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    At present, HORAE has cooperated with two fund institutions to launch three DAP products: RCAP, CCC and SOPR: 1. Ragnarok Crypto Asset Portfolio (RCAP) ## Calculated by day ## 30-day profit: 10% - 15% ## After 30 days, the principal and interest are returned together 2, Crush Crypto Core (CCC) ## Calculated by day ## Monthly profit: 15% - 35% ## Interest can be extracted every day, the principal lock cycle is 200 days 3. Solidum Prime (SOPR) ## Calculating by week ## Monthly profit: 20% - 40% ## Interest can be withdrawn every week, the principal lock cycle is 30 weeks
  2. hyip

    ple see https://www.horae.me/Register/index/S/56a1utq8
  3. In the new era of value Internet, “blockchain” technology is bringing an incalculable impact on people’s lives. HORAE’s dream is to use the “blockchain” as the technical foundation to support the construction of the community of human destiny as the supreme mission, and to build a “everyone’s era” that benefits hundreds of millions of people through technological and cultural innovation. Standing at a new historical starting point, HORAE strives to build a new generation of blockchain ecosystem with the aim of building a “better era for everyone” and is committed to expanding the application space of blockchain technology by creating decentralized distributed. The network platform realizes more excellent point-to-point value transmission and transfer, allowing ordinary Internet users to directly benefit from the technical treasure house of the blockchain. HORAE strives to absorb the latest technological achievements and is committed to building a new blockchain ecosystem with a focus on systematic technological innovation: First, build a new intelligent contract platform to ensure that the blockchain ecosystem is more transparent, public, fair, and efficient, while taking into account the differentiated needs of different user groups; Second, break through the bottleneck of the industry-wide application of the consensus mechanism and ensure that it meets industry requirements; Third, Enhance compatibility with different blockchain technologies to create a more open and interconnected user application space; Fourth, innovative ideas and methods, flexible use of the consensus mechanism for the public chain and alliance chain; Fifth, Promote the open development of blockchain system functions. As mentioned above, HORAE creates a flexible consensus mechanism for the public chain and alliances by reconstructing a smart contract model that meets the different types of needs of the public, and builds a decentralized application development platform (DAP platform) that supports multiple industries, especially for the district. The creation and management of blockchain contracts is more refined, and there are two types of smart contracts and simple contracts to create a more ideal blockchain mass application platform. At the same time, from the application end and the user side, through technical innovation, expand compatibility, ensure security, and enhance applicability. HORAE strives to make the application of blockchain technology more in line with the real-world industrial logic, to promote the advanced concept of platform construction, realize the sub-industry landing, consolidate the shared technical foundation, and make HORAE become the connected blockchain world and reality entities at all levels. The best bond in the industrial world. When we are full of new plateaus with the development of human thought and wisdom, a concept of “destiny community” that penetrates the “blockchain” and the “destiny community” of the human spiritual world will infiltrate people’s production, life and spiritual time and space. . HORAE is fully committed to building a popular investment and wealth creation platform to build an excellent token ecosystem to help investors and excellent investment managers build multidimensional time and space for value exchange, value circulation, value realization and sharing. Contact information: https://www.horae.me/Register/index/S/56a1utq8
  4. In August 2017, in order to achieve freedom and equality, Horae was established by John Beccia, a former private finance holding legal counsel in Boston, and Varun Gupta, who has extensive experience in the financial IT industry, and a group of talented teammates from all over the world with a variety of expertise. Headquartered in Switzerland, Horae Foundation covers global digital asset investment users and has established independent operations centers in Singapore, the United States, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong. Based on "blockchain" technology and eternal blockchain spirit, taking the construction of the community of human destiny as the highest mission, Horae aims to provide an unique opportunity for investors to make a diversified investment through technology and cultural innovation, solving the problems faced by the token investment 1.0 era, opening a new era of token investment, and creating a "free and equal" consensus economic community. Horae will, in the spirit of human nature, echo the unrelenting pursuit of social core values such as "openness, sharing, synergy, equality, freedom" since the ancient Greek era, continue to carry out cultural innovation, bring together multiculturalism, and condense core values to make the blockchain bloom in the platform and community construction. Taking “community rejuvenation”as the “singularity”, Horae will continuously expand the blockchain technology practice space to promote the integration of industries, public welfare development and co-construction and sharing of various innovation fields. We have been working from the very beginning to build a different type of community, connect people around the world with the latest disruptive ideas, and provide them with a unique set of tools to make them play an active role in a distributed economy. Everyone has the opportunity to enter the digital asset world and make the new economy more open and connected. At this moment, Horae is working with Ethereum to create a new era of value-added Internet token investment, creating the most valuable token service in a revolutionary way. Here, Horae invites people with lofty ideals around the world to witness this historic moment! Check below for further details: Official Website: https://horaecoin.io/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/HoraeCoin Telegram: https://t.me/HoraeCoin Medium: https://medium.com/me/stories/public Contact At: [email protected]