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  1. you have a coin in your briefcase?
  2. The potential of "head and shoulders" processing is present, but the trend is local descending - we can go into the strait and it is now manifesting itself.
  3. Over the past days, bitcoin failed to regain its positions and its price continued to fall, although its dominance index for the first time this year exceeded the 50% mark. What to do next?
  4. How many people are asking you about Bitcoin now?Or how often did you hear about the blockchain on the street or wherever you hear itI believe that this is all a matter of time and the crypto is a cart that is long packed but quickly rides
  5. When there is growth, I wait for good news. At first to accept ETF's and break the ice for new coins through the Coinbase
  6. Will the blockchain help Ukraine to have a better situation?
  7. SEC

    SEC, again SEC - tired of pulling the blanket on themselves all the time ...The price made a false breakthrough on growth and then having formed a double peak on BTC chart and was brought down due to the revival of ETF.