Forum Rules

1. At registration, the user has to accept following items of these rules.

2. The rules may be subject to updating, without any prior notice to users and come into force from the date of publication.

3. The Forum welcomes everything that is not prohibited in the sections and topics.

4. The Forum Moderators patrol the site and guarantee its stability and loyalty, have the right to amend the accounts if necessary, as well as to block users in the case of any violation of these rules. All posts, messages, and topics which do not correspond to these rules will be removed.

5. The Administration is the highest court in the resolution of any disputes.

6. If you have any questions, you may contact the Administration through the special communication channel (please review the link - Contact administration). Personal messaging is considered as a private form of communication, so such messengers are not considered as an official request. The exception is only the issues relating to verification.


1. It is forbidden to register more than one profile, as well as to transmit an already existing in other hands through purchase/sale/donation. For violation of this rule, all profiles related to the same person will be deleted.

2. Dissemination of false information, malware and fraud are punishable by removal of the account and all posts of this author.

3. For beginners, it is prohibited to use nicknames and avatars that are promotional in nature, and for all others - avatars that may offend users, or if it is a copy of already created, as well as trying to impersonate themselves as representatives of the Administration.

4. The following topics are strictly off limits:

  • Advertising, spam;
  • Flood, off topic;
  • Insults, flaming, trolling;
  • Obscene language;
  • Fraud, libel, unfounded accusations;
  • Begging;

5. Advertising is permitted, without the ref links, provided that there will be a complete description of this service, the connection with the Administration and as complete as possible information.
- Transliteration and unreasoned use of foreign languages.

6. It is prohibited to copy already created themes.

7. Any information on the forum should be useful to users, so cut short themes with a thunderous header (for example, "The easiest way to make money!", "The only way to live happily ever after" and other similar) and inappropriate real debates will be deleted.

8. Laconic and pleasing to the eye design is welcome on the forum, but still, what will as an abuse, it will be divided by zero:

  • Abundance of text, drawn up in capital letters (except abbreviations);
  • Non-text characters in titles;
  • Expressive punctuation;
  • Bust with emoji and other emoticons;
  • Use more than three colours in a publication, as well as “BiGaNdSmAlL” font, and other non-canon.

9.  The Forum adheres to the law and will not tolerate the illegal placement of information

10. Provided that a section has its own additional rules, users are obliged to act in accordance with them.

11. The Moderators and their comments are not negotiable, discussion and editing

Violating the rules entails such measures:

1) Posts/themes editing;

2) Removing an avatar;

3) Disconnection of a signature;

4) Charging a certain amount of earned cryptocurrency;

5) Disconnection from any of forum events (competition, tournament, actions) that reward users;

6) Issuing warnings and fines;

7) Temporary blocking;

8) Permanent blocking.


On the forum there is a flexible system of penalties, users could get a warning, or get to 10 points, depending on the offense committed.

Principles of Operation:

1. Each penalty has its own fine expiration date, during which points remain valid.

2. If a user has multiple active fines, it indicates the total number.

3. If the score is equal to three, a user will be blocked on the term of ten days.

4. If the score is equal to five, then a user during a month will not be able to enter the site.

5. If the score is equal to ten, then a user may forget the way to the forum.

Dedicated to adequate users

  • By default, the Administration considers each registered user as a decent, reasonable and intelligent man, until he proves otherwise.
  • Users are free to decide how, when and with whom to communicate in the forum without the recommendations of the Administration.
  • The Supervisory Authority is the Moderators of this forum. They help to restrain the growth of online crime, clean it from useless information and messages. The Moderators - tested people with the experience, which should not be questioned. Even if there was an ambiguous situation forum, a moderator puts it on public comment in a closed subject for the Administration and thus such problem will be solved in a civilized way.
  • We have our own regulations according to which the moderators should act. There is a choice of several options for any given situation, what to choose is up to a moderator. Accordingly, the Administration adheres impartiality and seeks only to maintain order in the forum.
  • The Rules upon paid sections of the forum - is a special case and they are in the annex.