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Found 55 results

  1. In November 2018, Bitcoin price demonstrated the worst dynamics in the last seven years. If on November 1, the weighted average price of BTC was $ 6340, then today, December 1, Bitcoin was trading around $ 3980... Read more
  2. On Wednesday, November 14, the cryptocurrency market continues the decline, losing a total of about $ 7 billion in capitalization over the past 24 hours. The price of Bitcoin at the same time on a number of exchanges dropped below $ 6,200, thus returning to the mid-October figures... Read more
  3. Previous week was very interesting. Last Monday, there was an impulse price spike, which has been waiting for so long. The price maximally narrowed its amplitude in a large triangle and then went out of it... Read more
  4. At the end of October, the administrator of the bankruptcy procedure Nobuaki Kobayashi will begin to consider applications for compensation of cryptocurrency exchange Mt. Gox creditors losses. By February 14, 2019 he has to provide to court the plan of rehabilitation and compensation... Read more
  5. Last week has passed quite calm and, as well as it was supposed in prewvious analysis, the week candle has turned out potentially turning in shape Dodges with a bull body... Read more
  6. All ten cryptocurrencies with the largest market cap remain strong in the last 24 hours . So, according to Coinmarketcap, Ripple (XRP) for the last day (on Saturday morning, August 18) increased by 11%, EOS - more than 8%... Read more
  7. Last week has come to the end with advantage of bears again. Thus, in just 2 weeks, the bears become distance that the bulls achieved in 5 weeks. The drop always occurs faster than growth and this is confirmed once again... Read more
  8. Having lost more than 5% for the last week and having fallen at some point closely to a mark of $6100, the first cryptocurrency, nevertheless, is closer to days off has begun to show careful positive dynamics... Read more
  9. Last week was one of the most positive for bitcoin since the beginning of year. Cryptocurrency market continues to recover confidently, its market cap approaches $ 300 billion again... Read more
  10. Last week, bitcoin demonstrated several attempts to grow and managed to reach a level of about $ 6,800. Nevertheless, the price did not break a psychological barrier near $ 7000. Moreover, by Monday morning there was a slight correction with a rollback of up to $ 6,700... Read more
  11. Despite the extremely negative news, bitcoin price is still in the uptrend and is heading to around $ 7000. Right after emergence of news about hack of the second-lagest cryptoexchange in South Korea, Bithumb (with $ 31 millions lost), bitcoin price fell approximately for $200(from $6740 to $6560)... Read more
  12. Onchain Capital co-founder Ran Neu Ner sure that the price of the first cryptocurrency will likely fall to $ 5,900. According to him, the drop in crytpocurrency price has not at all connected with the recent hacks of cryptocurrency exchanges. This, Ner thinks, is like saying that the robbery of a bank entails problems with the US dollar... Read more
  13. Nicholas Merten, the YouTube Celeb, the entrepreneur, a investor in the crypto industry. He owns the YouTube channel ‘data dash’ has around 300,000 followers and he has occupied a position between Crypto experts like Tom Lee and John McAfee. Mertan tweeted that Bitcoin will go to $50000 in 2018. Check out here detail info:
  14. The past week passed with the advantage of bears. Bulls failed to succeed, despite the fact that the weekly candle was potentially reversal and, at the very least, did not anticipate such a strong decline... Read more
  15. For traders actively trading bitcoins the main intrigue of the previous week was the downward trend line formed on the four-hour chart. Several times the price reached it, followed by massive sales and updates of the local minimum. However, on the afternoon of Sunday there was a breakdown, and bitcoin rose to a level of $ 8,500... Read more
  16. Last week hasn't brought a positive to bulls and the price still slowly, but surely began to fall down. The level of $ 10 000 remained untouched... Read more
  17. The CEO and Founder of digital assets investment fund BKCM LLC, Brian Kelly predict that Bitcoin could attain $25000, a new high by this year. Read detail info here:
  18. The past week ended for increase in the price of bitcoin and many other altcoins. A weekly candle, at last, looks positive for bulls. Most likely, the bulls will want to continue growth, and the price will soar... Read more
  19. A well-known venture capitalist and Draper Fisher Jurvetson co-founder expressed that within the next four years the price of "digital gold" will grow about 30 times and by 2022 will reach $ 250 thousand... Read more
  20. Last week did not show positive to the bulls and HODlers, again bearish sentiment prevailed, and the price of the main coin fell by more than $ 2000... Read more
  21. Last week was not easy for cryptocurrency market. The situation made worse by the negative news, so even ardent cryptocurrency enthusiasts have become despondent. However, at the moment there is mood swings in the market and it seems that the buyers are trying to dominate again... Read more
  22. Last week bitcoin failed to realize the figure "Head and shoulders" — the line of "neck" in the area of $11,700 proved to be a serious barrier... Read more
  23. Last week was positive for bitcoin price and cryptocurrency market in general. So, "digital gold" again returned to level above $ 10 000, and the market cap reached $ 500 billion... Read more
  24. Investors should not be lured to buy Bitcoin simply because the price has dropped according to a foreign exchange strategist Boris Schlossberg. He says they should not fall victims to force hope and volatility is expected to run for several weeks. He said this even as prices slumped to $10,400 Friday. Source of the Article: Bitcoin price drop
  25. Bitcoin price fell sharply and traded below support at 12,000. Currently, BTC/USD is recovering, but it faces a lot of sales pressure... Read more