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  2. Daria Generalova, the founder of the ICOBox blockchain startup, published 6 craziest scenarios for the cryptocurrency market development in 2019. The crypto industry is famous for its unpredictability, so Generalova’s predictions might meet the reality... Read more
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  4. ICORating team of experts provided the results of the security ranking. About 135 cryptocurrency trading platforms with the daily trade volume exceeding $100,000 were evaluated. Top of the security ranking was given to Kraken (A), followed by Cobinhood (A) and Poloniex (A-)... Read more
  5. Nice to watch some Asian football. Saudi lost to Qatar 0:2 Both teams advanced and will play Japan and Iraq respectively Round of 16 starting on Sunday! Great crowd, great atmosphere
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  7. Vlad Zamfir, a lead developer of the Casper protocol, has signed a letter of intent with Casper Labs. The startup is working on developing a fully scalable blockchain to be launched even ahead of Ethereum. This news was provided by The Block... Read more
  8. On January 17, posted on his Twitter that the hackers of New Zealand’s Exchange Cryptopia transferred more than 300 million SpankChain tokens (SPANK) (i.e. $4.2 million) to the wallet, which allegedly belongs to the Central Bank of Russia. According to, the Russian Intelligence Services hired hackers to attack Cryptopia... Read more
  9. On January 14, the New Zealand cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia was hacked. According to company representatives, as a result of the attack, hackers stole the users digital assets. On January 15, Cryptopia posted on Twitter... Read more
  10. Bitcoin mining had serious variations in 2018. The hash rate of the mining pools such as F2Pool and BTCC decreased, and the number of unknown miners increased... Read more
  11. Friends! Our service does not stand still and continues to actively develop. has been added to OKchanger monitoring and Do not be lazy, leave feedback and suggestions. Stay informed about life! Change only through
  12. Great article published by FourFourTwo … We have an answer to the issue! We bring fans and players together. In Bitcademy you can directly create your future star!
  13. The cryptocurrency platform Bakkt has acquired portion assets of the futures broker Rosenthal Collins Group (RCG)... Read more
  14. |||| After the Successful ICO, we are now launching the XchangeRate Robot Platform. What Is XchangeRate? XchangeRate Robot, the first AI (Augmented Intelligence) powered platform in the history of Cryptocurrency trading. The platform brings one unified interface to manage trades across all major exchanges along with powerful tools to increase profits for day traders from day one. XchangeRate 24hour Live Feeds Scoreboards Pricing And Where To Buy? XRR Token is the currency for the XchangeRate platform. XRR is an Ethereum erc20 token. A user is required to have a designated wallet that will be used as the primary wallet for platform transactions. The wallet shouldn’t be from an exchange. It should be on a wallet that supports erc20 tokens. You can use the XchangeRate calculator to determine how many tokens you would need to purchase to enjoy XRR services. How XchangeRate Services Are Priced? How To Our Partners Join Us Here ||||
  15. | ||| Why BitAlley? BitAlley is a platform that will make it easy to buy and sell assets and services using cryptocurrency. The platform features a beautifully intuitive interface that is easy to use. BitAlley Coin is a functional coin which will power the BitAlley premium services as well as function as an additional peer to peer (“p2p”) payment option. BitAlley will make it easy for cryptocurrency beginners and even people not involved with cryptocurrency to enter the market and get cryptocurrency by selling goods and services and for owners of crypto to spend their currency. This innovative approach, to enable the cryptocurrency infrastructure, is not found in the existing space. We therefore believe it will make a great impact in the space. Our Key Features Here are some of our features: - Easy listing with picture and description - Listings organized by location proximity - App for iOS and Android - Availability in many languages and in many markets - Simple authentication - Multiple cryptocurrency pricing – user’s choice on which to accept - Crypto wallet integration with easy withdrawals to wallets of your choice - Continuous updates and improvements The Problem And The Solution The platform will be very intuitive. Once you post an item and the currency you are looking for buyers will have a chance to see your ad and reply. Once you find the right buyer you can set up a meeting place and meet to complete the transaction. On the buyer's side, they simply open the app and go to the payment option to send the payment to the seller. The current marketspace lacks easy and intuitive solutions to transacting with crypto. Presently quality development and marketplaces do not exist to provide the infrastructure for crypto to become a part of everyday life. Our goals include making crypto more attainable. The p2p market is in the billions and it is growing. The current solutions have barriers for crypto and are not supportive of new crypto users. This is where BitAlley comes in. Unlike other marketplaces, BitAlley is an all in one solution that not only connects buyers and sellers but also incorporates a crypto payment gateway for easy acceptance of crypto. The service is offered as a free service and premium features are only added to enhance the selling process. Transaction reviews keep buyers and sellers honest and professional towards each other as they try and build up their trust scores. We will accept many payment options depending on the cryptocurrency payment gateway we choose to integrate into our platform. Sellers can select what to accept from our available currencies. Token Distribution Roadmap Reach Us Here --
  16. Transparency matters! In Bitcademy , we strive to be as open as possible Our contract was verified by an independent auditor and the whole team went through the KYC process. More info: #football #blockchain #ICO #STO #DLT #btc #altcoin #crypto
  17. Investment company Grayscale Investments has assured its customers that it has not been a direct risk to the fund's assets in Ethereum Classic after the attack 51% against cryptocurrency network earlier this week... Read more
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  19. RPG Coin is a Decentralized Platform for the Tokenization of In-game Assets Website: Discord: Hello Bitcointalk community this is the pre-annoucment thread for RPG coin, we will update the ANN throughout the next few weeks while we run a closed beta of the RPG testnet. Later when ready to list on an exchange we will post the source code, wallets, mining pool, explorer and other important links and updates. RPGcoin is built on a fork of the Ravencoin code. Key changes include a block reward, a change in the number of coins issued, but not the weighted distribution schedule and the addition of asset creation and messaging capabilities. RPGcoin is free and open source. RPGcoin (RPG) can be mined publicly and transparently using Proof of Work (POW) using the x21s algorithm. 50 million (less than 0.24%) from the maximum total supply of 21 billion RPG have been set aside for crowd funding, private investors, public bounties, founders, and developers. RPGcoin is a blockchain and platform optimized for indie game developers for transferring in-game assets, such as tokens/currency, virtual real estate, and unique items game items such as armor, weapons or anything game devs can imagine. "It’s dangerous to go alone, take this!" – The Legend of Zelda The RPGcoin wallet provides a single native client to create, issue, track, and transfer game assets. As a cryptocurrency RPG provides a market value to game assets providing additional value for developers and players alike. RPG Coin Specs: Ticker: RPG Algorithm: x21s RPC Port: 7202 P2P Port: 7214 Block Reward: 50 RPG Total Max Supply: 21 Billion Block Spacing: 60 Seconds Difficulty Algorithm: Dark Gravity Wave v3.0 Block Size: 1MB Protocol Support: IPV4, IPV6, TOR, IPFS Uses for Game Assets: * Collectable items such as rare or unique skins. * Power your entire in-game economy. * In-game currency and items, transferable out of game to outside marketplaces. * Rare or unique items like magic swords, armor, spells or other role-playing game items. * Loot boxes for any game type. * Virtual real-estate and other player 'ownable' items. Some examples of unique tokens: * Imagine a game developer issues the asset named ARMOR. The developer can then make unique ARMOR assets by attaching a name or a serialized number to each suit of armor. These unique tokens can be transferred or sold to the player. The tokens ARMOR:Golden and ARMOR:Silver are not fungible and represent distinct pieces of armor. Since Armor:Golden is 100% unique only 1 lucky player will be able to own that item. * These in game assets could then be kept, traded with other players via QR codes and wallets or traded with NPC merchants for other items or in-game currency . Game Assets are issued directly from the RPG wallet using either the gui wallet or cli commands. The game assets represented as tokens exist on the RPG Coin blockchain and are transferable by simply sending the token(s) to a valid RPG address.
  20. On January 11, the Japan Financial Services Agency granted Coincheck a license to trading cryptocurrencies... Read more
  21. Life is really precious yet often people are forced to compromise on the quality of it, due to the financial challenges they face. With the fast life of this generation, it’s hard to face the day to day challenges, especially in regards to the financial woes many go through. The gap between needs and income is sharply widening from the wrong side, with salaries/income continuously shrinking, it’s becoming a massive mismatch for many. So, it’s time to look at solutions to end the misery for many, it’s to time to look at alternatives to add up income. With these present times, multiple sources of income are the need of the hour, to keep one floated and through which one could lead a healthy, wealthy and comfortable life. Amongst such ways, it’s trading that’s considered most highly in terms of the potential and easiness. And there comes the latest term in trading “Cryptocurrency Trading”, a way that has brought mind-boggling results in last few years for many. But how is it EASY to begin up the journey here? It’s NEVER easy but with desire, passion, and dedication it can be achieved! And to make it easier, comes Cointalkr to support. Cointalkr is something that’s going to target an aspect that’s left ignored by the majority and often the reason for wrong choices! When we talk about trading, it is obvious to talk about Fundamental and Technical way of analyzing, but no one talks about “Sentimental Analysis”, a key aspect for ANY successful trader. This is where Cointalkr is so special with their belief in social sentiments and understanding that it can affect the prices in a dramatic way! Cointalkr is a tool that’s designed and created to help gather social information (from transaction and “influencers”) and combined it in one place to help investors make BETTER and CORRECT decisions. Cointalkr gathers information from various sources (currently from raw data and influencers from Twitter and YouTube). Currently, Binance is used to monitor, as it’s the largest markets in the world and provides with informatics API, which allows using the information for analyzing while more markets are likely to be added in the future! So, now is your chance to try it out, try out something that’s meant to make your life easy, simple, profitable and enjoyable! Come be part of Cointalkr, where opportunities are spotted in a blink of an eye! Check further details below: Official Website: Contact: [email protected]
  22. According to the news agency South China Morning Post, Haichao Wang will assume CEO of Bitmain, who is holding the position of product engineering director at the moment... Read more
  23. On January 10, 2009, one of the leading representatives of the cipherpunk movement, Hal Finney, posted his first post about Bitcoin on Twitter... Read more
  24. According to a report published on the Reddit website, over 51% of Dash hashrate is controlled by NiceHash. At the moment, the Dash network hashrate is 1790 TH/s, NiceHash accounts own about 1390 TH/s (70%)... Read more
  25. We live in a time with daily inventions, technological breakthroughs, and innovations. We became accustomed to the internet, mobile communication, non-cash payments, and digital assistants. Blockchain technology has become a new era in the development of information and financial technologies. Over the past few years, it has brought significant changes to the international financial sector and has shown that decentralization is our future. What is the idea of our project? We are planning to expand and promote cases of Blockchain actual use, simplify it for private users and business with the help of our solutions. Our main goals are: - Anonymous sending money p2p with a minimal fee (or 0% fee). - Anonymous easy and secure transfer of Fiat money into the cryptocurrency world. - Fast and easy convert cryptocurrencies and withdraw to Fiat accounts, PayCore cards, and third-party Bank cards in one interface. - Control and manage your cryptocurrency accounts in one interface. Instant exchange, deposit and withdraw in one interface without complicated use of third-party services and exchanges. - Payment gateway integration into the business to accept payments in cryptocurrencies and fiat money, make payments and maintain accounts.
  26. Ethereum Constantinople mainnet hard fork scheduled for block #7080000 estimated tentatively on January 16. In advance of ETH blockchain upgrade, we have prepared a list of cryptocurrency exchanges that will support the hardfork Constantinople... Read more
  27. Check our new tweet Always [email protected] and Keepers Foundation organized goalkeeper workshop for aspiring stars! Poland is famous for good goalkeepers Bitcademy explores new ways to create future star:
  28. On January 5, 2019, the Ethereum Classic (ETC) cryptocurrency blockchain was under 51% attack. Could the similar incidents happen in the future again? Leading experts in the blockchain industry have expressed their opinion on this issue... Read more
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