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Found 7 results

  1. Last week, buyers dominated mainly on the market, but to consolidate above $ 9800 failed again... Read more
  2. Bitcoin is growing the second consecutive week. A level of $ 9000 reached on Saturday, April 21. Currently, the price is not in a hurry to drift down significantly, re-testing this psychological level... Read more
  3. Last week did not make any specifics. Bitcoin continues trading in a flat, thereby bringing nervousness in ranks of mass investors. The beginning of the week was bullish, as many people positively perceived the information from representatives of G20. Nevertheless, the bulls could not hold the initiative: the price deep smoothly from $ 9200 to $ 8400... Read more
  4. Last week, the first cryptocurrency showed a smooth growth. The bulls had the opportunity to finally break the downtrend observed over the past two months... Read more
  5. During week the first cryptocurrency showed a smooth decline. So, in comparison with the maximum values on February 20, bitcoin has fallen in price by more than $ 2000... Read more
  6. Last week has been marked by some price recover of Bitcoin, which occurred against the background of the fall of global index... Read more
  7. Last week was developing in a negative scenario: the bulls failed to hold the initiative. Every pullback has followed by an even deeper fall... Read more