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  1. hello, everyone! vday is right around the corner and you should fasten your seatbelts for bitcoingirls will have lots of surprises for you! where? bitcoingirls.live
  2. This Valentine's Day will certainly be special! Me and my colleagues will hold contests and other special things will happen so that this day will be etched in your memory. #Bitcoingirls will raise the tempeeratures to make you sweat and ask for more! bitcoingirls.live is the place to be!
  3. Good to know hehe:) i just started out with small investments, so for now I'm ok.
  4. Hey, me and my friends created a new site where you can secure payments with BITCOIN, the ever growing cryptocurrency that brought us all on this cool forum. We wanted to stay ahead of everybody else and we invite you to our secure website called bitcoingirls.live/en/ and have fun!
  5. Yeah, this is a domain where you definitely need to study a lot to comprehend how it works and having the right team to work with. I wish you Goodluck and who knows, maybe you will retire in 20 years!