid cards is something we want to apply for and begin at a later stage in the project. You will be able to use the cards in many cities around the world for shopping, payments and withdrawals. Conclusion: With ever-growing job opportunities in developed countries, more people are opting to travel to these places for better career opportunities. This has lead to a rapid increase in the volume of remittance transfers. However, traditional money transfer methods have failed to catch up with modern needs. They are slow, unsafe and expensive. Competitors in this space use traditional processes and customer feedback is consistently poor. Well-documented problems include slow transaction speeds, expensive charges, incorrect IBAN numbers, poor conversion rates, fee errors and hidden charges. Dexa Coin uses blockchain technology to provide a safe, fast, and cheaper solution to these problems. The app eliminates the middleman and all other issues that come with conventional methods of remittance and money transfer. Instead, there are only two players in the transaction, allowing for complete transparency. Dexa Coin provides an instant messaging feature, offering a level of communication not available on competitor platforms. With blockchain as its core technology it, allows money transfers to be carried out instantly at any given time allowing it to be operational 24/7, 365 days a year. There are many developers and blockchain projects out there that are mainly focused on cryptocurrency adoption. However what we are doing is creating a platform that will allow our users to make easy money transfers around the globe using our APP. Dexa Coin will revolutionize the future of money transfers by bringing blockchain to the masses. DEXA COIN will soon announce their first Private Sale. Participants will be able to take advantage of exclusive rates during this period and with a chance to avail 50% Token Bonus. To participate in the upcoming Private Sale, please visit for more information. Private/Institutional investors and strategic partners are welcomed. Email: [email protected] Website: Telegram Group: Whitepaper: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube:
  28. Is a quantum computer dangerous for Bitcoin? Many researches say that in less than 10 years сomputing machines using quantum principles will threaten blockchain technology which is a basis for cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and similar systems’ defense algorithm is based on a principle of asymmetric encryption with and open and private keys. Transaction is signed by a private key, and its truth is checked with a help of an open key. Despite the fact that Bitcoin blockchain uses asymmetric encryption, the users don’t have to worry for the safety of their coins. The open key is not stored openly. Thus, the addresses for coins transferring are not open keys, but just the results of usage of hash-function SHA-256. The hashing function performs one-sided transformation and that’s why it’s stable against quantum computer attacks. The public key is rendered to the network in the open way just until it receives a confirmation. If an attacker receives an open key during transaction, he will have around 10 minutes to get the private key with the help of a quantum computer and try to make his own transaction from the same address but specifying a larger commission. By the way, bitcoin mining is also relevantly safe, as the equipment for mining cryptocurrencies in the near future will be more powerful that quantum computers. It is worth to note, that quantum calculations threaten absolutely all systems of computer security which care based on cryptography with an open key, and not only blockchain. Internet connections to render your password in Internet banking uses a similar encryption technology, same as communication in chatrooms, social networks and lots of other routine actions. All security systems, including blockchain systems, need to take into account postquantum encryption to ensure data safety. But the most simple and effective way can be changing traditional systems by such blockchain which implements quantum-resistant cryptography. There are several different ways of encryption with open key resistant to quantum calculations: bases on matrix, on code, multidimensional quadratic functions, and hashing function. But let us not digress into detail math stories. The main point is that if there is a serious threat to blockchain posed by quantum computer, developers can improve the protection. Moreover, successful research and developments in this regards are being done not for the first year. What do you think, who will be the first in this race – bitcoin developers or quantum computer developers?
  29. Bitfinex Cryptocurrency Exchange announced the start of the repayment of outstanding loan facility to its affiliated company Tether. As part of the process, Bitfinex transferred the first $ 100 million to Tether’s account... Read more
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