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  1. Nice to watch some Asian football. Saudi lost to Qatar 0:2 Both teams advanced and will play Japan and Iraq respectively Round of 16 starting on Sunday! Great crowd, great atmosphere
  2. Great article published by FourFourTwo … We have an answer to the issue! We bring fans and players together. In Bitcademy you can directly create your future star!
  3. Transparency matters! In Bitcademy , we strive to be as open as possible Our contract was verified by an independent auditor and the whole team went through the KYC process. More info: #football #blockchain #ICO #STO #DLT #btc #altcoin #crypto
  4. Check our new tweet Always [email protected] and Keepers Foundation organized goalkeeper workshop for aspiring stars! Poland is famous for good goalkeepers Bitcademy explores new ways to create future star:
  5. Check our new Medium article on how you can track the performance of football players with Bitcademy Tech & AI …
  6. Join our bounty campaign for longer!! New Year, new opportunities. We are extending our bounty! You have extra weeks to subscribe and get the tokens. Join our revolution and sign up!
  7. Happy New Year! It was an exciting year for our project: extensive travelling, prototyping and networking. Finally, we went through a successful private round and so far collected 40K supporters on all social media. Thank you!
  8. In the coming hours, we plan short site maintenance Preparing to ICO, we are moving our services to faster, more secure & reliable provider. Tomorrow should be back!
  9. Bitcademy's smart contract has been verified by independent auditor. CallistoNet wrote a positive review and soon we will deploy it on the test. You can see our library on GitHub: Visit this link for audit report:
  10. Bounty campaign continues... You can spread the message and get tokens. Join our bounty on: and be a part of the revolution! Together we can change football forever
  11. Good morning Nairobi! Our CEO is discussing #football opportunities with FA. Bitcademy travels extensively all over Africa & Asia to prepare our business for a smooth start.
  12. We decided to move pre-ICO date. The main reasons: we're still looking at STO option for max security & market condition is unfavourable.We will extend bounty & consider the second airdrop. Stay tuned. We will confirm the new date soon...
  13. It's Human Rights Day Let's see how blockchain & football can help out: elevate local communities, sponsor kids, help to achieve their dreams We know how to do it best ⚽👉 Join our revolution today!
  14. Our bounty is open If you're willing to participate you're very welcome to sign up on our site Go to and follow the bounty instructions. In the meantime, please see our revenue streams and why we think our project will be a breakthrough.