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  2. Bitcoin continues to grow steadily. A strong rally took place after the cancellation of the head and shoulders reversal pattern. At the same time, EOS and Litecoin are only preparing for the breakdown of resistance levels, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum have gone to highs update, but the development of a strong upward trend has not happened here yet. In general, the market looks charged to continue such a rally. You shouldn’t rule out a tight test of $ 15,000 for Bitcoin, the breakdown of which will indicate that the long-term downstream channel is out and indicates the completion of the correction... Read more
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  4. Cryptocurrency derivatives provider LedgerX LLC has get a the Authorized Derivatives Market (DCM) license from the US Comodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). This one will allow to launch the country's first bitcoin futures... Read more
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  6. The recent rise of the Bitcoin price to increase the number of incidents related to the fraud of crypto users. The rise in price of the main digital asset returned to it a share of its former popularity, due to quite a lot of new investors appeared in the industry. According to the research department of Binance, they can become the main victims of hacker attacks... Read more
  7. Maya Preferred 223 remains a stable coin. Every token in this coin gets a support of about twenty-three thousand dollars worth of silver and gold. It is the first time for anything of this nature to appear on the internet. Maya Preferred 223 was launched last month and will help boost the crypto world efficiency. To be factual, the amusement and effectiveness of the coin is highly relating to bitcoin. One amazing thing about this crypto coin is that it has received appreciation since lunched last month. In the first month of launch alone, the price of Maya Preferred has risen to five hundred percent. Do you know that the Maya Preferred coin has better value than bitcoin? The actual price value of this coin today surpasses whatever you know about bitcoin. As bitcoin continues to experience some ups and downs, Maya Preferred is above 10,000 dollars and growing. The value of this new and innovative cryptocurrency is a product of the support from silver and gold. The gold and silver that backs this digital asset comes from eight different sources in Mexico. The goal of Maya Preferred 223 creator is to boost the number of sources of gold and silver. It will help to increase the rate of producing the Maya Preferred coins to every user across the globe. The UK Financial Limited is the registered organizer of the innovative crypto coin called Maya Preferred 223. The organizing firm for this digital currency is popular throughout the crypto world today. One great advantage of trusting the UK Financial Limited is their revolutionized creativity. The firm is currently backing its own assets with the best support that users deserve. Apart from that, the UK Financial Limited also has future plans to back and support other cryptocurrencies. Another thing to know about the team at the UK Financial Limited is that the first cryptocurrency will be backed with its own token. It implies that bitcoin will soon be backed and supported with Maya Preferred 223 token. Will Maya Preferred 223 in conjunction with bitcoin revolutionize the crypto world? Without any iota of doubt, this new digital asset will change the face of the earth and how people do business. How is this possible? Well, the UK Financial Limited will make a transfer of twenty-three million Maya Preferred 223 tokens. The tokens from the organizer will be placed in a secure escrow wallet. The amount is also the value of the bitcoin that miners will get. It implies that every bitcoin generated will be having about twenty-three million dollars worth in silver and gold. Join Maya Preferred 223 investment today and don’t miss out of its great benefits. Watch the Video to know more: MAPR President Interview:
  8. Did you know that in its modern form, credit card appeared back in 1949? Originally nobody took them seriously, but within the next few years they literally conquered the whole world. The first universal credit card, which could be used at a variety of establishments, was introduced by the Diners’ Club, Inc., in 1950. Another major card of this type, known as a travel and entertainment card, was established by the American Express Company in 1958. Today billions of people around the world use bank cards. The share of cashless payments is gradually growing, and they become a usual and more convenient method of payment. According to statistics, for the year 2015, debit card usage accounted for 69.5 billion in payments, dwarfing all other forms of non-cash payments including credit cards (33.8 billion) and checks (17.3 billion). One new debit card is issued in the U.S. every five seconds. There were 471 million Visa debit cards in the U.S. and 1.09 billion in the rest of the world at the end of March 2015. How many bank cards do you have? How often do you use cash?
  9. Employees of Binance Research conducted a survey. According to the data obtained, institutional and VIP-clients of the cryptocurrency world are most concerned about the issue of technological effectiveness of the industry. Between the five most exciting risks for the cryptocurrency industry today, the most popular answer was “technological failure”. As a rule, such problems arise due to hacking or leakage of critical information... Read more
  10. Two proposals for improving Ethereum (EIP) have been approved for inclusion in the next large-scale update of the second most capitalized cryptocurrency, according to CoinDesk... Read more
  11. The weekly chart demonstrates the most active buyers run over the past six months. Bitcoin's price gain 40% of the cumulative drop during the bear market and could soon overcome the $ 10,000 mark, according to analyst at CoinDesk Markets Omkar Godbole... Read more
  12. EUR/JPY continued in same pattern as last week as it goes down towards 121 levels, it is highly likely that we will see it drop further. So it will be good opportunity to go for shorts here but a recovery is almost certain to be there. So that’s where you will be wise to wait up for the opportunity.
  13. USD/JPY continued thee same pattern as of last week. The pair continues to slide down and is probably going to continue ahead as well. It will be good opportunity to go for shorts but it should only be done if there is noticeable recovery there.
  14. GBP/USD after a terrible last week got moved up right. As we saw the pair moving up towards 1.27 mark. It is highly likely that we will see similar trending ahead as well. So it for sure is a good opportunity to go for long term trades. It will be enough to benefit us.
  15. EUR/USD picked up well this week, as we saw the pair moving up towards 1.13. It is highly likely that we will see the pair continue to stay strong. It could be good time to go for long trade here with bulls likely to continue on with the working.
  16. Do you still think Bitcoin is something fleeting? There are other news. At a cost of $ 9242, Bitcoin’s market cap surpassed the Australian Dollar. And its rate continues to grow... Read more
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  18. Cryptocurrencies were originally envisioned as a decentralized payment means, independent of fiat money rates and not tied to traditional valuable assets. This peculiarity adds cryptocurrencies a characteristic feature — high volatility of the rate. Many folks gain thanks to this feature, but the possibility that the rate can dramatically drop or leap hinders the usage of cryptocurrency as a full-fledge payment means. In order to regulate the rate, it was decided to tie up cryptocurrencies to stable assets that have long been established in the economy. Thus, they began to tie up the value of cryptocurrency to fiat money, gold and oil. Digital currencies can be tied up to any valuable asset or commodity which can make their value more stable. Cryptocurrencies pegged to physical assets have a lower rate volatility and became known as stablecoins. Stablecoins are a compromise between fiat money and cryptocurrencies.Most often, the value of a stablecoin is pegged to fiat money. The value of these coins is equal to that of fiat currency and represents a sort of a promissory note. Every coin is leveraged to one unit of fiat money, for instance, dollar, which acts as a guarantee and provides for the value of the currency. The most popular stablecoins are: Tether (USDT) * USD Coin (USDC) * TrueUSD (TUSD) * Paxos Standard Token (PAX) * Dai (DAI)
  19. The cryptocurrency community is swallowed up by the launch of the Libra cryptocurrency, which has billions of users worldwide... Read more
  20. Ethereum 2.0 is a real “Holy Grail” for all fans of the project. The PoS should solve the problems of Ethereum scalability. At least, Vitalik Buterin thinks so. But the main strategist of Blockstream calls the update in its own way. Samson Mou said that new model for the functioning of cryptocurrency is almost no different from hard forks... Read more
  21. Blockchain is not a financial pyramid. To see this, one should understand what a financial pyramid (also called an investment pyramid) is. This is a system for receiving profit via constantly attracting money from new participants. That means the profit of the first participants is paid at the expense of funds of their followers. It is obvious that if bitcoin does not have any dividend yield, that is, if you do not receive additional funds just because you own cryptocurrency, then bitcoin, as most of other significant cryptocurrencies, cannot be a financial pyramid by definition. Then why such confusion? Most likely that the reason behind such a poor analogy was the poverty of intellect in most cryptocurrency critics after the events of 2017. They did not even try to learn about the principles and technologies behind cryptocurrencies but started without any reason calling them a financial pyramid. Partially they can be understood, because the previously unknown project that made it possible for people to increase their capital several times over a few months sounds very suspicious. But what happened is that people earned profit due to the increase in the price of the active, and not because of the means of new users. Yes, to some extend it was the dramatic increase of popularity that brought about price increase, but these concepts should not be confused. Situations when demand starts to dramatically exceed supply are always accompanied by similar price increase. These can be company shares, investment fund units or even salt that can rise in price against the backdrop of false rumors. Price increase due to the growth of demand is a typical market situation, and not a disguised financial pyramid. That being said, blockchain-based pyramids can sometimes be found, for instance, PonziCoin and Bitconnet. But these are particular cases of the misuse of the technology in creating a financial pyramid, and not vice versa. It should be noted that there are financial pyramids that are disguised as cryptocurrency projects, only exacerbating the suspicion of inexperienced crowd. For example, they can promise profit thanks to a “unique trading robot” that multiplies your investments, or something of this kind. Of course, they have nothing to do with cryptocurrencies, and the illusion of work is maintained at expense of new client’s investments. We hope that we have made our point clear. And what other unreasonable definitions of bitcoin have you come across? We would be happy to discuss it with you in our next articles.
  22. Litecoin creator Charlie Lee to join Justin Sun's lunch with billionaire and legendary investor Warren Buffett... Read more
  23. Bakkt is one of the stages of a long journey, the end result of which should be almost the full acceptance of Bitcoin in the world. Intercontinental Exchange CEO Jeff Sprecher believes this. On July 22, Bakkt will start the first stage of testing bitcoin futures trading... Read more
  24. Blockchain and bitcoin based on it, as any new revolutionary technology, have their drawbacks. The mechanism of ‘proof-of-work’ consensus uses enormous volumes of electricity, cryptocurrency is used for speculations and sometimes in illegal activities. But to say that because of that the technology faces a failure, is the same as saying in 1995 that the Internet will not work because it’s clumsy and unorganized. Bitcoin has been living for over 10 years now despite numerous predictions of its demise. And it is constantly developing. The first cryptocurrency is no longer a “toy for geeks” as it used to be in 2009. Today Blockstream satellites allow making bitcoin transactions even without Internet. Blockstream company which deals with bitcoin blockchain pilot projects and New Zealand developer goTenna have united their efforts to improve the project that allows sending and receiving bitcoins without Internet with the help of data translation via satellites using radio frequencies which are supported by goTenna devices. The users will be able to receive bitcoins via satellite and goTenna Mesh network without direct connection to the Internet. If you do not like the control of the local provider or your connection is down for some reason, for example, because of a natural disaster, you will still be able to make a transaction. With all the innovative features, this technology is quite easy to use. With an electricity generator, satellite dish, Raspberry Pi, a Wi-Fi point and the necessary software you could make global bitcoin transactions. At first sight, it sounds rather expensive. But if you divide the expenses among people, for instance, if the whole village chips in for the purchase of the equipment, the costs are not so high. To use this service, you need a small satellite dish that uses USB port to connect to PC or specialized equipment such as Raspberry Pi. To manage connection, you can use free software with open source code, for instance GNU Radio. And the service itself has demonstrated “excellent” uptime and its network has excess capacity to ensure reliability. And do you still think that bitcoin does not have any future and nobody uses it?
  25. Warren Buffett repeatedly called digital assets a hoax. Justin Sun is going to change the attitude of the billionaire to the crypto. Earlier, CEO Tron won the right to lunch with Buffett during the auction. For the deal had to lay out $4.56 million... Read more
  26. Do you know that people can now get continuous bitcoins with the help of a low investment? While this may sound strange, but in reality, it is true. Bitcoins4Ever is an innovative service with several offers to provide prospective clients. The advancement of this company is beyond anticipation about receiving bitcoin. If you look for a company that focuses on a bitcoin investment, then Bitcoins4Ever is the right place to go. One thing remains factual with this service user will enjoy more profits. In a nutshell, Bitcoins4Ever is a self-reliable and sustainable platform. Benefits Of Using The Service Of Bitcoins4Ever: 1. It comes with great value. The sustainability of this service will help you remain active in the bitcoin market. The website is the first to display self-maintenance of bitcoin reception activities 2. It helps people to invest with a sense of intelligence, hope, and success. The platform can help to expand the progress of your business 3. Finding developmental opportunities is simple with this company 4. It is the first self-sustainable investment company of its kind 5. Users will make more profits for using this website How To Access The Great Offers Of This Company? The first step to take on Bitcoins4Ever is to sign up for an account. Once your account is active, you can go ahead to make a deposit. Once the fund is seating in your account, ensure to make a purchase. For example, if you invest up to two hundred dollars, other users also take part in the process. If there are four users in the investment platform along with you, then the total amount becomes 1000$. The one thousand dollars happen to be the investment total for the first day of account. When comparing your investment for the first day, it will be the same as ten percent of the total amount. If there is an increment of extra 1000$ on day two, the amount also changes. It means that the second day’s total investment amount is around two thousand dollars. Taking the same approach above, it means you have ten percent of the total investment. It brings you to an investment of two hundred dollars going to your second day’s activity. It’s crucial to know that a 10% company commission is functional to the total investment. At this juncture, you will have access to one hundred and ninety dollars. The 190$ dollars will be the investment returns for using Bitcoins4Ever. If the third day’s investment also moves to three thousand dollars, then you see some changes. The investor will get the original investment cost as the first day as the new returns. It also implies that you will be making 3.3 percent on the third day of your investment. On other days, the event of your percentage profits will follow the same process. It implies the total amount you invest divided by sum of every day. Referral Program: To make Bitcoins4Ever more lucrative for users, you can refer to other people and earn. Investing other people to take part in this investment system will help you earn ten percent. The referral commission will give you the avenue to make 10% of other people. It means that when anyone you bring into the program invests, you’ll make money. Referral Contest: The event comes with a profit of 0.5 bitcoins that will expire on 2019-09-11. Another thing to know is that the contest has different levels of earning as well. The prize for the first degree is 0.09 BTC. For the second degree, you can expect to 0.06 BTC. The prize of the third degree earning will be 0.038 BTC. With degrees four and five, users can earn around 0.01 BTC. Moving from degrees six to ten, you can earn 0.005 BTC. From the eleventh degree to one hundred, users will get a prize of 0.003 BTC. Conclusion: Are you looking for a self-reliable and sustainable investment platform that converts? By visiting Bitcoins4Ever today, you will enjoy more investment benefits. The company is all about helping people to earn with bitcoins. Give it a try now and see how the system works. Official Website:
  27. Forbes found out the details of the Aton offer for investors in the Gram cryptocurrency... Read more
  28. Grayscale Investment representatives are seriously concerned that many investors are not aware of the value of halving remuneration for the Bitcoin block yet. The event is scheduled for May 2020. According to Joseph Young's tweet, investors know nothing about one. And this despite the fact that it happened more than once... Read more
  29. In December 2018, the price of the largest cryptocurrency reached its bottom at around $ 3,122. Prior to this, the coin consistently fell for 18 months and lost 84 percent of its historical maximum, recorded in December 2017. The majority of adherents of the traditional market predicted Bitcoin to fall to zero, but during 2019 its profitability reached 191 percent. To date, due to the recent sudden collapse, the profit rate has dropped to 146 percent... Read more
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