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  1. It shouldn’t be just about beginners but everyone. I believe the industry like this works entirely on those people who are willing to learn and willing to make sensible choices. If we do that then not much else is required to be known or worried about. I love options like Inlock, which is really transforming the industry in a way that’s rarely though. With features that helps with fiat loan by bitcoin or cryptocurrencies, it is a true game changer in every sense of imagination!
  2. Blockkonnect is the world’s first blockchain technology and social network platform connecting crypto related people and uniting them under one roof. Blockkonnect is the first ultimate solution ever which provides you with tons of features you ever wanted on a single platform. You'll find people with similar interests as yours, as blockchain technology and cryptocurrency It is an innovative cryptocurrency operating on the blockchain technology with the vision to provide a knowledge sharing option related to blockchain and other tech related information. Blockkonnect also serves as a gateway for companies looking to get into the blockchain space. With so much of the global community being constantly connected to social media, delivering news alerts on social media channels. News outlets can share breaking stories, alerts and other important bits of news instantly with their followers. So, will Blockkonnect connect everyone to the fascinating world of blockchain. NOTE: Get Free 250XBT tokens as Bounty rewards just by completing small task. Members who comments and discuss on website will get reward in token which will be bought from exchange by us from advertising revenue and these all term will lead the tokens price be maintained and almost high continuously. HOW DOES IT WORKS OUR AIM ✳️To provide a better and fresh platform to discuss blockchain related contents, share ideas about cryptocurrencies. ✳️Provide earning source to posters who post and comments their ideas on forum. ✳️All blockchain Related companies will be listed here, hence everyone can get a knowledge about what's going on over the world in blockchain network and politics. ✳️Promoting solution for corporate and individual to promote theirs contains by using XBT tokens ✳️Option for requesting anything like question-answer, photography, music, any other stuff. OUR SPECIALITY We provide you a Social Platform which Connects, Fuels and Rewards Users. An ecosystem that is designed to make online discussion platform easy, seamless and rewarding to both business Owners and Users. It gives an opportunity to Blockchain and cryptocurrency lovers to connect and discuss each other and answer each other's questions. Connecting Blockchain and Crypto Market Lovers Usually crypto lovers used to post Contents, Signals, News, etc., in different social media platforms. Hence Blockkonnect provides all these features in a single platform. Tip Anyone Blockkonnect is the only platform till date where members can tip each other on good posts and keep themselves motivated. Make Follower and Money Blockkonnect forums also provides bounty programs for top followers, users who post contents etc., Users can keep posting in forums to increase your followers and earn. More the followers you have more chances of earning. Follow Blockchain Related Companies Blockkonnect provides platform of forums where Blockchain related companies, Cryptocurrency related companies, Crypto developers, they can create their profiles here and users can follow them and see all the updates and post from those profile, users can provide solutions and also tip Blockkonnect token each other as a reward. Tech News Portal Blockkonnect platforms provide users, news portals where they get the information updates related to crypto and blockchain technology. Even users can make a profile and share news related to crypto and blockchain. BLOCKKONNECT INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING 1: Blockkonnect is a blockchain and crypto currency social network and forum. 2: Blockkonnect enables very fast microtransactions and trading. 3: Blockkonnect relies on the blockchain technology. 4: It has a single-minded community and development team behind it. 5: Blockkonnect is capable of rewarding content creators who create original content. WE WILL CHANGE THE REVOLUTION ICO RATE SUMMARY & TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION TOKEN & FUNDS ALLOCATION TOKEN SPECIFICATIONS Token Type - ERC20 Contract Address - 0x8912ec366e379d6dbb72d2b50a3297adb7b7f171 Name - Blockkonnect (XBT) Total Supply - 200,000,000 ICO Selling Price - 0.015$ Target Price - 1$ (Estimated) WATCH VIDEOS OUR TEAM The Blockkonnect team is made up of knowledgeable experts who are passionate about bringing local businesses the attention they need on a social platform that rewards users for engagement.
  3. You should NEVER analysis like that, as it is just one part which is NEVER enough. If anyone is serious about becoming successful in this giant world of Crypto, then you MUST plan yourself right around analyzing. I do pretty much that and it helps tremendously to follow up site like AsiaCryptoToday, which is arguably the FINEST site out there and got very cool setup which makes one feel absolutely at home!
  4. There is some SERIOUS trap now with the Bitcoin EFT decision of postpone for 45 days. I think we are UNLIKELY to see turn around anytime soon. At least, I believe it is not going to move anytime soon at all and it is crucial for people to understand. Although, I am sure that the market is going to rise up from this very soon but you need to understand that keeping up with such news is not optional but absolutely MUST.
  5. Well, I have ALREADY joined this up since it’s pretty cool in every way and got almost everything you ask for. I hate ones which offer a HUGE percentage and are almost certain to bring losses. But thankfully this one is different!
  6. Biotor Biomass 2.0 WEBSITE | TELEGRAM | FACEBOOK | WHITEPAPER | MEDIUM | YOUTUBE Biotor decentralizes biomass and makes biomass 2.0 transparent for the future. Biotor-pellets BV was founded in 2013 by Mr A.T. Maneschijn with the aim of producing wood pellets. During the research into the traditional wood pellet industry, I discovered that the supply, the raw materials for wood pellets, were increasingly inexpensive to obtain; more and more companies were fishing in the same pond. For wood pellets, sawdust and curls from trees are used, preferably without the bark. This pure raw material is becoming less and less available due to the ever-increasing increase in wood pellet fire stoves. After years of in-house research, the time has now come to set up the first Biotor biomass pellet plant 2.0 and to scale up the latest pilot developments to a production unit of 2 tons per hour. To protect our intellectual property, Biotor has chosen to market these through franchise and the issuance of licenses, and to record the intellectual property on the block chain. Buy BBT tokens Do you already have a wallet? Send ETH directly to our contract address Copy the address 0x48a714DE00E585537F9FfEc6085850099517674e Do not use Exchange wallet addresses to prevent losing BBT tokens. We recommend that you only use a MyEtherWallet or MetaMask Torrefaction is a new technique where biomass is basically roasted. This is best compared with roasting coffee beans. All harmful gases present are extracted from the biomass, resulting in a much cleaner and higher-quality end product. Because of this new technology, biomass that was not suitable for use in a power plant or pellet stove can now be used. Biotor has done research for several years and has removed the teething problems from the existing systems. After the construction of several pilot installations, a system has been obtained which is unprecedented. Practically all types of biomass that are provided with carbon can now be processed into a high-quality energy carrier in the form of pellets, briquettes or coal, which have a much higher energy value. Biotor Technology The pillar under the entire concept is the torrefaction installation developed by Biotor. Normally, only wood pellets can be burned in a pellet stove or coal-fired power station, because other types of biomass have too little calorific value or have too high a humidity level. By thermally changing the biomass, it becomes homogeneous and hydrophobic and can easily be processed into pellets or briquettes after the production process. Biotor Pellets The difference between biomass pellets and traditional wood pellets lies mainly in the fact that the biomass raw material is first thermally treated at a temperature of around 300 degrees. This changes the composition of the biomass into a homogeneous and brittle product. The combustible gas that is released during this processing is used to maintain the process. Biotor Biomass Trading Biotor wants to launch a biomass platform, with the aim of bringing supply and demand of biomass residual streams closer together. On the one hand, individuals / companies will possibly pay a small amount for good biomass and on the other hand, after having made biomass pellets, these will be offered on the platform. Biotor Franchise Biotor wants to work with franchisees who have the right to each develop their own region. Agreements are made for this with respect to fees, region, quality, cost of sales price and licenses. This franchise business form allows Biotor to grow and develop rapidly and to take the market directly in this new niche environment. TOKEN DISTRIBUTION ROADMAP TEAM PARTNERS Please feel free to contact us for your queries here: [email protected]
  7. I seriously don’t worry about indicators or things as such. I believe more to do with fundamental part and by following it up, I give myself BETTER chance. I mostly focus on stories that have most interest, as that is what is likely to be the BEST way to follow. In recent events, it’s pretty much Bitmain all over with their 50 Million RMB investment with ASCH, so that’s the kind of news you MUST keep track on to ensure right decisions are made.
  8. This could be really MAJOR news but it’s hard to say if this will really happen. I feel there is still long way before Coinbase adds another. I see it not happening, but it is right to say that pressure is building on Coinbase with ever increasing demands. We recently heard what Binance founder, Zhao Changpeng said, so there is a lot that’s happening around in the landscape of Crypto, it is all that got to be followed VERY VERY carefully or else it could be seriously hard to handle.
  9. Wondering how the Bitcademy ICO will be distributed? Wonder no longer, this post has got you covered. Bitcademy is a multidimensional platform that leverages on the blockchain technology to empower potential footballers that seek to become professional footballers. Bitcademy intends to allocate 50% to the public ICO, 15% to its team, and 10% to its advisors. Other important areas that will get allocation are contingency – 14%, Bounty – 8%, as well as Airdrop – 3%.
  10. I think every Crypto investment is equal to me, but it all is about how we do it. If we do it in the PROPER way by keeping our mind and focus on the news then we could race through well. I don’t keep eye on every news, but just top ones like recently the BitGo – Korea’s First Crypto legislation cutting Crypto fees, so all this and more exciting news is what we need to cover to benefit from.
  11. There is a lot that you need to watch, as so much is happening in the industry and we MUST keep track of everything to be able to do well. I keep track of all, especially whatever is happening in Chinese Region. If you keep China on hand, then you could really make things easy and have you on with making decisions entirely easy and straightforward with everything and gives you more confidence with things.
  12. GET YOUR GAME ON! Digital Collectibles Powered By Blockchain WEBSITE | WHITEPAPER | ONE-PAGER |TELEGRAM |FACEBOOK| YOUTUBE | AIRDROP Gamedex is a platform and ecosystem for digital collectible cards (like Pokemon and baseball cards, but digital) and the games they can be used in. The rich platform and ecosystem we are building is analogous to Steam, but for digital collectible card games. On our platform, cards can be issued, purchased, and traded, as well as used in exciting multiplayer games. Gamedex tokens (ticker: GDX) can be won and lost in games which support gambling. THE BLOCKCHAIN DIFFERENCE True Ownership With Blockchain, you truly own your digital assets. Other digital assets are merely an entry in someone else’s database. If you get banned, or the company shuts down, you’ve lost everything. True Scarcity Gamedex’s Limited Edition collectibles are truly limited, and you don’t need to take our word for it. Thanks to blockchain technology, an asset’s issuer can’t simply create more. Trustless Authenticity Counterfeiting digital assets is impossible. Everyone can trustlessly verify for themselves whether or not an asset is genuine. THE GAMEDEX ADVANTAGE GDX TOKEN The Gamedex token (ticker: GDX) is a utility token. The GDX token follows the ERC223 standard (an improved version of ERC20) and runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Its utility is derived from its numerous uses: • GDX is used to buy, sell, and trade digital collectibles on the Gamedex platform. • GDX is used to buy pay-to-play games on the Gamedex platform. • GDX tokens can be used in some games. • GDX token holders gain governance rights, including voting on which projects should receive grants and whether milestone payments should be released. • GDX token holders pay lower fees on the Gamedex exchange, to the extent that they hold GDX. GAME TEAM JOIN US TODAY WEBSITE | WHITEPAPER | ONE-PAGER |TELEGRAM |FACEBOOK| YOUTUBE | AIRDROP
  13. Cryptocurrency has become the popular option for investment in the online world, especially for youngsters. And, exchanges are one OBVIOUS way through it. However, mostly the cost is HIGH and the system is outdated, which makes life difficult for the majority. With most of the traditional ways of failing badly or have not convenient enough for the common man! Here we are to introduce to you something that’s going to solve multiple problems. Introducing POWH3D – The beginning of the NEW world! POWH3D is a UNIQUE Cryptocurrency Exchange, which allows one to trade Ethereum for P3D Tokens. P3D tokens are tokens with a clever twist, which is to give every P3D Holder direct earnings in Ethereum, every time someone buys, sells or transfers the token based on the amount of the tokens (in %out of total amount minted) held. Every trade, buy or sell has a 10% flat transaction fee applied. But instead of this going to the exchange, the fee is split between ALL token holders! With 10% of the volume traded in this is set aside for the Token holders, which is given as Ethereum, it is withdrawn instantly whenever one desires! So, as soon as you get hold of P3D Tokens, you start accumulating “FREE” Ethereum, distributed to holders on EVERY transaction based on the amount of P3D one got on the exchange. And it works in incredibly simple and straight forward way, which goes like this: 1. Buy Tokens. Buy P3D tokens, and 10% of your transaction is used to pay earnings to other users. 2. Accumulate Earnings. Accumulate Ethereum earnings as other users buy, sell, or transfer P3D. 3. Reinvest or Withdraw. Reinvest or withdraw your Ethereum earnings as they accumulate. 4. Sell Tokens or Don't! Sell your tokens at any time to receive Ethereum back from the exchange. 5. Share your Masternode. If you buy enough tokens for a masternode, share your masternode link to get bonus earnings! 6. Have Fun! Have fun watching as your earnings and coin value fluctuate over time! The thing that makes POWH3D further special is the structure, which is powered by an open-source Ethereum Smart Contract, which ensures complete transparency, security, and trust! You can get further details from here: Official Website: - https://powh.io Social Media Links: - Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/PoWH3D/ - Twitter: https://twitter.com/PoWH3D - Discord: https://discordapp.com/channels/408499477901475840/408502523574484994
  14. I am sure it might mean a lot for individuals who might have invested on this, but overall this thing does not concern too many people. I believe we need to be sharp and making sure that we have our ENTIRE focus on news and updates, IF we do that then only we will be able to achieve rewards. I don’t go anywhere but only on CryptoNewsTrends, as it is the perfect place to keep watch on all the news. Plus there are features like trending stories, so that makes working much for any Cryptocurrency trader.