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Found 11 results

  1. My parents and I have recently discussed that the longer the project is on the market, the more stable it is. I completely disagree with them. Now there`re many examples where new players look much more reliable than "old and proven" ones. Have decided to explain to them my point by the cryptocurrency example. Let`s have a look, e.g., at a project that`s been existing for several years. The older it is, the higher the you risk to lose your investment. No stable project will be able to ensure revenue growth if the market starts to fall. In such situations, you need to look at new players, such as MiningNow - The project guarantees that even with the fall of the market, you can get tokens at the rate of the moment purchased them. In addition, the organizers guarantee a monthly income of 3%. This isn`t the fake thousand that old and "stable" players promise, this is real 245% per annum.
  2. The cryptocurrency markets were the direct opposite of the growth of 2017 the last six months. Since the beginning of 2018, most digital assets have lost 60-90% of the cost. We will consider which cryptocurrencies have demonstrated the best performance and whose losses this year were the maximum. The time interval used to estimate profits and losses is from January 7 to July 25, 2018, that is, less than seven months... Read more
  3. Recently capitalization of the cryptocurrency market continues decrease, and among most of its participants disturbing moods amplify. What to expect from popular coins in the near future?.. Read more
  4. Over the last week, cryptocurrency market capitalization ohas decreased by approximately 20% - from $ 350 to $ 279 billion. In turn, the price of bitcoin on June 9 began a strong downward movement, reaching subsequently marks below $ 6300... Read more
  5. Bitcoin overcomes $ 8000 and after April 12 his rate suddenly rose by more than $ 1000. At the moment the price of the first cryptocurrency keeps over this psychological level... Read more
  6. Cryptocurrency has fully conceptualized in the finance sector and will be mainstream in the economy soon. There are still people left out and confused about the jargons related to cryptocurrency and have no idea about the working of these digital tokens. Here are some of the terms which you should know before using cryptocurrencies. 1. HODL HODL was formerly originated from a forum post where the user misspelled ‘HOLD’ as ‘HODL’ in one of his post. Since then the term has gone viral, which is popularly abbreviated for ‘Hold On For Dear Life’. It attributed to the sentiment among the crypto-geeks to be fearless because of the volatility and hold on to their coins. 2. Altcoins Coins other than Bitcoins are referred to as Altcoins. Altcoins are the subdivided version of the cryptocurrency with less potential value or use. These coins are typically promoted or referred to by people who are holding them. 3. FUD It stands for ‘Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubts’. FUD is a disinformation strategy to spread negativity and propaganda used by someone who wants to create a ruckus among the crypto holders. They usually pass on the false message concerning the price drop of certain coins. 4. Pump and Dump People frenzy about bitcoin had gained a lot of attention, many investors showed interest which leads to the fast price increase. They later pile up the coins and diminish the supply, this ends up the course followed by the huge crash. Traders buying coins in high volume are the one who pumps, they may wish to sell out the coins. Whereas, the dumpsters are the one who purchases these coins and sell at higher price. 5. Bullish and Bearish Bullish: Estimation of the coins to get high. For instance, optimistic analysts are predicting the price of Bitcoin to raise about $300,000-$400,000 Bearish: Estimation of the coins to get low. Other altcoins are generally bearish as people do not see value in them or see a lesser value. 6. Bagholder Altcoin holders even after facing a crash may refer to as bagholder, seeing the value of the coins sinking and having no scope in the future to get a rise. The term is also referred to the traders who purchased coins at a high value but ending up by selling at a wrong time (when the coin is worthless). 7. Shilling/Pumping The act of endorsing coins in public, these are the traders who purchased coins at the rate of ‘pennies’ which is also termed as shilling the coin, anticipating the public’s interest to increase so that the price can take a surge or pump up in the future.
  7. The majority cryptocurrencies are still in the "red zone", amid the negative news... Read more
  8. COMING SOON ICO MACHTCOIN-ADRENALINE INSPIRED MACHTCOIN, A cryptocurrency build with the latest blockchain technology and ready to boost your adrenaline and competitive sense to be a champion. MACHTCOIN creating an eco-system application in one platform based on our 3 pillars of projects that consist of: 1. SPORT We will build a sport betting system that no longer need third parties or agencies involvement in its operational. many sports will be included. we ensure you fast proccess and low fees transaction in the process without any manipulation. all transaction will use Machtcoin and bitcoin 2. TRAVEL Our travel platform is unique. we build travel and tourism platform based on your recommendation. Big data mining will involve users and commercial company in our platform. users can provide any travel and tourism destination with their geo-tag selfies, and what's make it interesting is you will get rewards from it. any commercial and local travel service providers could list their services in our custom database system. it will be convenient for all travelers to get recommendation. you can book and browsing places at the same time. MACHTCOIN will be your next alternative payment alongside common fiat currency for your traveling. 3. TRADING We will provide trading platform to increase your profit with the traditional trading method and binary option method ICO START ON SECOND WEEK OF JANUARY 2018 MACHTCOIN SPECIFICATION WE HAVE A REVOLUTIONARY BUSINESS PLAN TO GROW YOUR COMPETITIVE SENSE AND ADRENALINE WITH BIG BONUSES. PLEASE READ OUR WHITEPAPER WE'RE LOOKING FOR PROMOTER AND BOUNTIES, PLEASE SEND US EMAIL TO [email protected] WHITEPAPER | WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TELEGRAM GROUP
  9. The advantages of investing in popular cryptocurrency are much greater than opening deposits in banks. This I noticed when I was reading chat rooms and forums, where people who started working in the blockchain field shared their successes. And I thought that I could also make money on investments in cryptocurrency. It seems that everything is simple, but if there`s money, there are always scammers as well. So it took me a long time to find the project. Maybe someone believes the words of developers, but I believe only in legal documents and actual successes of projects. My thoughts were supported by my old programmer - friend. Since he better at this than me, I asked if he`d participated in any projects. He told about several projects, but he emphasized the most profitable in his opinion one, Mining Now. We immediately checked the developer's site ( The terms, of course, aren`t bad, but they`re not going to give you huge bags of money at once. My friend has noticed that it`s necessary to look to the future and the more developers spend on the improvement of equipment, the more sense and benefit will be received from cryptocurrency. And Mining Now is making progress in this. E.g., a recently signed memorandum with a largest aluminum company RUSAL, on the basis of which the project will receive lots of energy for its activities and development.
  10. I would never have thought that finding a normal project for investment in cryptocurrency is so difficult. Therere lots of offers on the market but they arent the ones that can give you a real opportunity to make money. I can give you some examples of unsuccessful investments in cloud mining projects. I even had to work out my own methodology for selecting projects. Now Im suggesting you to learn from my mistakes. And before you ask, Ive already chosen a project. But still decided to check and compare it with less successful ones. Now Im an investor in a European cryptocurrency Mining Now Have chosen it among several proposals on a simple principle: I wrote to the projects administration asking them if I could enter the project directly, i.e., through bank transfer. Usually projects that arent registered anywhere cant accept payments to bank accounts because it cant be legally managed. By the way, Ive also checked projects that I no longer participate in because I was defrauded. As youve already guessed, they didnt pass the test. Now my cooperation with Mining Now doesnt provoke displeasure. Moreover, I began to communicate closely with the administration. Responsive guys)