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  1. WEBSITE TWITTER TELEGRAM WHITEPAPER ONEPAGER SMART CONTRACT Bitcoinus will enable all businesses and retail customers to buy, store, spend and receive crypto assets. Current breakthrough of blockchain technology will essentially change the understanding of money and online payments as we know them today. Cryptocurrencies start to disrupt all major industries including the traditional banking. Online payments and card processing will be heavily affected by more efficient and secure blockchain technology. Bitcoinus enters the market to lead the evolution of crypto-payments. Company's main target is to reinvent real, living financial operations between retail and B2B entities. The direction Bitcoinus has chosen reflects the way e-commerce is headed. We will make sure that spending all sorts of crypto-holdings is instant and secure for both an individual and a business. Over 100 Altcoins will be integrated over a period of a year. Online based businesses will find their way to adopt Bitcoinus solution. Bitcoinus will develop plugins for all major e-commerce platforms, such as Magento 2, Shopify, Wordpress, ZenCart, WooCommerce, OpenCart, PrestaShop and others. Integration into all major E-commerce plugins, such as Magento, Shopify, Wordpress, Opencart and more! Only 0.5% transaction fee and multiple benefits for BIS token holders! CROWDSALE DETAILS ICO first sale starts on 22nd of January 2018 with 47% bonus for the investors All unsold tokens will be burned by the smart contract Bitcoinus team tokens will be locked for a period of 12 month to avoid market manipulation ROADMAP HIGHLIGHTS January 2018: Smart contract audit ICO starts June 2018: Listing on major exchanges. September 2018: End of MVP developement BETA-over 50 altcoins added All major e-commerce platforms added API release November 2018 Card processing implementation Additional altcoins Q1, 2019 Fully functioning e-commerce solution (Over 100 Altcoins integrated) Q4, 2019 In the first financial year we aim to reach $1M turnover Q4, 2020 Turnover reaches $8M (over 200 Altcoins integrated) TEAM BLOCKCHAIN DEVELOPERS ADVISORS LEGAL TEAM WEBSITE TWITTER TELEGRAM WHITEPAPER ONEPAGER SMART CONTRACT
  2. Hey folks, A very unusual Pre ICO is going on: to raise funds to build a free trade zone where crypto tokens are accepted by every business within the zone: The ICO is starting on the 23rd of this month, but you can buy 50% cheaper at the pre ICO going on now. The funds from the crowd sales will be used to do a feasibility study to be submitted to the Government of Honduras. They have also asked for a master plan, and we will have to buy the proposed site for the city. Then if we can show them we still have funds to build the city, they will grant us ZEDE status. With that status comes authority to issue you own currency or currencies over the zone, and as crypto enthusiasts, we have said every business that will invest in the area is required to choose at least 4 crypto tokens they will accept as payment mediums from clients. That will raise value of crypto tokens worldwide. Pre ICO and ICO details below: Presale To give token patrons a discount and generate funds for initial marketing and other strategic actions, we are holding a presale on Waves Platform. We will sell 400,000 CLCT for 738 Bitcoins at the rate of 0.0019582070 BTC per 1 CLCT. The presale ends on February 23rd, 2018. To participate in the presale, simply send Bitcoins to this address: 3K3ggaWU4McB4SriuVcxnJqjY7Yrhr17xt ICO Details The CCitiesLZones crowdsale will hold from February 23rd 2018 to March 23rd, 2018. The pre-ICO will end on February 23rd, 2018. It will be held on the Waves Platform’s Decentralized Exchange (DEX). Participants willing to purchase CCitiesLZones token can do so by sending Bitcoin to this Waves Wallet address: 3K3ggaWU4McB4SriuVcxnJqjY7Yrhr17xt By doing so, they would be purchasing CCitiesLZones token at the rate of 0.0039164141 Bitcoin per CCitiesLZones token, which will be instantly sent to their wallet. The accepted currency during the ICO is Bitcoin (BTC). The hard cap for this crowdsale is 155,090 Bitcoin or US 1.3 billion. Once the hard cap is reached, the crowdsale will end. Number of tokens in existence: 100 million Number of tokens to be sold at crowdsale: 39.6 million Token Distribution 40 million CCitiesLZones tokens will be held by a Swiss based foundation to be incorporated after the crowdsale for anti-inflationary and liquidity purposes. 30 million of this will be locked for 7 months. One million of the tokens held by the foundation will be used to fight infant and maternal mortality in memory of Prince Charles Offokaja The Second, Charles The Infant, who died at birth. 10 million CCitiesLZones tokens will be held by the Project Team 10 million CCitiesLZones tokens will be used for bounty 39.6 million CCitiesLZones tokens will be sold at the ICO 400,000 CCitiesLZones tokens will be sold at the pre ICO Even though the tokens are re-issuable, we do not plan to make a habit of reissuing them, except in cases where the superintending foundation believes it is an absolute necessity, or in cases where we have to raise funds to build a new city. To participate in this sale when the ICO starts, simply send Bitcoins to this address: 3K3ggaWU4McB4SriuVcxnJqjY7Yrhr17xt Website: White paper:
  3. Criptoreal - CRS >>> Project Information: CriptoReal is focused mainly on Brazil and will expand to all Latin America, it will provide an alternative payment method for the online and offline retail industry. Project inception took place after a meeting with some of the big players from this industry who expressed their interest for the new "crypto thing" and how can it be used for cutting down the intermediaries costs. [ >>> CRS Desktop Wallets: Windows: Download Here Linux: Download Here OSx: work in progress >>> Technical Aspects: Symbol: CRS Address: C Emission: ~203million Premine: 1.5% (plus swap) Genesis Block: 31/01/2018 - Brazilian News Halving: 825000 blocks ( ~38 months ) Blocks: 120 sec Algorithm: Lyra2z Difficulty: Every Block (DGW v3) Ports: 5511 - 5512 Circulating Supply: Click here to see Masternodes: Active Masternode Collateral: 50.000 CRS InstaSend: Activated PrivateSend: Activated Governance: Next Year >>> Useful Links: Explorer: MasterNode Stats: Github: WhitePaper in Portuguese: Download Here WhitePaper in English: coming soon. >>> Exchanges: SouthXchange: CRS / BTC - CRS / USD More coming soon. >>> Mining Pools: Suprnova Pool: Altminer Pool: Hash Pool: Tiny Pool: Minadores Pool: >>> Rewards: POW Rewards: Block 0 to 5000 = 6 CRS Block 5001 to 5190 = 120 CRS (100%) Block 5190 to 10230 = 72 CRS (60%) Block 10230 and after until halving = 60 CRS (50%) MasterNode Rewards: Block 0 to 5190 = 0 CRS Block 5190 to 10230 = 48 CRS (40%) Block 10230 and after until halving = 60 CRS (50%) >>> Roadmap: 1º Phase - 02/2018 to 03/2018 Launch: Compiled desktop wallets (done) Online Tier 2 Exchange listing ( Masternode enforced payment (after block 5190) 2º Phase - 03/2018 to 05/2018 Marketing: Sponsoring an eSport championship Facebook and Twitter campaigns CoinTraffic Ad campaign 3º Phase - 06/2018 to 11/2018 Growth: First services offering CRS as means of payment. Mobile Wallet Develop e-commerce platform plugins (woocommerce, magento, etc.) Webhost Membership platform E-mail marketing platform 4º Phase - 11/2018 a 12/2018 Consolidation: This phase involves the growth of CRS market share in Brazil and Latin America adding services and communicating with partners. 5º Phase - 01/2019 a 12/2019 This phase is to get CRS to the next step, teaching and showing actual benefits of using CRS to people not familiar with cryptocurrencies. Benefit conscientization. Middleman elimination. Cost, fraud and time reduction. Self-serving totems. Eg: Payment for parking at local Shopping Malls, etc. Public utility projects development. Integration with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) Crowdfunding platform. [ANN][CRS] Criptoreal - A Brazilian Coin [MN][POW][Lyra2z][DGWv3] 6º Phase - 2020 Decenex - Decentralized Exchange P2P DECENEX launch, a decentralized exchange to buy and sell CRS peer to peer, avoiding middlemen, controlled by a distributed ledger and audited by independent mediators ==== >>> Social Media & Contacts: Twitter: Discord: Telegram Group: Facebook Group: Facebook Page: E-mail: dev[at] PGP: ==== This is a new Ann thread, after implementing Masternodes and new algorithm, we have swapped 1:1 coins from the old chain. If you need help, join us, we are more than 600 on Discord:
  4. [ Website ] [ Twitter ] [ Block Explorer ] [ Discord ] [ Telegram ] [ Github ] Korean thread | Indonesian thread | Turkish thread | Italian thread | Greek thread | Russian thread Total Supply: 16.6kk coins (mining up to 2050Y) Type: PoW 100% Algorithm: SKUNK Coin name: MUNcoin Coin abbreviation: MUN Difficulty Retargeting: Every Block Block Time Average: 2,5 minutes Block Reward: Start with 0 Reward gradually increasing to 10 MUN for 3 days (1728 block), decreasing by 12% every year Block Reward Distribution: 50% to Masternodes, 50% to Miners (available at 2 week - 8064 block) and need 1000 MUN nstantSend Confirmation: ~5 seconds Superior Difficulty Retargeting Using Dark Gravity Wave Superior Transaction Anonymity Using PrivateSend Premine: 747489 MUN* Mainnet: P2P port 12548 RPC port 12547 Testnet: P2P port 22548 RPC port 22547 * Premine of only 4.3% that will be used for airdrops, bounties and implementation of all the planned phases on the roadmap [listing on more exchanges included]. ------------------------------------------ SUPRNOVA ----------------------------------------- PoolofD32th -a skunk -o stratum+tcp:// -u MX4P2KNskpMr3KbriYJHqv8k7bfvo5mU7a -p c=MUN pause ------------------------------------------ -o stratum+tcp:// -u <WALLET_ADDRESS> -p c=MUN pause ------------------------------------------ BSOD -a skunk -o stratum+tcp:// -u YOURWALLETADDRESS.rigname -p x -R 5 -a skunk -o stratum+tcp:// -u YOURWALLETADDRESS.rigname -p x -R 5 (for NiceHash use only) pause ------------------------------------------
  5. Original Thread: WEBSITE | WHITEPAPER | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | TELEGRAM | REDDIT | BOUNTY JIZZCOINS Multi-purpose 18+ token (ERC20) Jizzcoins (JCN) is an ERC20 token created by CTRL Venture to integrate blockchain technology into our 18+ ecosystem, simplify transactions, improve and accelerate the expansion of our online adult services. Our focus is the “voyeur” niche and our goal is to open and connect voyeur locations worldwide, equipped with spycams to live broadcast 18+ entertainment. By utilising gamification techniques like competitions and on-site token minting features all user groups automatically benefit. [li]Two active product sites[/li] [li]HTML5 Live Broadcasting Platform[/li] [li]Managed Voyeur Locations[/li] [li]Private remote Voyeur Locations[/li] [li]Content Marketplace for Models[/li] [li]Payment Platform[/li] [li]Advertising Platform[/li] [li]Affiliate Program[/li] [li]Content Partner Program[/li] [li]API Partner Integrations[/li] Our commitment to JCN Regardless of the ICO results the team is confident to reach the targets listed on the roadmap and make from Jizzcoins (JCN) a 18+ crypto token that is used inside and outside its ecosystem. There is no soft cap defined, because the project will continue and will go in production. Unlike other 18+ ICOs, Jizzcoins (JCN) has a fully operational ecosystem with a continious development cycle of 4 years and is backed with existing technology. The main reason to do an ICO is to raise funds to accelerate the opening of new voyeur locations, hire extra staff, open new business units but most important to integrate blockchain technology into all our activities and offer the public to be part of this all. With Jizzcoins (JCN) we aim to be one of the first (live) 18+ entertainment companies that is powered with blockchain technology. Stay tuned for development news and opportunities, by following and subscribing to our channels on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. ICO details [li]Token name: Jizzcoins[/li] [li]Token symbol: JCN[/li] [li]Token standard: Ethereum blockchain (ERC20 compatible)[/li] [li]Max quantity: 100,000,000 JCN[/li] [li]Available token supply: 45,000,000 JCN[/li] [li]Crowdsale smart contract: 0xc767bb2ab72358eb140b6a66b51a6afb833775dc [/li] [li]Token smart contract: 0x3017ad28cbd13dbcefea5f4c124db66c11ddaa64[/li] [li]Initial fixed price: 0.001 ETH per 1 JCN token[/li] Early bird at presale starts January 10th, 2018 Token sale phases [li]January 10 to January 20: Minimum 0.75 ETH with a 25% bonus[/li] [li]January 20 to February 1: Minimum 0.50 ETH with a 15% bonus[/li] [li]February 1 to January 10: Minimum 0.25 ETH with a 5% bonus[/li] [li]February 10 to April 10: Minimum 0.001 ETH[/li] More details on Our 18+ ecosystem includes
  6. Website | Facebook | Twitter | Telegram | LinkedIn WHO ARE WE: TradeBit was formed by a team of young and devoted enthusiast who are eager leave their mark in the ever-expanding world of technology. We share the vision of the blockchain technology originally developed by Satoshi Nakamoto. We want to expand his vision. We want to remove the centralized banking system which only steals from people and form of fees and taxes. However, with the birth of blockchain technology, many fake cryptocurrencies popped out saying that they will be next bitcoin. We don’t want our token to be next BitCoin, we want our token to allow people to reach to bitcoin and other valuable cryptocurrencies easier without the hassle of paying enormous taxes and fees. Our team consists of Cryptocurrency enthusiast which share a common vision for the future, so we decided to make the change and develop something new and valuable. INTRODUCTION: TradeBit will be first cryptocurrency platform, that combines automated portfolio tracking, cryptocurrencies signals, investment insight, trading support for all the current exchanges API. Later in the roadmap, you can see we will develop our own exchanges, which will be the first one to support all the top 200 cryptocurrencies at the same time. We are also developing coaching system as well, so users with more experience can share it with newcomers and make a profit in TBT token. UPDATE An Open Letter to the Community from TradeBit’s team We are happy to announce that we significantly increase the rate for investors: from 7500 to 120000 in Phase 1 from 6250 to 100000 in Phase 2 from 5000 to 80000 in Phase 3 Which is 16 times more. The supply stays the same - 500 000 000 TBT. For the bounty campaign, we will release our emergency supply which 10 000 000 TBT and the 5 000 000 TBT from the marketing supply. In total 20 000 000 TBT (4% of the whole supply). The ETH address is already changed. For all the investors already purchased on the previous rates will be compensated immediately after the new rates are applied! Bounty subscribers will also transition to the new rates accordingly. By giving this opportunity to the investors we are going to reduce the HARD CAP of the crowdsale from 50000 ETH to 3000 ETH. We want to thank each and every one of you for being a part of our community. Best regards, TradeBit Team. TRADEBIT PLATFORM: Exchange with support for all top 200 cryptocurrencies at the same time. TOKEN USAGE: TradeBit Token will be used as a payment method inside our platform. In order to access all the cool features, you will have to use your token inside. Also, they will be used as a payment method from user to user for sharing trading signals and investment insight. If you want to teach and get into the cryptocurrency world faster, you will have the possibility to learn from the best. MVP: Android App | IOS - cooming soon BOUNTY: For our bounty program please visit bounty thread.
  7. Deeponion now is listed at kucoin and tradesatoshi so this is also a start of a whole new campaign towards another crypto sites. It may not be easy for the request to be ganrated but im sure that is one of the next goal of the community. Deeponion now is one of the most anticipated altcoin next year. It may not be easy to achieve but it is not impossible.