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Found 67 results

  1. In the new era of value Internet, “blockchain” technology is bringing an incalculable impact on people’s lives. HORAE’s dream is to use the “blockchain” as the technical foundation to support the construction of the community of human destiny as the supreme mission, and to build a “everyone’s era” that benefits hundreds of millions of people through technological and cultural innovation. Standing at a new historical starting point, HORAE strives to build a new generation of blockchain ecosystem with the aim of building a “better era for everyone” and is committed to expanding the application space of blockchain technology by creating decentralized distributed. The network platform realizes more excellent point-to-point value transmission and transfer, allowing ordinary Internet users to directly benefit from the technical treasure house of the blockchain. HORAE strives to absorb the latest technological achievements and is committed to building a new blockchain ecosystem with a focus on systematic technological innovation: First, build a new intelligent contract platform to ensure that the blockchain ecosystem is more transparent, public, fair, and efficient, while taking into account the differentiated needs of different user groups; Second, break through the bottleneck of the industry-wide application of the consensus mechanism and ensure that it meets industry requirements; Third, Enhance compatibility with different blockchain technologies to create a more open and interconnected user application space; Fourth, innovative ideas and methods, flexible use of the consensus mechanism for the public chain and alliance chain; Fifth, Promote the open development of blockchain system functions. As mentioned above, HORAE creates a flexible consensus mechanism for the public chain and alliances by reconstructing a smart contract model that meets the different types of needs of the public, and builds a decentralized application development platform (DAP platform) that supports multiple industries, especially for the district. The creation and management of blockchain contracts is more refined, and there are two types of smart contracts and simple contracts to create a more ideal blockchain mass application platform. At the same time, from the application end and the user side, through technical innovation, expand compatibility, ensure security, and enhance applicability. HORAE strives to make the application of blockchain technology more in line with the real-world industrial logic, to promote the advanced concept of platform construction, realize the sub-industry landing, consolidate the shared technical foundation, and make HORAE become the connected blockchain world and reality entities at all levels. The best bond in the industrial world. When we are full of new plateaus with the development of human thought and wisdom, a concept of “destiny community” that penetrates the “blockchain” and the “destiny community” of the human spiritual world will infiltrate people’s production, life and spiritual time and space. . HORAE is fully committed to building a popular investment and wealth creation platform to build an excellent token ecosystem to help investors and excellent investment managers build multidimensional time and space for value exchange, value circulation, value realization and sharing. Contact information:
  2. The Blockchain company is founded by Antony Jenkins in 2011. The Blockchain platform is also known as Bitcoin wallet. Find more info about blockchain. Get detail info here:
  3. Blockchain company in collaboration with Ledger has developed the hardware cryptocurrency wallet Lockbox specifically for users. Now every user can store and manage their digital assets in a web wallet... Read more
  4. In August 2017, in order to achieve freedom and equality, Horae was established by John Beccia, a former private finance holding legal counsel in Boston, and Varun Gupta, who has extensive experience in the financial IT industry, and a group of talented teammates from all over the world with a variety of expertise. Headquartered in Switzerland, Horae Foundation covers global digital asset investment users and has established independent operations centers in Singapore, the United States, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong. Based on "blockchain" technology and eternal blockchain spirit, taking the construction of the community of human destiny as the highest mission, Horae aims to provide an unique opportunity for investors to make a diversified investment through technology and cultural innovation, solving the problems faced by the token investment 1.0 era, opening a new era of token investment, and creating a "free and equal" consensus economic community. Horae will, in the spirit of human nature, echo the unrelenting pursuit of social core values such as "openness, sharing, synergy, equality, freedom" since the ancient Greek era, continue to carry out cultural innovation, bring together multiculturalism, and condense core values to make the blockchain bloom in the platform and community construction. Taking “community rejuvenation”as the “singularity”, Horae will continuously expand the blockchain technology practice space to promote the integration of industries, public welfare development and co-construction and sharing of various innovation fields. We have been working from the very beginning to build a different type of community, connect people around the world with the latest disruptive ideas, and provide them with a unique set of tools to make them play an active role in a distributed economy. Everyone has the opportunity to enter the digital asset world and make the new economy more open and connected. At this moment, Horae is working with Ethereum to create a new era of value-added Internet token investment, creating the most valuable token service in a revolutionary way. Here, Horae invites people with lofty ideals around the world to witness this historic moment! Check below for further details: Official Website: Twitter: Telegram: Medium: Contact At: [email protected]
  5. Telegram blockchain platform is 70% ready. September mailing of the company to investors testifies to it... Read more
  6. Basically a sidechain is a blockchain making use of a two - way peg for attachment to a parent blockchain. See examples of implemented Sidechain
  7. IBM will issue Verde tokens on the Stellar blockchain. The company is creating a marketplace to facilitate buying and selling of tokenized carbon credits on the public permission Stellar blockchain. Read detail info here:
  8. IBM is partnering with Global Citizens to have coders help rethink the way donor funds are tracked and accounted for. Participants in the contest will win VIP tickets to Global Citizen festival and meet with IBM and industry leaders on how the solution can be actualized. Read news here:
  9. The hackathon will bring together teams, companies, and authorities in order to collaborate to fight counterfeit and fake products and services. The teams will compete in three challenges and the winner will bag €100,000Read more here:
  10. NWPsolution, the Estonia-based company creating Intellectual healthcare ecosystem. The NWPsolution is a platform that integrates smart devices and databases into a single network that provides access to existing healthcare and quality of life services. The platform is built on advanced technologies in the field of artificial intelligence, data security and blockchain. The platform provides an opportunity for its participants to solve their important tasks — ensuring their health and the health of their loved ones on the one hand and optimizing the costs of clinical health care, insurance, or purchase of drugs with another. Users are given a unique opportunity to participate in research and development, providing data for the analytical tasks of participating companies, as well as blockchain technologies that ensure integrity, safety, and, most importantly, transparency in the use of the accumulated knowledge base. To satisfy legal requirements NWP tokens are not securities, dividends will not be paid to their holders. In this regard the part of commissions received by the platform will be used for guaranteed purchase of NWP tokens on exchanges with subsequent destruction. Regular decrease of token quantity in the market will stimulate the increase in the rate of NWP token on exchange. NWP token will be used for service payments. Along with the regular increase of operations quantity in the system, the demand will be increasing as well as NWP rate. Alexander Frolov, CEO of NWP, commented on the upcoming token sale: Traveling almost all the time, I was faced with the problem of lack of access to my medical records in external situations. Then in 2016 I decided to create a platform that would allow me as a user to have access to this data and provide it to others if necessary. Based on the entered data and AI, the user will get scoring of a personal health state and receive a recommendation to improve it. Within the framework of the project, tokens will be used as a payment within the ecosystem and rewarding the users for the continuous use of our service. This will allow users to optimize the cost of medical care and the cost of insurance. Whitepaper: Facebook: Twitter: Telegram: Medium: Bitcointalk: GitHub: Golos: linkedin: Steemit: ICOBench:
  11. Line app is planning to use the new subsidiary to research on the possibility of integrating cryptocurrency and blockchain into its messaging application. It may then launch a token economy on its mobile platform Line Plus. Telegram and Kakao are also working on integrating blockchain applications. Read more:- Source:- Ripple, Bitcoin, Ethereum
  12. PKO Bank Polski will adopt the technology to cut down the costs and to ensure clients can access the documents securely. In addition to having the documents stored immutably and permanently on the blockchain.Check out here:
  13. Eurasian Association of Blockchain is planning to act against social media and tech giant company for placing a ban on crypto-related advertisements. The Blockchain Association affirms that some of the shareholders of these media platforms are associated with cryptocurrency investment. Check out detail info here: Blockchain Associations Filed Lawsuit Against social medias
  14. The gaming industry are to adopt new technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrency. BIT.GAME to explore the world’s first blockchain game exchange.Check out detail info here: Blockchain for the Gaming Industry?
  15. One of the most successful applications of Blockchain is cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. In terms of Blockchain implementation, Bitcoin is credited as both its premier user and most popular promoter of the technology. However, Blockchain is not limited to providing frameworks for cryptocurrencies, its range of benefits include financial decentralization, transparency, efficiency, encryption security, and disintermediation. All these applications are crucial to the smooth working of a business, startup, or company. The traditional banking system currently in place is synonymous with centralisation and administrative delay. Many services that banks offer are via wire transfers that can prolong a transaction or deal as the process may take a number of days to complete. Most payments are delayed in the process due to currency fluctuations, exchange rates, and other administrative delays, leading to losses for companies and startups. As cryptocurrencies are decentralised and remove any intermediaries with Blockchain, the process is efficient, less delayed, and secured. Through crypto transactions a company can receive funds quickly and deals can be made via smart contracts. Using Blockchain as an operating system for cryptocurrencies is only the start of what it can really do. One of the most prominent and trending uses of Blockchain for companies and startups is fundraising by ICOs. There have been around 1400 ICO companies created because of Blockchain. The number of companies using Blockchain for their ventures is growing everyday from creating a shared server space to mining software for acquiring cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology allows transparency, security, and freedom from centralised banking and government interference. The future involves the incorporation of Blockchain in various industries like travel, where all arrangements can be made online and directly to a business without any middlemen like agencies or travel bookers. This enables services to be cheaper and more reliable for customers. Larger companies that construct software and provide the same to clients are also dipping their feet into Blockchain technology for possible merging if the two. Facebook has started experimenting with the technology to improve their security and prevent any future data breaches. Microsoft has also started looking into Blockchain research for their software. There is clearly more out there for Blockchain than backing up cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, it truly is an important technology to be implemented in companies in the tech, travel, and business world. Incorporating Blockchain into your business may just be that push you need to stay ahead of the competition.
  16. The concept of a gig economy is no new cryptocurrency and has been around for a long time now. Many individuals especially in the current generation are moving from job to job to offer their services as freelancers to various companies, startups, and organizations. With the advent of a digital revolution, the pursuit of employment in freelance gigs has become far easier and accessible. Now both freelancers and employers can go online to find a suitable job or candidate according to their preferences. One such rising trend is that of a ‘digital wanderer’ where an individual makes a living out of doing various short term online jobs while they travel. This lifestyle provides enriching experiences for the traveler who earns back the cost of the trip from working multiple gigs here and there. The demographic for such endeavors are typically young adults craving new experiences and equipped with an array of skills. Boons and Banes of Payment in Crypto The one difficulty that comes hand in hand with such a lifestyle is the delay in payments from employers and clients who prolong and bargain with freelancer stipends. According to most endorsers of cryptocurrency, this problem can be easily tackled by using Blockchain for salaries. Many startups have already planned on taking advantage of Blockchain for securing deals with clients via smart contracts and even ICOs for raising capital. Freelancers could make receiving their wages less stressful by using cryptocurrency as a means of payment. They would be less troubled by the hassle of currency conversions when receiving money from clients in different countries around the world. The emergence of an app called Latium, explicitly for such freelance users, can aid users in finding employment, creating contracts, and receiving payment through the app itself. It plans to be activated within this year, and offers travellers a wide range of jobs from content writing to dog walking. Recent developments show that big companies like Netflix and Airbnb have started paying their employees partially in cryptocurrency like that of Bitwage. One of the few complications that come up when using cryptocurrency as means of payment is the issue of financial records. The crypto market can be volatile and payments in Bitcoin are difficult to tax and record. Taxation on cryptocurrency salaries are made in the same way as fiat or normal currency, that means they are based on the worth of the currency at the point in time of making the payment. However, due to its unstable nature, a cryptocurrency can be worth a drastic difference from what it was valued at many months ago. Well Suited to Freelancers No matter the volatility of using crypto as a payment, this is a situation that most freelancers are attuning to. Most gig workers can relate to the contrast in payments either being very high at one point or dropping low at another. This means that the value change a cryptocurrency may go through is not a cause for concern keeping in mind many freelance jobs are unstable in workload or stipend themselves. Furthermore, an app connecting various clients across the globe can also benefit travelers looking for such access and cash on the go. Using blockchain instead of traditional banking systems is within the domain of young freelancers who is catching on to the crypto world. Managing finances in the freelance industry would be more convenient, secured, and accessible with a mode of payment well suited to such a lifestyle.
  17. NITI Aayog will first identify areas where the blockchain technology will be implemented. And then a national strategy on the use of blockchain will be developed. It is consulting with various ministries on the same Read more here: Blockchain project
  18. The Financial market globally barely leaves a chance to make money. Right now cryptocurrency is the opportunity just like frying fish. Trading in Bitcoin has recently exploded the market cap of all the cryptocurrencies, exceeding more than $600 billion. This lead to deficit in the supply of currencies and is hardly coping up with the rising demand in the market. The rise in demand brings in new opportunity to create a speculative market as the growth is unlikely to continue at its current pace. Presently, cryptocurrencies have been using existing technologies, but it has an incremental value in the creation of this new revolutionary payment method. However, the cryptocurrencies are allowed a chance as it is adding value in terms of solving real-world problems with the help of its revolutionary invention of the Blockchain Technology. The toxic concept of the investors is over shadowing the ‘speculative bubble’ which is beyond imagination. The reason why government are insisting to impose regulations on the trading of cryptocurrencies and other related by-products such as ICOs. It is necessary to understand the technicalities of the blockchain technologies. People invest in a currency expecting to grow, the speculation keeps increasing and one day it burst.
  19. A new startup has been set up with an ecological premise by the Czech new age crypto exchange, NakamotoX. There are not very many uses for excess heat produced from digital machinery or cryptocurrency mining devices. However, this startup has managed to combine Blockchain technology with farming and has produced an edible batch of tomatoes by diverting the heat of mining machines to a customized greenhouse. Cofounder, Kamil Brejcha, and staff have built a separate space for their Bitcoin mining servers and utilized their excess heat production for growing tomatoes. The project is likely to be followed by a new type of farming technology called ‘Agritechture’, and the results so far have been entirely fruitful with the success of the first batch of what they call ‘cryptomatoes’. Brejcha explains in a tweet, “We have developed something called ‘Cointainer’ which is being placed in the basement and the heat is blown into the greenhouses. More details will be revealed soon”. One downside to the crypto mining industry is the effect of the machinery’s heat generation on the environment. Most companies do not utilize this heat energy for any productive use which raises the concern for sustainable development among environmentalists and crypto user alike. The initiative that Brejcha and company have taken can create an energy cycle loop where heat from mining helps grow crops and biowaste from the harvest help power machinery. The project solves numerous growing concerns and provides an ecological and self-sustaining solution. Brejcha commented on the cryptomatoes saying, “You will be able to buy (cryptomatoes) in common shops soon but I cannot reveal more details about the brand now”. The large-scale impact of Agritechture could help build on sustenance farming and energy conservation, two globally alarming problems putting pressure on the environment today. With the significant application in future crop cultivation, cryptomatoes could start a worldwide transformation in farming as we know it.
  20. Inventor and technology expert, Elon Musk, is one of the world's most innovative personalities. He has contributed all sorts of infrastructure and inventions to SpaceX, Tesla, SolarCity, Hyperloop, OpenAi, Neuralink and his current initiative, The Boring Company. Elon is a visionary who aims to create the technology of the future and designs that he believes will help the human race. Some of his projects have helped to curb car emissions with Tesla electric cars, as well as aid in research for space exploration through the SpaceX company. He is very influential and always trending, which is why he stirred up commotion when spotted carrying a book on cryptocurrencies. The book is by Julian Hosp and called "Cryptocurrencies Simply Explained". It is an easy guide to the world of cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, ICO, and more. The author himself is a cryptocurrency expert having worked in the field for years at TenX. His primary goal is to help teach at least a billion people worldwide about blockchain and cryptocurrencies by the year 2025. Rumors among the crypto community speculate that Elon Musk is simply passing on the book to someone, while other claims he may be doing research into blockchain in order to incorporate it into his companies in the form of digital tokens or smart contacts. Whether their speculations are right or not, Elon is certainly no stranger to online payment platforms, with his digital financial company being bought by PayPal way back in 2000. He was even appointed the CEO of PayPal for a short period before leaving due to clashes of interest with the other leaders. He was one of the biggest shareholders of PayPal stock and in 2002 when the company was sold to eBay, he made a huge return with 165 million dollars. To think Elon was reaching into Crypto territory is not far-fetched at all. He has enough experience with online payment systems and technology, so blockchain is not too far ahead of him. If he incorporates Blockchain or digital tokens into his companies or starts a cryptocurrency company of his own, those that know his history will not be surprised. Over the years, it has become public that Elon holds 0.25 of Bitcoin that was given to him as a gift many years ago. The value of this amount is roughly two thousand dollars, which is a small amount for a personality like Elon Musk. Despite his presumed lack of interest in cryptocurrency at present, the chances are high that this tech giant will embrace blockchain in the near future. The crypto community waits in anticipation for his next project that would surely make a dent in the industry.
  21. On March 22, 2018, Estonia will host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Tallinn dedicated to blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and ICOs. Estonian crypto experts and invited foreign specialists will talk about the future and the new prospects of blockchain industryGet more details here: Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Tallinn
  22. Cryptocurrency has fully conceptualized in the finance sector and will be mainstream in the economy soon. There are still people left out and confused about the jargons related to cryptocurrency and have no idea about the working of these digital tokens. Here are some of the terms which you should know before using cryptocurrencies. 1. HODL HODL was formerly originated from a forum post where the user misspelled ‘HOLD’ as ‘HODL’ in one of his post. Since then the term has gone viral, which is popularly abbreviated for ‘Hold On For Dear Life’. It attributed to the sentiment among the crypto-geeks to be fearless because of the volatility and hold on to their coins. 2. Altcoins Coins other than Bitcoins are referred to as Altcoins. Altcoins are the subdivided version of the cryptocurrency with less potential value or use. These coins are typically promoted or referred to by people who are holding them. 3. FUD It stands for ‘Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubts’. FUD is a disinformation strategy to spread negativity and propaganda used by someone who wants to create a ruckus among the crypto holders. They usually pass on the false message concerning the price drop of certain coins. 4. Pump and Dump People frenzy about bitcoin had gained a lot of attention, many investors showed interest which leads to the fast price increase. They later pile up the coins and diminish the supply, this ends up the course followed by the huge crash. Traders buying coins in high volume are the one who pumps, they may wish to sell out the coins. Whereas, the dumpsters are the one who purchases these coins and sell at higher price. 5. Bullish and Bearish Bullish: Estimation of the coins to get high. For instance, optimistic analysts are predicting the price of Bitcoin to raise about $300,000-$400,000 Bearish: Estimation of the coins to get low. Other altcoins are generally bearish as people do not see value in them or see a lesser value. 6. Bagholder Altcoin holders even after facing a crash may refer to as bagholder, seeing the value of the coins sinking and having no scope in the future to get a rise. The term is also referred to the traders who purchased coins at a high value but ending up by selling at a wrong time (when the coin is worthless). 7. Shilling/Pumping The act of endorsing coins in public, these are the traders who purchased coins at the rate of ‘pennies’ which is also termed as shilling the coin, anticipating the public’s interest to increase so that the price can take a surge or pump up in the future.
  23. As most people assume, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency are in the tech industry for trading and investing in order to make a profit on the market. However, if you consider the alternative which is philanthropy, a few companies are quite profound at doing just that. Using Cryptocurrencies to Fundraise Many charities are experimenting with cryptocurrency donations and some of the most prominent names involved are Red Cross, Save the Children, United Way and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. There is a clear ascension in number of donations with cryptocurrency. One of the biggest funds for donors, Fidelity Charitable, holds more than 69 million dollars worth of crypto donations as of 2017. More recently, a number of programmes and schemes in the world of crypto philanthropy have come to notice. Such platforms embrace crowdfunding sites like BitHope for donating Bitcoin to your charity of choice. Other apps like GiveTrack and Alice are used to trace the movement of funds from account to charity, all on Blockchain, and confirm that select foundations have received allocated donations. Non Profit Specific Coins Besides making donations with Bitcoin and tracking its progress on applications, there are a number of coins created by organisations for their social and ongoing projects. There are coins for exact purposes like the one created by Charity: Water, called Clean Water Coin for raise money for the charity that works to supply clean drinking water to people all over the world. Another called Pinkcoin, is a coin that alerts traders use it to donate to specific charities as well as get a return on their funding. This coin is registered as a major cryptocurrency contender and does well in the market. Foundations for Crypto Donations An anonymous philanthropist has recently created a charity foundation that aspires to donate 5,057 Bitcoins. The charity is called the Pineapple Fund and has reached out to numerous contributors who have collectively given away 56 million dollars to 56 chosen charities. The creator, 'pine' holds the slogan, “Because once you have enough money, money doesn’t matter.” as a justification for his contributions. With this use of Blockchain, a more credible process of donations to charities can be established. Most people have little trust in the working of bog charity organisations, speculating that these use a sizeable portion for their operations and little goes into the actual relief funds or projects. However, with a Blockchain system these doubts can be resolved with transparency in transactions, decreased operating costs, and overall efficiency in the process. These cynical ideas can be undone and lead to increased donations. In a few years, with the success of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology, these foundations can all have their own set of cryptocurrencies or coins to maintain the flow of donations digitally. An exchange can be created on a token system focused solely on the purchase and selling of these coins by traders and donators. This may even create a new approach to philanthropy where charities as well as philanthropists profit from trade of foundation specific coins for the improvement of those in need. Gathering funds could be made easy for Non Profit organisations by mining of tokens. Although the future holds so many possibilities, there are still limitations that stand in the way. Blockchain is a relatively new and unexplored system that still has a lot to be discovered by a majority of the public before it becomes mainstream. Most countries have not defined their legal stance on the trade of Bitcoin and many people do not have enough grasp of its operations. Thus, it will be a while before crypto philanthropy is recognised and utilised for donations and fundraising.
  24. There is no excuse for the lack of female representation in the Blockchain industry. More so, it is unacceptable for any industry. This pattern of young male entrepreneurs leading and monopolizing the world of technology has been going on for ages, prominently in the Silicon Valley, and now we think it has been endured for too long. In the world of Blockchain women are simply not major contenders in an investment of cryptocurrency as they make up a small portion, 4 to 6 percent, of overall blockchain investors. This may be a result of the male-oriented clubs that have surfaced like “blockchain bros”, that tend to marginalize women and prefer exclusivity. This further makes it difficult for women to compete or even exist in such spaces. But Blockchain is supposed to be different. It came up with the ideology of creating a decentralized, transparent, and equal system for all. Surely with these values, it could foster inclusion and equality? If there is already an inclination for male dominance so soon with the emergence of Blockchain, where does that put women in the near future of cryptocurrency? This behavior can influence the industry for years to come, making equality a questionable prospect. An article in the Times highlighted a tweet by venture capitalist Alexia Bonatsos, that urged women to ‘consider crypto’, ‘otherwise the men are going to get all the wealth, again’. Why is This the Reality? How is it that women do not enter the sacred space of Blockchain, and are not already big players in these digital investment plans? Speculations of exclusion come from women being judged for their qualifications in the industry, but it is not necessary to possess a degree to be a good investor. Those who pursue careers as analysts, investors, engineers, and more are at times criticised for their appearance and ability to be a part of the crypto world. It certainly does not help that a recent Bitcoin convention was held at a Miami strip club. However, despite the obstacles, there are leaders in the industry that try to create the opportunity and platform for women to join Blockchain. These projects show definite progress and will draw thousands to become investors. Reclamation According to the Director of Development at Digital Currency Group , Meltem Demirors, there is a prospect for change that will force the old and biased system to go female. She reports that the number of female Blockchain startup founders is increasing as well as the admission of female investors in crypto venture capital. Although there is still a long while to go before all is fair, she remains positive. With the help of startups and major companies promoting diversity in the industry, Money Trade Coin Group would also reinforce such initiatives and will set the wheels in motion for equality in the future.
  25. Tech Mahindra is the 5th most extensive IT service in India outlined to invest $100 million in setting up the AI and Blockchain excellence unit in Toronto. Read more here: Blockchain technology