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  1. add our coin for staking in pool and dose it need minimum coin to stake in pooljust send your coin from ur wallet to LABHssp pool address ,after that immediately confirm ur deposite through deposite bot u will get confirm from in LABH discord sever in bot-command secction
  2. Stop sell for a low price! We need to ressurect LABH coin! We will do this by selling at high price. Let's think and reflect. If we continue to sell at low prices, it will die.
  3. Obviously, The Price Determines only the on supply and demand of the coin for example if there is a demand for LABH coins, the price increases and when demand falls, Respectively the price also falls..
  4. LABH is a primarily Proof of Stake (PoS) coin that uses the Scypt algorithm, with a high fixed annual percentage rate of returns (APR) in the PoS system for LABH and superblocks at fixed intervals.Anyone can take advantage of this high return investment platform!
  5. PoS allows you to mint new coins for having coins in your wallet, getting rewarded for being part of the LabH blockchain network.With PoS you don't have to deal with the high operating costs and issues commonly faced with PoW systems (Miners).
  6. Let's give the LABH coin team a chance to prove themselves that they have a good project. Also, give chance to LABH coin a chance to prove herself that is, blogger, etc but also she can be good in block chain and crypto currency. This project is not about LABH itself, but the service that they can create with the support of many investors and people....