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  1. A major provider of blockchain solutions, Huobi Group, launched a new trading service for institutional market participants. The service is positioned itself as an exclusive channel for institutional players, ensuring safe and fast input/output of valuable assets in accordance with regulatory requirements... Read more
  2. Last week has come to the end with advantage of bears again. Thus, in just 2 weeks, the bears become distance that the bulls achieved in 5 weeks. The drop always occurs faster than growth and this is confirmed once again... Read more
  3. At the end of the week, we resume everything that the cryptocommunity talked about over the past seven days. This week decision SEC had negative effect on cryptocurrency market, the number of nodes Lightning Network has exceeded 3000 and Goldman Sachs was considering the possibility of creating a cryptocurrency depository storage service... Read more
  4. Last week the decision of SEC has considerably strengthened bear moods in the market. On August 8 "digital gold" has concerned the lower mark around $6360 at the Bitfinex exchange... Read more
  5. Over the past six months, the decline in cryptocurrency price has generated a scepticism wave. Actually proceeding "cryptocurrency winter" is a healthy clarification of an ecosystem... Read more
  6. The main cryptomarket instruments stayed within correctional corridors, the current week shows quite rapid, though local "dive"... Read more
  7. Bitcoin was created as a method of bypassing traditional financial institutions in the electronic payments processing. It also replaced the abstract concept of trust with the need for cryptographic evidence of a transaction... Read more
  8. Coinbase officially announced the beginning of support for Ethereum Classic, deciding to implement this process in stages. At the first stage, the cryptocurrency has listed ETC on Coinbase Pro. An addition to the main platform is expected in the near future... Read more
  9. Last week has passed with strong advantage of bears. At the moment bulls have lost a half of their success. Our idea with the fact that the breakdown of $ 8000 is a trap was correct. Price decreased by $ 1,300 per a week... Read more
  10. The American cryptocurrency company Coinbase announced the beginning of the last phase of testing support for Ethereum Classic, which should completed before August 7. After that, trading platforms Coinbase Prime and Coinbase Pro will begin accepting ETC-deposits... Read more
  11. The phishing remains the most popular tool among cybercriminals for theft of the funds raised by the companies due to initial coin offerings (ICOs). A number of such attacks recorded from the second quarter of 2016 to the first quarter of 2017. This is demonstrated by the report data of the international company for the prevention of cybercrimes Group-IB... Read more
  12. The share of the largest mining pools hash rate as and Antpool is gradually decreasing. This observation, in particular, shared a regular Twitter and a cryptoenthusiast ArminVanBitcoin (A v B)... Read more
  13. Having estimated cryptocurrencies dynamics for the last several weeks, it is possible to state continuation of development of correctional flat. This situation can soon change and overcome levels of support. The cryptocurrencies quotations will start over again forming decrease impulses... Read more
  14. One year ago was created the most significant and controversial Bitcoin fork - Bitcoin Cash (BCH, Bcash). Bitcoin Cash was promoted by its apologists as "digital cash", which most corresponds to the original idea of Satoshi Nakamoto, in contrast to "digital gold" with its growing scaling problems and significantly increased transaction fees... Read more
  15. CryptoCompare integrates data on the trading of 50 cryptocurrencies into the financial platform Eikon, developed by Thomson Reuters... Read more