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  1. Cryptocurrencies have now become an alternate for most of the digital transactions. Though used on a large scale, there have always been concerns about its volatile and unstable market structure. The ups and downs in the market capitalization of leading Cryptocurrencies have led to a number of debates about cryptocurrency credibility and reliability. In order to bring about a certain level of stability, security and steadiness in the global virtual market space, the greater Blockchain community has introduced new digital assets - Stablecoins. Stablecoins are developed with an aim to be utilized as are nice unit of account and a proper store of value. They work on the very efficient block-chain technology and are aimed to make optimum application of this technology. The recent news comes in that a team of experts have developed a USD-backed stablecoin. 'TrueCoin Project' is a team effort from Stanford, Palantir and Google. Stablecoin stands out as it is cent percent collateralized, legally protected and transparently audited. It is notable here that Money Trade Coin – an emerging cryptocurrency also started its journey with the robust and cutting-edge Blockchain Technology. Money Trade Coin sets itself apart from all the other cryptocurrencies in the market system as, it is the first ever cryptocurrency to be registered as an Algorithm (meaning an “Owned Cryptocurrency”). Also, since its nascent stage Money Trade Coin is providing Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering Facilities to secure and safeguard the transactions. Money Trade Coin works on a peer-to-peer network that is not controlled by external forces, thereby increasing Transparency. Money Trade Coin provides high-end security and freedom to financial enthusiasts; it is slowly and steadily forming a strong threshold in the global financial market system. With the use of the Blockchain Technology, the crypto-market will soon expand and there are chances of it entering the mainstream financial market system soon.
  2. Cryptocurrency is slowly emerging as the king of the financial market system, leaving no place and sector untouched. Considering the outreach in every sector, digital tokens are being used in our day-to day life fulfilling all our needs. Cryptocurrency uses a decentralized process and records all the transactions in a peer-to-peer ledger to maintain transparency in the business. This transparency allows every business provide a fair and just platform to consumers and traders.Additionally, it also maintains the ethics as well as the decorum in the business. Slowly and steadily cryptocurrency is reaching every corner of the industry. Recently, it is making way and spreading its wings in the Real Estate Sector. Experts from the crypto-space have written extensively on the investments and purchasing of crypto assets, authoring a complete guide for real estate planning and for cryptocurrency investors. People are still cautious about using cryptocurrency as it is an intangible asset and its market structure is highly volatile. One can secure his hard earned money by purchasing homes and lands you are solidifying your digital assets and keeping it safe from the unknown hacks. A cryptocurrency holder has the fluency to liquidate the crypto-assets and invest in the real estate. ‘MTCX property’ is one of the platforms providing these services in 5 major Eastern countries and will soon provide its services globally.
  3. Cryptocurrencies have stepped in every nook and corner of the world. From daily transactions to E-commerce portals, this Digital Currency has not left anyone/anything away from its light. Since its demand is surging remarkably high with each passing day and it is steadily penetrating into the mainstream global financial economy, it is imperative to have an understanding about the new phase in the financial market system. With a view to informing and educating people in its region about this new era of digitalization, an Australian High School is preparing to host an "Educational Presentation" on cryptocurrencies. St. Laurence's College intends to conduct a non-compulsory programme for the schools' staff and students of an 11th and 12th standard. The aim is to spread awareness and educate coming generation about the basics of cryptocurrency, it features, the technology used, the current market structure revolving and ways to secure investments. The idea to hold the presentation came into being after the school authorities were notified that some of its senior students were involved in Cryptocurrency transactions. The initiative to Educate and Inform them about this new space of financial system proves to be a boon to avoid future consequences.
  4. The widespread usage of cryptocurrencies has raised concerns about its security and safety. Since quite some time, discussions regarding control and regulation of cryptocurrencies have been doing rounds globally. According to latest reports, the Financial Regulators in Abu Dhabi is planning to launch a Cryptocurrency framework to regulate the use of virtual currencies. The Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) of Abu Dhabi is currently assessing the development of a regulatory framework with the pertinent official authorities. The idea behind introducing the regulation is to keep a close check on the activities and utilities of the virtual currency by the Cryptocurrency holders and intermediaries. Earlier, in October, the Abu Dhabi Government had introduced certain guidelines for cryptocurrencies and ICOS in UAE. However, at that time, the Financial Regulator of Abu Dhabi did not support the idea considering ICOs as a security and Cryptocurrency as a Commodity. The FSRA in its plan to develop a proper financial framework to supervise cryptocurrency also, it is still gaining immense popularity and interest worldwide as a medium of exchange.
  5. Since quite some time, Bitcoin and Blockchain technology has been gaining enormous attention all over the world. There have been debates about its legalization, regulations, and controls. A number of governments have been altering their citizens on the usage of the leading cryptocurrency- Bitcoin. Some have even remarked it as a bubble which will soon burst. However, even though there have been opposing statements regarding the utilization of cryptocurrencies, the supporting system behind it, i.e. the Blockchain technology has always been praised and appreciated by leading personalities. The recent news is that Arizona, a southern west U.S state, has started a new revolution by accepting Tax payments in Bitcoin. Arizona has always been supportive of the Blockchain technology and is known as a Blockchain friendly state. Lawmakers in this US state have proposed permitting citizens (residents) to pay their taxes in Bitcoin. This will allow residents to make tax payments anytime and from anywhere.
  6. The Indian Finance Minister, Mr. Arun Jaitely, on February 1 announced the big budget on cryptocurrency status in India. On this occasion, he also threw light upon the much-discussed topic of cryptocurrencies. There were a number of point of views by leading economists and analysts post the FM's speech. A leadingCryptocurrency news portal, NewsCCM, interviewed Dr. Amit Lankhanpal to understand his take on the recent cryptocurrency scenario in India. During the interview, Dr. Amit Lankanpal shed light on various aspects of the current situations of the Digital Currency in a developing country like India. He spoke about the impact of cryptocurrency on the financial market system, the on-going debate about the legalization and regulations of cryptocurrencies in India, the relationship of the Blockchain technology with the Banking industry and so on. More importantly, he also commented on the FM's idea of incorporating the Blockchain technology into the mainstream financial system. Dr. Amit Lankhanpal also shared insights about Money Trade Coin. To read the complete interview visit on given link:
  7. The year 2017 was an extremely remarkable year for Cryptocurrencies. The stream of popularity has continued in 2018, as the market cap of leading Cryptocurrencies has already surpassed half a trillion dollars in January. Earlier, cryptocurrencies were asserted as a non-credible store of value, but today they have gained the position next to the most valued asset Gold. This change in value and position has been possible through its peculiar services such as transparency, peer-to-peer network, block chain technology, decentralized system, KYC and AML facilities. In the past, the government of many countries was not in favour of these virtual assets but neither were they reluctant of the importance of the Block chain technology. Turning things for the good, the Ukrainian government recently has welcomed the use of the efficient block-chain technology and has planned a decentralized property ledger. This will facilitate buyers and sellers of to transact property deals autonomously without any bureaucratic intervention. In a similar line, the Money Trade Coin Group has also come up with a new service MTCX Realty. This new service will enable buyers, sellers and builders to carry out real estate transactions with the help of Money Trade Coin. In simple terms, cryptocurrency holders can make high-value payments with Money Trade Coin. The company will act as an intermediary between the buyer and seller. The online property website will provide one of the best payment solutions for Real Estate Buyers and Builders. The service will initially spread across five leading countries - India, Dubai, Europe, Thailand and Singapore and is expected to kick-start by the end of February. The Group also plans to expand the services slowly and steadily in future. Since Cryptocurrency is leaving no nook and corner to spread its footprints, the potential of cryptocurrency seems unstoppable. If it continues to surge with this extraordinary pace, it will very soon break the records and touch the Trillion Dollar mark.
  8. Although there has been so much noise about Cryptocurrencies especially Bitcoin globally, it is still facing some trouble to be accepted and used by the masses. Despite the hype, people still have not accepted it as a means of payment excepts some companies. This fact is clearly reflected in the economy as the leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and LiteCoin have not yet made their way in the Real Economy. Due to the volatility of the Cryptocurrency market and the risks involved, even a giant company like Amazon is keeping itself away from this new financial phase. Though the company is playing a safe game, it is creating a loss for both, itself and the prospective Cryptocurrency holders. But here's the good news, Money Trade Coin Group has come up with an E-commerce portal named MTCX Store especially for buyers wanting to make purchases in Money Trade Coin. This E-commerce portal will provide all the necessities from FMCG products to Electronic goods to Clothing and Accessories.
  9. Bitcoin suffers bad times as price dips below $ 7000 crypto market has seen 34% decline in the month of January 2018. Although the entire market is in panic, the crypto experts and researchers reported that the cryptocurrency is a highly volatile market and definitely price of bitcoin is falling but still its value is high than what it was 3 months before. Considering the History of Bitcoin one can say that after every major fall in the value of bitcoin, it has managed to regain its value and position back in crypto space. so we must assume an uptrend is imminent either way
  10. Cryptocurrency is pacing each passing day. As such, the Money Trade Coin Group is trying to make a significant impact in the crypto-world. The Group has come up with an innovative idea and will soon launch its services in the Real Estate Sector. It will soon launch the first online Real Estate Business to be dealing with Bitcoin. This online property website is a specially designed payment solution for the Real Estate Buyers and Builders. It will allow cryptocurrency holders to make-high value payments in Bitcoin to purchase property. The services will commence by the end of February 2018 and will intially be available in four different countries namely Dubai, Europe, Thailand and Singapore. The Money Trade Coin Group aims to expand its services and integrate with other leading virtual currencies like Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold and Litecoin in the times to come.
  11. Recently, Hong Kong government set out an crash course on cryptocurrency. Basically, its main motive is to educate the public about the volatility of the cryptocurrency and the precaution which should keep in mind before investing. Money Trade Coin group is exploring almost every sector of cryptocurrency and recently it has announced the launch of its own cryptocurrency academy ‘MTCX Academy’. MTCX Academy will not leave any stone unturned teaching all the subjects related to cryptocurrencies such as mining, investing, ICO, blockchain and other niche topics. One of the main reason behind the educational push is the dangerous volatility of the cryptocurrency markets that many traditional investors are not prepared for. MTCX Academy will offer online courses guided by world-class cryptocurrency professional, also online book library will be available, embodying exclusive data on cryptocurrencies to do your own research on the topic of your own interest. Come join us on
  12. Know Your Customer (KYC) is the process where a business Identifies and Verifies it's clients. In this age of Digital Currency transactions, it is imperative to safeguard and secure your virtual money. With this Vision, Money Trade Coin, a Cryptocurrency that is building its foothold in the global financial space, has to provide KYC and AML facilities to its investors. These services will prevent the risks of loss and theft. It will also reduce money laundering activities, hacking, terrorist funding, black money generation and many more illegitimate activities.
  13. The Money Trade Coin Group is fastening it's seat belts to compete swiftly in this cut-throat volatile financial market. MTCX India, a recently launched cryptocurrency wallet service by the group has opened new doors for the Investors. Initially, users could only deal in Money Trade Coin and Bitcoin on MTCX India for their financial transactions. But the good news is, now MTCX India also enables smooth, secure and easy transactions in Ethereum, Dash, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold. These services will be readily available to investors from 7th February 2018. Such initiatives by the Group will unequivocally lead to a better acceptance of Cryptocurrency in India, thereby, enhancing the country's financial market system.
  14. Money Trade Coin group has now launched first ever e-commerce portal MTCX Store dealing with Bitcoin and Money Trade Coin. It offers you the most time-efficient and convenient payment methods for the customer as well as for the vendors. MTCX Store has multiple benefits over traditional e-commerce sites such as low fees, Shopping access through cryptocurrency and encrypted database. This is first of its kind of E-commerce store which focuses on crypto users and will benefit them. For receiving more information stay tune in with us.
  15. In the world of business and finance, cryptocurrency is the next emerging trend in the world economy. Money Trade Coin group will be the first to expand its reach in more than 40 countries, as it is the fastest growing currency. Group has launched its wallet and exchange services in 17 different countries. The group has made its mark almost in every sector of society including education. It enjoys its presence practically in each part of the world. Money Trade Coin group has its plan to launch its services in rest of the countries in the next coming 3 months like: · Sri Lanka · Pakistan · Bhutan · Myanmar · Israel Come and join the revolution of cryptocurrency in the new era of digitalization.