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  1. This week, Bitcoin was able to continue to grow and update the local maximum. Such a scenario indicates a potential continuation of the upward momentum. Many traders are discussing an important growth signals of the first cryptocurrency due to the intersection of two moving averages with periods of 50 and 200, as an important signal to the beginning of a bullish trend. However, we are still below the $ 6000 resistance level. It is much more effective to wait for the moving average test area and only from there expect a rebound and continued growth... Read more
  2. On April 24, an anonymous source told the editorial staff of the Korean online publication CoinDesk Korea about the new cryptocurrency project of Samsung. The South Korean holding plans to develop its own blockchain and release a virtual currency... Read more
  3. The Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin published on GitHub a proposal on changing the reward scheme to validators after the transition to the second most capitalized cryptocurrency to the Proof-of-Stake (PoS)... Read more
  4. According to data over the past month, Bitcoin price volatility has increased by almost 200%... Read more
  5. Cryptocurrency exchange launched on Sunday, April 21, trading with its own token Gatechain Token (GT). The new coin is trading in GT/USDT and GT/BTC pairs... Read more
  6. Bithumb, one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges in South Korea is going to offer services to residents of the United States and Japan in the near future. This states BC Kim, CEO of the Blockchain Exchange Alliance (BXA), which owns the controlling package in Bithumb, in an interview with Cointelegraph... Read more
  7. In less than two years, the Binance cryptocurrency exchange came out on top in terms of trading volume, demonstrating one of the most impressive financial indicators among industry players. Now the platform has launched its own blockchain Binance Chain and intends to lure projects from the Ethereum ecosystem, using the listing question as a carrot and stick, reports The Block... Read more
  8. The cryptocurrency market continues to trade near the local maximum area. However, a reluctance to move ahead and break through important resistance levels may indicate the beginning of a downward correction. In the case of continued growth and updating of the highs, we can safely talk about the resumption of the qualitative upward trend. Experts of one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges Binance concluded that the market probably reached the bottom. Such a study was based on an analysis of data for 2014–2019. At the same time, CME data show a decline in interest and investor involvement in Bitcoin futures... Read more
  9. The developer of blockchain project Telegram Open Network TON Labs in partnership with the German fintech company Wirecard will develop a new platform for the provision of digital financial and banking services. This is stated in an official press release published on Wednesday, April 17... Read more
  10. Affected by the actions of hackers in mid-January, New Zealand cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia enabled the possibility of deposits and withdraws in Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin... Read more
  11. Binance has prepared a new report indicating that a deep correction in the BTC prices is behind and the so-called “bottom” is passed. The research also showed the highly correlated nature of the cryptocurrency market due to the “herd mentality” that manifests itself in the later stages of the bull and bear phases... Read more
  12. At the end of the week, we resume everything that the crypto community talked about over the past seven days. This week WikiLeaks cofounder Julian Assange was arrested in London, the State Duma passed the sovereign Runet bill in the second reading (and the State Duma deputy called for banning cryptocurrency worldwide), the Chinese government is considering amendments to legislation that prohibit mining cryptocurrency, the head of Binance Changpeng Zhao announced the delisting of Bitcoin SV cryptocurrency, and the creator of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin read rap... Read more
  13. Launched in January, the promotion Lightning Torch is completed officially. All BTC collected during its course (0.4108021 BTC) were donated to the Bitcoin for Venezuela humanitarian initiative. This wrote in Twitter charitable organization Bitcoin Venezuela... Read more
  14. EDCON conference held in Australia yesterday. Ethereum developers and community can chat and share relevant information there. Vitalik Buterin decided to diversify the event with something bright and fundamentally new. He read the freestyle:.. Read more
  15. The cryptocurrency market continues to get a new local highs. This is a good sign in anticipation of the resumption of an upward trend for many investors. However, some analysts are concerned about the strong growth of digital assets, suggesting that it is unnatural. However it may be the result of a one-time purchase by a large investor... Read more
  16. The journalist of The New York Times and the author of the book “Digital Gold: The Incredible History of Bitcoin” Nathaniel Popper reported that Facebook are going to raise about $ 1 billion from venture capital investors to secure its stablecoin. Attracting third-party investors will allow the community to demonstrate decentralization, he said... Read more
  17. There is a surge in activity of Chinese investors buying stablecoins Tether USDT at a price significantly higher than the nominal on the over-the-counter (OTC) platforms. The cnLedger Twitter account pays attention to this... Read more
  18. At the end of the week, we resume everything that the crypto community talked about over the past seven days. This week Vitalik Buterin, Blockstream and others were marked by their April jokes, experts called the perpetrators of the bitcoin price pump, and Elon Musk briefly became Dogecoin's cryptocurrency CEO... Read more
  19. Since early April, the trading volume in Bitcoin futures has grown by 950% at the largest exchange of CME derivatives... Read more
  20. The Binance cryptocurrency exchange has not been planning to enter the South Korean market and other countries that have not decided on legislative regulation of the digital asset market. This was announced by the CEO of Changpeng Zhao at a conference in Seoul, Coindesk Korea writes... Read more
  21. 105 global tech companies, including SWIFT, IBM, Ripple and Consensys AG, became part of the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA) to promote DLT-technologies in the European Union. A full list of organizations is presented in a press release... Read more
  22. GEO Protocol, a financial technology startup, has announced an investment in its seed round by CoinFund, a premier New York-based cryptoasset investment firm. The deal, which will entail close collaboration with CoinFund, follows more than three years of aggressive self-funded development of the project’s own technology and validates the team’s efforts and product thesis... Read more
  23. The Huobi cryptocurrency exchange, based on user feedback, changed the rules for conducting IEO on its Huobi Prime platform... Read more
  24. In the first quarter of 2019, ICO projects attracted $ 118 million. This is in 58 times less than last year, when the figure was $ 6.9 billion. The Wall Street Journal reports, citing data from the TokenData analytical resource... Read more
  25. At the end of the week, we resume everything that the crypto community talked about over the past seven days. This week it became known that the social network VKontakte was studying the possibility of creating its own cryptocurrency, Bitmain cancelled an IPO on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and the popular website CoinMarketCap has promised to change the rules for ranking the exchanges after a recent study provided evidence fake trading volumes... Read more