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  1. Matrix Coin on Worldcoinindex
  2. Matrix Coin in New Exchanges Registration on CryptoBridgу
  3. MatrixCoin added on a steep analogue coinmarketcap
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  6. Hello MatrixCoin community!We have great news! We added to the Decentralized Crypto-bridge exchange. We have such a pair Matrx/Btc, Matrx /Xp, Matrx/Eca
  7. Matrix Competition Dear Matrix community!Digital technology is rapidly entering our everyday life. The latest world trends in the implementation of blockchain technology in public administration, business practice, medical and other spheres in many countries will allow to make an economic breakthrough, and perhaps withdraw from circulation the usual paper money. Crypto world news is full of reports that Taiwan intends to build a whole city on IOT technology. Individual data of city residents, medical maps, and communication between cities will be transferred to the blockchain. Increasingly, new payment services are launched, which allow you to convert crypto currency into dollars and vice versa, through Visa-compatible cards that will be accepted at all ATMs and places where Visa is accepted.It's no secret that the cryptocurrency will take over the world. Founders of cryptocurrency Matrix provide a unique opportunity for the coin community to realize new projects for the introduction of coins into real life and get a very nice monetary bonus in the form of coins!The purpose of the contest is to use Matrix as a real means of daily payment to improve life and realize the potential of each member of the community.Matrix gathers a team of like-minded people to help each other increase investment and implement real projects based on the blockchain in all spheres of human life. Be at the peak of information technology along with the Matrix. Do not miss your chance to make the world better and of course earn money!So, the main terms of the competition:Who can take part in the competition?Every member of the Matrix community.What are the deadlines for submitting projects?The competition will be held until April 12, 2018.In which language are the projects submitted? The language of writing projects is English, because the Matrix coin is oriented to the American and world markets.In what form should I submit projects? Link to fill out the form - Registration form What is the project budget?Indicate the estimated budget for the project.What reward? And, of course, the most pleasant -The founders of Matrix Coin will invest the most attractive project !!!Moreover, an experienced team of marketers and PR specialists will be engaged in the promotion of your project.Only ideas from you are needed !!The amount and terms of investment will be additionally agreed upon with the winning project.A winning member of the Matrix community will receive long-term profitable investments and a good profit!Join the Matrix! We are waiting for your projects!Send your projects to Matrix Coin e-mail:[email protected]
  8. Attention!! Dear community!Matrix coin has already established itself as a successful project, which brings a good profit to all participants! Soon!We are pleased to announce the holding of a competition for the best project to popularize the Matrix coin and to introduce it into everyday life.Terms and conditions of the competition will be announced later.Keep in touch!
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  13. Present to You a video about MatrixCoin Registration on Cryptopia Buy MatrixCoin
  14. Congratulations to all who are related to MatrixCoin since the exchange does not close, they found a partner for the development of the project and business platform. Soon all this will be reflected and our project is prepared for a new wave of gentlemen Cool Cool CoolNews2018-01-14 14:23 - Nova will NOT close its doors!Honoured customers and crypto currency enthusiasts! You have been told a while ago now that we were planning to close down Nova Exchange in the beginning of 2018. We made this tough decision because Nova Exchange was growing at a speed, and in a way, that us, the founders, could not keep up with and run the business in a meaningful and secure way. Not wanting to make promises we might not be able to keep, we didn’t tell anyone, not anyone, that we never stopped looking for a way to keep going and keep Nova Exchange in business. So! We are so happy to announce that we have found a partner, a new main shareholder, willing and more importantly, able to carry on running Nova Exchange. The new owners, we have made sure, have the resources and the experience (6+ years in the business) it takes to provide excellent service to you all. We started negotiations and talks early in November last year, and now we can tell you the good news: The show will go on! More information will follow. In the meantime, just go keep on trading crypto. Best Wishes to you all!
  15. We added to Blockfolio Ticker matrx