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  1. Oil prices have slumped since early October amid an abrupt positioning unwind among investors accompanied by bearish fundamentals. This may well change as developments related to Iran, supply/demand estimates, seasonality, and OPEC decisions could turn supportive. Hence, we see chances of a tactical rebound in the coming weeks and recommend adding exposure, either directly or by exploring option strategies. Another way of gaining exposure is via energy equities. Q3 results confirmed that energy profits remain in a strong recovery mode and the vast majority of our energy top picks reported double-digit earnings growth. We outline our preferred companies. AAUC ( AA UNION CAPITAL) RESEARCH TEAM CIO view Asian equities: Bearishly optimistic There has been a lot to be bearish about Asia in 2018, but in my view, selling fatigue has set in among investors. Markets are now oversold. While the outlook maybe somewhat cloudy, markets seem to have priced in a substantially – and probably unrealistically – more negative outcome. Expected regional returns Mid-November saw the AAUC Global Risk Appetite Index (GRA) generate a weekly technical buy signal for the MSCI Asia ex-Japan Index (MXASJ) for the first time since mid-2015. As the analysis suggests, this typically represents a reliable and important signal. Without getting into too much detail, the metrics show – with a reasonable degree of confidence – that since 1991, each time a buy signal was triggered, a return of 25% was generated over the subsequent 70 weeks with 63% of these signals being successful. Similarly, over the same period, we also note the GRA also generated buy signals for the HSI and MSCI Singapore indices. For the HSI, a return of 27.3% was generated over the subsequent 70 weeks with 63% of the signals being successful. For the MSCI Singapore Index, a return of 19.3% was generated over the subsequent 70 weeks with 57% of the signals being successful. Indeed, more broadly, the entire emerging market (EM) complex is firing buy signals right now with the overall MSCI EM Index also expected to return 25.4% in the next 70-week period. In my view, selling fatigue has set in among investors. Almost daily we read of asset managers active in accumulating deep value stocks across Asia, taking advantage of depressed pricing. I will wait for the “starting tweet” at the end of the month before I recommend we do the same. Find out more in
  2. That is obvious and absolutely correct as well, there is no way you could keep an industry down like Cryptos. We just need to be good with our decision making and make sure we keep on benefitting from right decisions. With such increase in popularity and demand, yet there are very limited options available to purchase. Fortunately, I have found easy place where one can get COMPLETE coverage of where to Buy Cryptocurrencies from! It really helps in major way.
  3. Mining is one of the best ways that cryptocurrency enthusiasts have continued to earn digital currencies for years. The good news is that you can mine cryptocurrency from the comfort of your home with Simplermine and take off the stress associated with mining. Simplermine is a mining platform that offers easy-to-use mining technique for all levels of cryptocurrency miners: amateurs and experts. The cloud mining services offered by the platform gives cryptocurrency miners a better alternative to the traditional mining techniques. What are the features of this new and efficient mining platform? A couple of its outstanding features that contribute significantly to its overall performance include: 1. Super fast mining You don’t have to wait for days before you start mining on the platform. Invest in the platform and you can start mining some seconds after paying the regular mining charges. 2. Daily earnings While some mining platforms have a stipulated earning amount before you can have an access to your cryptocurrency, Simplermine makes instant withdrawal possible since you don’t have a threshold to meet before you are eligible for withdrawal. 3. Innovative mining technology You will have a feel of the latest mining technology while mining on this platform. The innovative technology ensures that you won’t lack the basic tools you need to maximize your mining opportunity. 4. Transparency Some mining platforms attract potential miners with their attractive mining fees but make up for the low mining fees with some hidden charges that will eventually hike up the fees. Simplermine is aware of the negative impact of hidden charges and doesn’t charge more than the charging fee that is made available on their website for all and sundry to see. These and many other compelling reasons underscore the benefit of cryptocurrency mining on Simplermine and why it is a wise move to consider mining on the platform. Great Return on Investment: If you want to earn more digital currencies, head over to Simplermine and mine your preferred digital coin with ease. You stand a good chance of earning up to 6.5% profit on Bitcoin mining daily. Simplermine does the mining work and relieves you of the stress of mining while you earn your profit from the comfort of your home. Only a few businesses can boast of such high return on investment. With Simplermine, you earn your profits on a daily basis and can even request for withdrawal of your earnings within 4 hours after they are earned. How to start mining on Simplermine: If you are convinced of the huge benefits offered by this platform, you may wish to join the platform and start mining digital currencies of your choice as soon as possible. However, to be eligible for this, there is a simple procedure to follow. Consider this: 1. Sign up This is obviously the first step. When you sign up, you are creating a personal account that will give you access to the tools and other mining resources on the platform. • When you click the “Sign Up” button at the right upper side of the main page, this sign up form will pop up: • Fill the form as accurate as possible. Click “Create Account” when you are through. • You will receive a message to visit your email for account verification. Do this without delay. • Click “Confirm Email Address” to authenticate your email address. • Click “Complete Registration” to complete your registration and have the opportunity to proceed with mining. 2. Save and use your Bitcoin wallet address After clicking this, you will be taken to your dashboard where you will be given a Bitcoin wallet address you are encouraged to save for future use. You can proceed with your mining after saving your Bitcoin wallet address and enjoy mining with the best mining platform: Simplermine. Visit for more!
  4. BUYYOM AIRDROP CAMPAIGN | ||| We allocated 50,000,000 BOM Tokens for this Airdrop campaign, which will be distributed WITHIN 12 to 36 hours to the participants! The Campaign has started from 1st December and will last till all 50,000,000 BOM Tokens are distributed! Every participant who successfully completes the requirements will be rewarded with upto 1000 ($10) BOM Tokens We will reward people according to the work they do. Each Step is paid for, so IF you do 1 step and leave other steps, you will be paid only that much. If you do few steps, you will be paid only for those step completed. So, the MAXIMUM you can gain is 1000 ($10) BOM Tokens, while the MINIMUM you can gain is 100 ($1) BOM Tokens. 1 BOM = 0.01 USD AIRDROP CAMPAIGN RULES 1. Every participant must sign-up at and make a comment about us on Bitcointalk forum: - 200 BOM Tokens ($2) 2. Follow, Like and Retweet our pinned tweet on our twitter account: and also follow our CEO's twitter account: - 200 BOM Tokens ($2) 3. Follow, Like and Share pinned post on our official Facebook page: - 150 BOM Tokens ($1.5) 4. Join and Comment on our official Telegram Group: - 150 BOM Tokens ($1.5) 5. Follow and Like the first post on our Instagram account: - 100 BOM Tokens ($1) 6. Follow, Like and Share post on our LinkedIn account: - 100 BOM Tokens ($1) 7. Join, Like and Share First post on our Google+ community: - 100 BOM Tokens ($1) Double check your ERC-20 address which you submit on the form at the website, this cannot be changed. Any application with improper information will be disqualified without notice (i.e. Multiple alts, scam and etc...) If you are disqualified for any reason, you will NOT receive any rewards. All rights reserved by Buyyom team, Team can make any changes to rules or terms and conditions, if applicable. You can contact us here on Bitcointalk for any kind of assistance. By signing up for this airdrop campaign, you're accepting these above terms HOW TO FILL THE AIRDROP FORM If any of the participants have confusion on How to join the Airdrop, we have created easy way for everyone to understand. With Screenshots available now for each of the step that you could get reward for. So, please check it and follow it to make participating on Airdrop easier! HOW TO PARTICIPATE REGISTRATION REFERRAL PROGRAM All participants can gain further by Referring others, through the Referral link available on your Buyyom Dashboard. On during the Airdrop and ICO Phases, we are offering referral bonus to everyone for every successful Airdrop signup and/or Token Purchase. With every user that joins through your referral link, we reward you with 100 BOM Tokens = 1$ per referral Plus the 50% bonus tokens for every purchase during the Airdrop phase for the users. Minimum buying limit is 20$ = 2000 token + 1000 Token 50% bonus + Upto 1000 Airdrop Bonus 50% Bonus available only for members who participates in Airdrop Campaign
  5. Hey guys, I just published this article about 17 Unbeatable Supplements for your healing your Leaky Gut forever, so wanted to share a short-and sweet version here. Leaky Gut is an uncomfortable problem that can cause extreme discomfort, stomach upset, and a host of associated and often severe health problems. It happens when the delicate lining of your intestines becomes too porous, allowing toxins and bacteria to enter your bloodstream and flood your system. The key to curing a leaky gut lies in restoring a healthy intestinal lining, which seals your gut and keeps those harmful toxins out. However, it can be difficult to know the best way to treat this uncomfortable problem, especially when prescription medication often makes things worse. In this post, we're going to show you how to heal leaky gut syndrome fast. Here you'll find 17 great all-natural supplements for leaky gut syndrome symptoms that will cure and repair your gut wall, without the need for prescription meds. Conclusion If a leaky gut is getting you down, by incorporating just one or two of the above-recommended supplements into your diet, you could soon start to see and feel a reduction in symptoms. As many of the supplements mentioned are relatively inexpensive, why not try combining three or four, if you want to see a dramatic improvement even faster? Remember the goal here is to improve overall gut health and intestinal function, so make sure you're also following a healthy diet, if you want to see the maximum benefits. Eliminate gluten, alcohol, and all processed foods, and reduce sugar and caffeine to a minimum, to really enhance the benefits of your new supplement regime. Don't forget the power of movement either, gentle exercise like yoga, stretching, pilates, and walking will all aid your body as your gut lining tries to repair itself. If you follow this advice and harness it in combination with one or more of the recommended leaky gut treatment supplements recommended in this plan, you will see a marked improvement in your energy and mood. You will also enjoy lower levels of inflammation and irritation, as a result of improved intestinal health. Now you know the supplements to heal your gut wall that your system requires, you can seal your leaky gut and suffer no longer. This treatment plan will empower you to get proactive and feed your body the substances it needs to replenish and repair itself, enabling you to cure your leaky gut syndrome forever. Continue reading about 17 Unbeatable Supplements
  6. BUYYOM AIRDROP ACTIVE || ||| BUYYOM EXCHANGE Our token Buyyom (BOM) is currently being developed as an ERC 20 token leveraging the Ethereum Network. We want to start initially as a centralized exchanged offering people some cutting-edge features which are integral in making the trading experience smoother and tracking the portfolio of your holdings much easier. Buyyom is built with service in mind. Buyyom shares support responsibilities across the entire staff and company. When a trader has a problem, they get an answer directly from someone who knows the system and more. Poor internationalization and language support BlockChains have no borders. Most exchanges focus only on one language or one country. Our international multi-lingual team has extensive working experience in North America, Europe and Asia, and we are able to smoothly support the global market. OUR FEATURES Buyyom’s matching engine can sustain an astounding volume of 1650000 orders/ second, making it one of the fastest independent exchanges in market today. We can assure you that our state of the art matching engine will ensure that your orders are executed when you want them to be. 1: COIN CONVERSION SYSTEM We will support currency conversion powered by shapeshift to help convert directly in our exchange without hefty extra fees. The user can directly convert the said currency into their desired supported currency and can have the withdrawal directly into their wallet saving in on the double fee and the long route to initial trading and then taking a withdrawal from exchange hitting with double fees. 2: BANKING: CREDIT: DEBIT: VISA: MASTER: ALL CARDS We plan to partner in future with credit and debit card providers to ensure that our customers can buy cryptocurrency as easy as an Amazon or eBay transaction. This means they can expect a saving on their every transaction, be it to purchase and withdraw this help decrease the friction and help in the liquidity of their funds. 3: STOP LOSS STOP PROFIT: PERCENTAGE SYSTEM We will make intuitive and easy stop loss and profit taking system that ensures that you are not left guessing how to place proper stop losses. This makes sure that the user can use the interface intuitively and can use percentage based values to update their stop loss or stop. 4: BALANCE:ALL TIME PORTFOLIO We will make it easy for our customers to track their portfolios as well as ROI while giving them a clear easy to understand interface. 5: BUY SELL: PEER TO PEER Exchange Peer to Peer exchange facilitated by our platform to ensure security. Users can create advertisements with the price and the payment method they want to offer. You can browse our Peer to Peer for local and offline trades’ advertisements and search for a payment method you prefer. We will act simply as an Escrow service being a mediator between two exchangers ensuring transparency and safer trades with minimum risk of fraud. 6: Buyyom Matching Engine Buyyom’s matching engine can sustain an astounding volume of 1650000 orders/ second, making it one of the fastest independent exchanges in the market today. We can assure you that our state of the art matching engine will ensure that your orders are executed when you want them to be. BUYYOM CONTRACT Distribution of BOM Tokens will take place within 12 to 36 hours of purchase or earned to the individuals. It is the shortest timeframe in the history of ICOs for Token distributions. BUYYOM TOKEN DISTRIBUTION You will be able to withdraw the purchased Buyyom Tokens on an ERC20 compatible Ethereum wallet set in the account settings BOM token distribution chart is as below: BUYYOM TOKEN DETAILS BOM Token will be launched as an ERC20 token. The initial Price of the Token would be 0.01 $ along with attractive Pre ICO discounts: AIRDROP AND ICO BONUSES ROADMAP THE TEAM CONNECT US HERE |||
  7. Are you looking to learn Cryptocurrency Mining and Investing online? Want to Learn How to Make Money with Bitcoin and Altcoins? Looking to know How to Mine? Want to understand what is Bitcoin? How Cloud Mining Pools, Software, Hardware, Wallets, and Mining Rigs work? Do you wish to have FREE Bitcoin Guidance, Tutorials, News and Books of Cryptocurrencies? Then everything is available here for you at BitBetBuddy, your true Buddy! Come Join us at, where Mining and Investing is made easy, simple and straightforward for you to understand in the friendliest tone ever with your Buddy - the Crypto Bit Bet Buddy, your OWN Coin guru, and mascot! Get more details from here:
  8. CURA NETWORK The Global Decentralized Health System AIRDROP|FACEBOOK|INSTAGRAM|MEDIUM|REDDIT|YOUTUBE|TWITTER Cura Network is a global decentralized health system comprising of entities collaborating and sharing data with each other to promote, restore or maintain health. Cura Network aims to improve the healthcare universe by making use of blockchain technology to create a unified platform that will power a plethora of health services. These entities are patients, specialists, providers, and third party app developers. Patients will have exclusive ownership of their health data distributed and shared by other permissions entities. Patients can authorize or deny access to part or all of their health records. Cura Network introduces a decentralized storage of health data via a platform that guarantees data interoperability, fast and secure access, privacy and data portability while serving as a partial or whole data layer for third party app developers to power their health service applications. Cura Network unites patients, specialists, researchers, insurance companies, developers and etc. into a large global community. OUR VISION Join us in the revolution to build a global decentralized health care system with a distributed blockchain that facilitates handling and sharing your data in a secure and explicit manner, having access to your records instantly. Your location is no longer a barrier to where and how you manage your health. Manage your health records seamlessly across institutions. What is Cura Network ? Cura Network is a global decentralized health system comprising of entities collaborating and sharing data with each other to promote, restore or maintain health We aim to improve the healthcare universe by making use of blockchain technology to create a unified platform that will power a plethora of health services. In the end, our goal is to integrate patients, specialists, providers and third-party app developers, into a blockchain ecosystem, which will make health transactions truly efficient, secure, explicit, fast and reliable OUR FEATURES CN CLIENT With our light-weight mobile application, you can manage everything. Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can participate in our global network. CHECK OUT OUR VIDEO WALKTHROUGH BELOW TOKEN SALE TOKEN METRICS OUR ROADMAP OUR TEAM With extensive experience in engineering, business development, and marketing, the persons behind Cura Network have one thing in common – a passion for improving healthcare. OUR ADVISORS FACEBOOK|INSTAGRAM|MEDIUM|REDDIT|YOUTUBE|TWITTER
  9. Going into Q4, we maintain our positive growth scenario, with emerging market equities expected to eventually rebound. Still, given the risk of further US tariffs and potential escalation, we add a defensive tilt to our sector preferences through healthcare. We continue to expect the cyclical IT, financials and energy sectors to outperform and keep a negative view on industrials and utilities. Regionally, we favor emerging markets over Eurozone equities and keep our preference for the defensive Swiss market. Jessie Gisiger Head of Credit and Equity Strategy World equity market performance continues to paint a benign picture of the economic environment, with the MSCI AC World delivering a total return of above 4% YTD (as of 05/09/2018). Still, performance among regions has been diverging strongly, with US stocks clearly in the lead, but Japan and, more recently, emerging markets (EMs) lagging. Assuming continued positive growth, the latter should eventually recover, which should offer upside potential for global equities in Q4 and the first half of 2019 in our view. Emerging markets, Switzerland still preferred While the potential for US tariff measures to trigger a full-blown trade war remains a credible risk, especially for EMs and Europe, progress on EU/US trade and NAFTA shows potential for improvement. We therefore prefer EMs over Europe in light of better valuations and as Chinese stimulus measures are likely to boost industrial activity. We maintain our positive stance on Swiss equities given their defensive nature. As the risk asymmetry from trade tariffs is likely to remain in place, we believe option structures that offer protection for downside risk as well as some upside participation are an interesting way to weather challenging market conditions. Healthcare: Room for positive EPS/sales growth revisions The global healthcare sector generates more than 50% of revenues in developed markets (mainly the USA). As such, it is likely to be more immune to a potential escalation of the trade dispute. The sector also has more pricing power, with the global population aged 65 and over continuing to grow (8.8% in 2017, according to the World Bank). Companies continue to achieve higher net prices along with increased volumes, leading to a positive revision in sales growth and EPS numbers. Moreover, the intense debate on US regulatory risk has not taken place. Technical factors also indicate that the sector offers potential for further outperformance. Our conviction is reinforced by the sustainable momentum of merger and acquisition activity in biotech. FIND OUT MORE IN
  10. In the ever-changing world, new options have emerged when it comes to investment and out of those, it is Cryptocurrencies that holds the greatest interest amongst the public, especially the Youth. With the rising demand, yet the challenging condition of Crypto, it often becomes hard for a beginner to find out how to start. However, with all that said, it still got to be done with so much scope in this everchanging industry. The obvious and simplest way to do it is via Trading! But that too comes with challenges of its own. So, to make the mission accomplished, there got to be some support needed for it. That is exactly what is going to be possible with Stealth Capital Holdings, Ltd. and their Stealth Capital Coin. Stealth Capital Holdings Ltd. is registered in Hong Kong and was incorporated 23rd of April 2013, with Incorporation No. 1899377. Stealth Capital Holdings Ltd. is the owner of the Stealth Exchange ( and makes investments in Bonds, Properties and Crypto. The Stealth Capital Coin can be used as partial payment for issuing and listing new Tokens on the Stealth Exchange. Stealth Capital Holdings is an investment opportunity like never before, with bringing the BEST options together under one roof, which ensures continues growth for everyone involved! It optimizes the Investments in Bonds and Properties with great carefulness to risk vs. return and at that security with the volatile and very interesting Crypto. With structured analysis, the Company believes itself to be very efficient in identifying investment opportunities with the necessary characteristics to be a good Investment Asset. Stealth Capital Holdings Ltd. Is a UNIQUE creation with having both the shares and the coin called Stealth Capital Coin! The shares hold the full voting rights and half of the right to dividends, while the Stealth Capital Coin has the right to half of the dividends. The creation of the Stealth Exchange is to offer the most attractive, worthy, efficient yet simple secondary and decentralized Crypto Exchange for upcoming Cryptocurrencies. The Stealth Capital Coin is issued in the Ethereum network as an ERC-20 Coin with the total supply of 1,000,000,000. The whole purpose runs around to be used for payments to Stealth Capital for listing an ERC-20 Coin on the Stealth Exchange and Holders getting part of the dividends from the Stealth Capital, namely 50% of the dividends (divided equally among the 1,000,000,000 coin holders). And Stealth Capital can even include the service of issuance of an ERC-20 Coin and with setting up marketing to attract investors/contributors. So the Stealth Capital Coin is not only a good investment – it can also get coin holders to become part of this exiting crypto world with their own listed coin. With such extraordinary stage set, it is easily the most valuable option out there right now when it comes to investment. Come to join Stealth Capital Holding’s to become part of the Investment Strategy that involves investment in Crypto, Bonds and Properties, ensuring stable growth – and get your own Coin issued and listed on the Stealth Exchange, and become part of the exiting Crypto World! Get further details below: Website: Exchange to Purchase: Coin Exchange: Contact to getting listed: [email protected]
  11. Cryptocurrency trading has become a pretty loved way of people across the globe and has turned into the go-to ways to make money for people, especially the Beginners. With the market reaching a new destination with each coming days, it is time to trade the tools and ways, which are specifically created and designed for it. And therefore, inviting you to the world of class, the world of excitement and the thrills, welcoming you to the world of “RAISEX” Exchange. Raisex is a registered and licensed company, based upon Cryptocurrency trading exchange platform, founded in 2017. Raisex is a platform built with the vision to get the BEST use of the Blockchain technology to allow people to trade Cryptos easily, confidently and securely. With eliminating the barriers in transactions, increasing the efficiency of it across the globe, it is meant to bring a smile to the faces of traders! Raisex is built with keeping the present challenges in mind, and security as the HIGHEST priority, it gives a SAFE, RELIABLE and STABLE environment for digital assets trading. It is a type of creation, which is not just meant to benefit traders but also people who are the owners of Coins and are struggling to get their coin listed on worthy exchanges. Now with Raisex, it is an EASY opportunity to get listed with minimum fees and maximum ease! It is meant to open EASY route for everyone, to make Crypto world a BETTER place. And that’s not stopping here, with Raisex next step running around integrating a multi-currency debit card, for an easier and complete experience and mining pool free fee for coins support! With joining Raisex now, one is able to get 10000 (10k) Satoshi BTC to buy listed coins and to be able to do that, it’s just all very simple! All you require to do is to follow up the Twitter profile, re-tweet this and register on Raisex website. Then comment on that Twitter post with the username you used for registration on Raisex website, and there you go to be allotted with 10000 (10k) Satoshi BTC to buy listed coins! So, come be part of this marvelous creation that’s meant to make everyone’s life easier, comfortable and enjoyable! Get further details below: Official Website: Social Media link: Twitter: Contact Detail: [email protected]
  12. Trading on Cryptocurrency has become a highly beneficial thing, and has taken a major space in people live, especially for Millennial. So, with such an increase in demand and popularity, why not have the best most cutting edge trading platform to trade through? Introducing to you one such extra-ordinary creation called XERA! XERA is built like an exchange seen NEVER BEFORE. It comes from a team that’s not just experienced in terms of work, but it also is capable and skillful enough to provide with something that’s going to become a role model for upcoming Exchanges! So what exactly makes XERA so different and one that is NEVER BEFORE like? XERA is a UNIQUE and Fully integrated Cryptocurrency trading Exchange with its OWN Token! Whereas the majority of the Crypto exchange available are similar and almost built keeping the previous BEST in mind, here XERA is a FRESH and UNIQUE concept, which is not the NEXT version of some other Exchange in the market, it is THE Original Version of itself! XERA Exchange isn’t overnight development, it is something that is done after a lot of research and in planning, and with that many noticeable projects are ALREADY finalized for the listing, along with the Exchange launch itself! And that includes DGB, IOTA, NEM, POWER, OMG, DASH, TRON, LISK, and many more coming up! XERA exchange platform is built upon concept not just to be different, but to be POWERFUL, SECURE, SAFER and SIMPLER to use. With features that are truly revolutionary, it includes the highest level of security system available, with fastest engines to allow supper low latency and that can be verified with the “ALPHA TESTING” section. With 10% share from profits generated by trading fees dedicated and put into the reserve liquidity pool, which to ensure that liquidity remains HEALTHY in any market situation. Also, one is able to make multiple orders, as XERA supports a plethora of order types including OCO (one cancels other), Limit, Market, Stop, Stop-Limit, Trailing Stop, Fill or Kill, and Scaled. One can also do auto-trading through the XERA platform and much more! Is XERA only offering all such features? And what other stuff XERA exactly got? It is the question majority ask when any exchanges they come across, as most people tend to just do time pass, as they are unlikely to move from their present exchange, but that’s because most exchanges they come up with is pretty much a delicate of what they ALREADY are using. With XERA, it is a piece that’s ORIGINAL and to confirm that is the comparison below, which shows where XERA stands in comparison to others in the field! XERA is not just about that, with XERA there is so much for one to be at winning with and that due to its OWN Tokenization. The XERA token is developed on the ERC20 standard and is going to follow the Ethereum platform. With XERA Token, it will be used for traders to reduce their trading fees, and through the token buyback monetary policy, it will continue to generate additional value for their cryptocurrency portfolio. The token will be the native currency for XERA and will be priced at $0.50 per token. But that’s not just that, as with XERA, there comes 90 seconds onboarding system, over 1 billion people can be verified instantly, liveness detection, which to ensure all signups are HUMAN and much more, which makes it truly irresistible creation! So, come and be part of this exciting, thrilling and most importantly, path-breaking opportunity with the SALE STAGE 1 active from 5th November, it runs till 15th with having 20% Bonus, so come and be part of this memorable experience. And it's ALREADY getting appreciation from every corner of the world! With some of the biggest checkers/rankers like ICOBench, ICOExpert, ICOHolder, ICOMarks and several others rating it amongst the VERY BEST! Which further makes it an opportunity like NEVER BEFORE! Get further info below: Official Website: - Official ANN Thread: - Whitepaper/Pitch Deck: - - Social Media Link: - GitHub: - Telegram: - Facebook: - Twitter: - LinkedIn: - Medium: - YouTube:
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  14. If you are an active player in the cryptocurrency community, you probably have come across different cryptocurrency platforms that are created to offer the needed assistance to the community. These platforms play different roles that may include: • Sensitizing the community to the blockchain system. • Offering the stakeholders practical tips to maximize the blockchain technology. • Assisting individuals within the community to invest in digital currencies. • Teach them how to conduct transactions with digital currencies. • Assist them to raise funds through Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). However, there is a cryptocurrency platform that offers these and many more. The platform promises to be the best in the industry. Welcome to ChainCreator, the ultimate platform for all your cryptocurrency-related issues. What is ChainCreator? ChainCreator is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers to give newbies the assistance they need to succeed as cryptocurrency investors. By combining an impressive collection of tools with an experienced team of experts, ChainCreator will offer you whatever you need to make your cryptocurrency dreams come true. What does ChainCreator offer? ChainCreator goes out of its way to create an environment that is conducive to getting the best out of the cryptocurrency industry and blockchain technology. In order to understand why ChainCreator claims to be your one-stop platform for all cryptocurrency-related issues, let me briefly itemize what the platform offers. 1. It allows you to launch your ICO Have you ever been contemplating creating and launching a cryptocurrency and raise money by launching its ICO but don’t have an idea of how to go about it? If yes, rest assured that ChainCreator will give you all the tools and assistance you need to create digital currency and fund it by launching the ICO. That will take the stress off your shoulders while you gradually build your own ICO and get more people to support your dream. 2. Safe crowdfunding There are tons of platforms that offer to assist cryptocurrency investors to raise ICO crowdfunding. However, ChainCreator stands out from the pack. With this platform, you can conduct safe crowdfunding for your ICO without running the risk of being defrauded. It conducts its ICO crowdfunding through an escrow to eliminate the tendency of being robbed of your money. This will guarantee that you are fully protected against fraud and thus assure your project’s success and credibility. 3. List your token on the ChainCreator exchange Listing your token on a credible exchange is a necessity for its growth and success. It gives the token the exposure it needs to reach as many potential investors as possible and create the right awareness about its potentials. ChainCreator is the most secure cryptocurrency exchange where you can list your token without the fear of failure. Since you need a credible exchange to increase your token’s chances of success in the cryptocurrency market, this exchange has all the necessary tools to give your token what it really needs: the right exposure. 4. It connects you with the cryptocurrency community The platform will connect you to the best cryptocurrency community where you can meet other cryptocurrency enthusiasts and share great ideas. The community is made up of teams and experts in the digital world who have years of experience in the cryptocurrency world and are ready to use their knowledge and experience to assist newbies to find their footing in the industry. You will find their wealth of experience a reliable guide to keep you in line while creating a name for yourself in the digital world. If you have a cryptocurrency idea or project, the community is where you can find the support and resources you can leverage to start your Blockchain project on a good note. 5. It assists you to raise ICO funds Sometimes, you may have a blockchain project but don’t have sufficient fund to see it through. That can be quite challenging. ChainCreator won’t only assist you with members that you can share ideas with, it will also help you to raise ICO funding for your project so that you won’t be denied the opportunity to see your project come through due to financial constraints. Through its promotion, many investors who are convinced of your proposed cryptocurrency project will invest in your token and assist you to raise the fund needed for the project. 6. Up-to-date cryptocurrency news As a cryptocurrency investor, it is imperative that you don’t keep yourself in the dark about events in the community. To keep you abreast of happenings in the crypto world, ChainCreator has a section dedicated to cryptocurrency news. The section runs articles, events, news, meetups, research, and other related components that will boost your chances of succeeding in the digital currency world. 7. Convenience of use It will be quite counterproductive and frustrating if you can’t easily find your way around the ChainCreator exchange and make the best use of its offers. This brings to the forefront one of ChainCreator’s best attributes: convenience of use. The website boasts of an attractive user interface, easy-to-navigate menu, and other features that are designed to give potential users a platform that won’t compound their problems but alleviate them. 8. White Label Exchange Another distinction between ChainCreator and other platform is its White Label Exchange. This exchange offers you the opportunity to run a personal crypto exchange if you wish. As a cryptocurrency exchange owner, you will be at the forefront of the cryptocurrency revolution while you trade with your token or ICO’s coin. This will substantially increase your project’s credibility, attract more users to your coin, and be able to achieve an impressive market cap valuation for your coin. You also stand the chance of earning reasonable trading fees whenever a transaction is completed on your exchange. If you have set up issues, ChainCreator is on hand to assist you with the setup and smooth running of your crypto exchange. As a powerful feature of the ChainCreator platform, the White Label offers the following: • You can determine your price structure. • You can set up a passive income system. • A fully secured platform hosting. • You can trade in an impressive number of pairs of currency trading. • Secure vault technology. • Advanced API to assist your traders. . • An affiliate system, in-built. • State-of-the-art and impressive exchange. • You can offer your traders free airdrops. • Trading pairs in Euros and Dollars. • Insurance against first theft. These are some of the benefits you can reap from using this platform for your cryptocurrency-related projects. You can also find effective solutions to your problems and get over them easily.
  15. Stakes And How This Program Works: This bounty program will be based on stakes. Each task will reward users with a predetermined amount of stakes after completion of the task. At the end of the bounty program, the percentage of stakes you hold against the total number of stakes we give out is the same percentage of the total amount of tokens being given out. For example, Chelle Coin commits 240,000 tokens to the bounty program. You earn 5 stakes during the program with a total of 50 stakes given out to everyone. You have 10% of total stakes, so you will receive 10% of total committed tokens or 24,000 tokens. Master Spreadsheet Bounty Distribution: 0.6% of the total ICO supply will be reserved for this Bounty Program 1:Twitter: 10% 2:Facebook: 15% 3:YouTube: 15% 4:Reddit: 20% 5:Telegram: 15% 6:Blogging: 25% General Rules: No spamming and no multi-accounts We reserve the right to remove anyone from the campaign at any point if we feel that the person is abusing accounts or spamming Every participant must join our Telegram channel, Subreddit, and comment on our Bitcointalk thread If you are disqualified for any reason, you will NOT receive any bounty rewards. No mention of the bounty program in campaign posts All rights reserved by Chelle coin team, Team can make any changes to rules or terms and conditions, if applicable. By signing up for the bounty, you're accepting all the terms Sign up via this Form link Twitter Rewards: <1,000 followers: 1 stake/retweet | 4 stakes/tweet 1,001 - 2,500 followers: 2 stakes/retweet | 8 stakes/tweet 2,501 - 5,000 followers: 4 stakes/retweet | 12 stakes/tweet 5,001 - 10,000 followers: 8 stakes/retweet | 16 stakes/tweet 10,000+ followers: 10 stakes/retweet | 25 stakes/tweet Twitter Rules: Follow our Twitter account 7 max tweets per week 1 tweet per day All tweets must include #ChelleCoin #ChelleCoinICO Accounts must be older than 6 months old Accounts must be active before the start of bounty No deleting posts for the duration of bounty Post in this thread a report of activities by Sunday 23:59 EST Sign up via this Form link Facebook Rewards: <1,000 friends: 1 stake/repost | 4 stakes/post 1,001 - 2,500 friends: 2 stakes/repost | 8 stakes/post 2,501 - 5,000 friends: 4 stakes/repost | 12 stakes/post 5,001 - 10,000 friends: 8 stakes/repost | 16 stakes/post 10,000+ friends: 10 stakes/repost | 25 stakes/post Facebook Rules: Follow our Facebook page 7 max posts per week 1 post per day Accounts must be older than 6 months old Accounts must be active before the start of bounty No deleting posts for the duration of bounty Post in this thread a report of activities by Sunday 23:59 EDT YouTube Rewards: Highest quality: 100 stakes High quality: 70 Medium quality: 50 Low quality: 15 YouTube Rules: Videos must be at least 1 minute long All videos must be relevant to Chelle Coin All videos must be in English Include links to Chelle Coin’s social channels in the video description Highest quality videos include higher production value, creative production, contain a lot of information, and high subscriber count Accounts must be older than 6 months old Accounts must be active before the start of bounty No deleting posts for the duration of bounty Quality levels are subjective and we have the right to not accept any videos we deem below low quality level Post in this thread a report of activities by Sunday 23:59 EDT Reddit Rewards: Comment referencing Chelle Coin: 1 stake/comment Comment referencing Chelle Coin with a link to project: 3 stakes/comment New topic started in another subreddit discussing Chelle Coin: 5 stakes/topic Reddit Rules: All comments must be relevant to Chelle Coin Accounts must be older than 6 months old Accounts must be active before the start of bounty No deleting posts for the duration of bounty Post in this thread a report of activities by Sunday 23:59 EDT Telegram Rewards: 5 stakes per week for consistent engagement 20 stakes for adding our logo as your avatar 20 stakes for adding “Cryptocurrency Meets Real Estate -” to your bio Telegram Rules: Consistent engagement is at least 3 comments, questions, or any other posts in the channel No discussing bounty program Accounts must be older than 6 months old Accounts must be active before the start of bounty No deleting posts for the duration of bounty Post in this thread a report of activities by Sunday 23:59 EDT Blogging Rewards: Highest quality: 100 stakes High quality: 70 Medium quality: 50 Low quality: 15 Blogging Rules: All posts must be relevant to Chelle Coin Must be original Must be public for everyone to see Posts must be at least 750 words long Include links to [project name]’s social channels in the post Highest quality posts include intelligent write ups, longer posts, and high subscriber count Accounts must be older than 6 months old Accounts must be active before the start of bounty No deleting posts for the duration of bounty Quality levels are subjective and we have the right to not accept any videos we deem below low quality level Post in this thread a report of activities by Sunday 23:59 EDT