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  1. Bitcoin continues to grow steadily. A strong rally took place after the cancellation of the head and shoulders reversal pattern. At the same time, EOS and Litecoin are only preparing for the breakdown of resistance levels, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum have gone to highs update, but the development of a strong upward trend has not happened here yet. In general, the market looks charged to continue such a rally. You shouldn’t rule out a tight test of $ 15,000 for Bitcoin, the breakdown of which will indicate that the long-term downstream channel is out and indicates the completion of the correction... Read more
  2. Cryptocurrency derivatives provider LedgerX LLC has get a the Authorized Derivatives Market (DCM) license from the US Comodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). This one will allow to launch the country's first bitcoin futures... Read more
  3. The recent rise of the Bitcoin price to increase the number of incidents related to the fraud of crypto users. The rise in price of the main digital asset returned to it a share of its former popularity, due to quite a lot of new investors appeared in the industry. According to the research department of Binance, they can become the main victims of hacker attacks... Read more
  4. Employees of Binance Research conducted a survey. According to the data obtained, institutional and VIP-clients of the cryptocurrency world are most concerned about the issue of technological effectiveness of the industry. Between the five most exciting risks for the cryptocurrency industry today, the most popular answer was “technological failure”. As a rule, such problems arise due to hacking or leakage of critical information... Read more
  5. Two proposals for improving Ethereum (EIP) have been approved for inclusion in the next large-scale update of the second most capitalized cryptocurrency, according to CoinDesk... Read more
  6. The weekly chart demonstrates the most active buyers run over the past six months. Bitcoin's price gain 40% of the cumulative drop during the bear market and could soon overcome the $ 10,000 mark, according to analyst at CoinDesk Markets Omkar Godbole... Read more
  7. Do you still think Bitcoin is something fleeting? There are other news. At a cost of $ 9242, Bitcoin’s market cap surpassed the Australian Dollar. And its rate continues to grow... Read more
  8. The cryptocurrency community is swallowed up by the launch of the Libra cryptocurrency, which has billions of users worldwide... Read more
  9. Ethereum 2.0 is a real “Holy Grail” for all fans of the project. The PoS should solve the problems of Ethereum scalability. At least, Vitalik Buterin thinks so. But the main strategist of Blockstream calls the update in its own way. Samson Mou said that new model for the functioning of cryptocurrency is almost no different from hard forks... Read more
  10. Litecoin creator Charlie Lee to join Justin Sun's lunch with billionaire and legendary investor Warren Buffett... Read more
  11. Bakkt is one of the stages of a long journey, the end result of which should be almost the full acceptance of Bitcoin in the world. Intercontinental Exchange CEO Jeff Sprecher believes this. On July 22, Bakkt will start the first stage of testing bitcoin futures trading... Read more
  12. Warren Buffett repeatedly called digital assets a hoax. Justin Sun is going to change the attitude of the billionaire to the crypto. Earlier, CEO Tron won the right to lunch with Buffett during the auction. For the deal had to lay out $4.56 million... Read more
  13. Forbes found out the details of the Aton offer for investors in the Gram cryptocurrency... Read more
  14. Grayscale Investment representatives are seriously concerned that many investors are not aware of the value of halving remuneration for the Bitcoin block yet. The event is scheduled for May 2020. According to Joseph Young's tweet, investors know nothing about one. And this despite the fact that it happened more than once... Read more
  15. In December 2018, the price of the largest cryptocurrency reached its bottom at around $ 3,122. Prior to this, the coin consistently fell for 18 months and lost 84 percent of its historical maximum, recorded in December 2017. The majority of adherents of the traditional market predicted Bitcoin to fall to zero, but during 2019 its profitability reached 191 percent. To date, due to the recent sudden collapse, the profit rate has dropped to 146 percent... Read more