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Found 6 results

  1. Website: Telegram: Twitter: Reddit: (Note: This announcement is an abbreviation of our official whitepaper: ) BitcoinToken is a de-centralized Currency on blockchain technology. Open Source. Community run and maintained. It is a currency ultimately owned by the people who posses it, a financial system owned by individuals not a large entity. BitcoinToken is not an ICO but a radical step towards repeating and improving the legacy of the original Bitcoin in creating a de-centralized currency, by the people for the people. Unlike other cryptocurrency ventures that seeks to sell all or almost their entire tokens during their ICO, BitcoinToken is designed to be majorly distributed as awards to adopters for maintenance and continual improvement of the project. The remaining large portion of tokens are to be airdropped freely. This again is another attempt to start a movement of a crypto community that can not be controlled by major donors or financial investors but each person of the community adds the value to the currency. Instead of nodes it is people. Instead of business decisions, it is a passionate individuals adopting a new way of thinking and transferring money through blockchain technology. A NEW SOLUTION NEEDED With larger adoption Bitcoin has run into problems like scalability, its price-point is daunting to investors or for common day usage. Mining prices to sustain the network have become astronomical in energy consumption. The time and fees of the TX have made the currency un-usable for day to day transactions with waiting periods of up to 30 minutes or longer. These; among others, are the problems that inspired the creation of (BTK) BitcoinToken. Despite the challenges associated with bitcoin, a lot of investors still want to participate in its market. To this end, BTK is introduced as a platform for easy, fast, affordable and efficient use of bitcoin. The solution is centered around giving people (BTK community) the ability to comfortably use bitcoin through a scalable alias – BTK. OUR VISION One ailment of the crypto-currency world is over technicality and confusing jargon. We believe that blockchain technology can be delivered to a larger user-base with simplicity, and less confusion. BitcoinToken is striving to be one of the leaders in adoption for everyday use of digital currency. We intend to simplify and bring the powerful peer to peer ledger system into the hands of every day people who will utilize it everyday transactions. Our vision to accomplish this is to put the community and people first. We regularly speak of ourselves as a community currency and enjoy the simple comments and interactions of new users to blockchain technology. We allow them to dictate how we should make things easier and more effective for their use. We also are community run and desire to set the framework of an open source system where this currency will perpetuate with the community in control not a large investor or any larger centralized entity. We desire for BTK to remain and continue as a decentralized currency for the people. OBJECTIVES E-commerce Applications BitcoinToken is looking to make the bitcoin currency easily transferable and liquid-able for purchasing power. We are already in talks with various companies that we believe are spearheading the way forward to integration with all major existing e-commerce online platforms. The current TX rates can be as low as .2 cents, so this makes our solution strongly competitive with Paypal or Stripe who charge 2.9%+ for each transaction of money. So our goal is to have BitcoinToken available to be used by small businesses or websites as method of payment or donation to transfer funds. Technology Upgrades BitcoinToken is to provide a stable cryptocurrency that will be trusted and adopted. We are currently utilizing the Ethereum blockchain as we have started an ERC20 token under their system. Our circulation of tokens is 10 billion with a decimal point of 18 and our contract address is: 0xdb8646f5b487b5dd979fac618350e85018f557d4. The Ethereum platform is trusted and utilized by very large companies and is a very forward thinking blockchain. We have discussed amongst developers the need to continue to evaluate the long-term durability of the ETH blockchain and if we need to start our own blockchain. So we have not closed the door to this possibility depending on the adoption rate of BitcoinToken and it’s scalability issues. Educating Users BitcoinToken is very sensitive to the need to educate people on blockchain technology in a simple user-friendly fashion. This objective is close to the heart of the project in putting people and their needs first in ensuring adoption of the technology is easy and even fun. Our platform is open source and also spreads further education and forward thinking of the blockchain technology, spurring on innovation. World-Wide Community BitcoinToken since its foundation has been a world-wide currency. Developers from many countries, advisors, innovators and volunteers on social media have been from varied parts of the world. This has become part of our DNA to cater to the needs of translation work and adoption of blockchain technology in countries all over the world. This is another way that blockchain technology is disrupting the financial sector is that it is rewarding not only the rich but poor in any part of the world. We are excited to have team members joining from all walks of life and social status to be a part of BitcoinToken. Usability BitcoinToken will make blockchain technology less daunting for the end user and give people renewed confidence in this pioneering way of transferring funds through a peer to peer digital network. From our custom applications to partnerships with like-minded teams, we are seeking to make this technology as user-friendly as possible. PROJECT ASPECTS A) Anonymity Since the beginning of BitcoinToken there has been an desire from many of the team members to remain anonymous in their contributions. This has helped the team focus on the main project and ensure steady growth. We see the same in the original vision of bitcoin, anonymity was also part of its success. Our goal is results that are tangible in user-interaction and adoption and not to focus on the developers behind the scenes. B) Decentralized Many ERC20 tokens starting are used by businesses that are centralized entities. The original vision of blockchain technology is to operate in a way that is peer to peer and not a part of any centralized hub. The genius of this technology is that it runs and works apart from the control of any one individual. Whether utilizing the ETH blockchain or starting our own. The goal will be to ensure a de-centralized model is maintained. C) Open Source In keeping with the spirit of many projects in the crypto world we desire to be open source with everything that is developed. From Wallet Apps to any E-commerce applications. Everything will be open source or released onto Github after initial development This will allow for further innovation and for anyone to take part in improving BitcoinToken. D) No Large Pre-Mine We are disseminating the currency in a way that will not allow for whales or large investors of a certain extend to own the currency at the beginning. This gives an equal fair share for investors of all types. Being a token and not a mineable currency we are ensuring wide distribution in varying amounts. E) Large Airdrop Airdropping of token currencies is a fad right now as a PR stunt for many new tokens starting. We are looking to airdrop not just part of the currency but the lion-share to a large-user base. This will set us apart from many of the tokens starting that are essentially doing a small airdrop to boost recognition of their branding. We estimate as much as 70-80% will be airdropped being the other 20-30% is used for bounties, investor funding and rewards (not payment) for initial development work done for BitcoinToken. F) Community A big focus is the development of a strong and large community that is active and helping dictate the future of the BitcoinToken currency. We see the value of the currency in its community and this will ensure the long-term durability of development, innovation and use of BitcoinToken. G) Mass-Adoption An important aspect of this project is its outward focused goal of mass adoption rate. Innovation and improvement to the blockchain technology is important but if it is not being used it becomes just test-tube experiments but not applied to real-life. We believe in its adoption to a large user-base of even non-crypto minded people that the technology will have to adapt and change and this will bring innovation otherwise not thought of. H) Simplicity A question asked over and over again in this project is “can it be done more simply.” The complexity of many systems that utilize bitcoin technology narrow the field of usability. BitcoinToken strives to be unique amongst digital currencies to keep things simple, user-friendly and even fun to use. TECHNICAL DATA Token Name: BitcoinToken Token Symbol: BTK Token Decimal: 18 Tokens in Circulation: 10,000,000,000 Contract Address: 0xdb8646f5b487b5dd979fac618350e85018f557d4 ROADMAP (MAJOR EVENTS) First Quarter of 2018 - Completion and launch of Referral Script / Smart Contract code to garner a possible 100k followers through this #airdrop - Translation and release of the official [ANN] announcement in 20+ languages. Second Quarter of 2018 - Addition of 1-2 medium sized exchanges for more liquidity for BitcoinToken and investment potential (and also spur on price growth). - Continued development of native BitcoinToken (BTK) IOS and Android Wallet APP. Third Quarter of 2018 - Partnership with E-commerce integration businesses to ensure adoption of BitcoinToken for small businesses and online spending. - Translation of native BitcoinToken (BTK) IOS and Android Wallet APP into 50+ languages. Fourth Quarter of 2018 - Addition of 1-2 larger exchanges for more liquidity for BitcoinToken and investment potential. - Addition of BitcoinToken into currency into on-demand exchangers. - The possible release of the native BitcoinToken (BTK) IOS and Android Wallet in APP stores. 
 LOOKING BEYOND (2019-2020) In the fast-pace crypto world everything can change in one year! Our main longer goals would be larger user-adoption and on-going development of our APP. Integration with cutting edge platforms into e-commerce and other methods of transferring monetary value. We will continually be petitioning for larger and more extensive open source development help and ensure a public free decentralized platform for the furthering of the project. We intend to see increased value and use of BitcoinToken over time. JOINING WITH #BTK BitcoinToken is a tremendous opportunity for someone who is looking to invest in blockchain technology. We believe with large user adoption and holding of the currency there will be increased value and demand for BitcoinToken (BTK). Many projects start with ICO’s or pre-made business models that ensure that the company or entity is first in reward. We intend to reverse this where the people themselves are rewarded as early adopters for a pro-longed period of time. Join us! Be a part of crypto-currency history and enjoy the benefits for yourself. Our currency is available at a variety of exchanges, but our recommended avenue for investors is the Token Store (a safe trust-less decentralized exchange) that we have partnered with initially and will continue in that relationship. We welcome your questions and ideas, we are here to serve you: [email protected] DISCLAIMER Please note that this document is not a prospectus. It was constituted for informational purposes only, in order to present BitcoinToken products. Be aware that no purchase is necessary. You are free to take part in the project or not. It is your responsibility to review the existing laws in your country before buying BitcoinToken. You must read, understand and accept the terms of this document before involving yourself in the project. Disclaimer: I am only the Bounty Campaign Manager for this project. I am paid only to manage this project's bounty campaign and post this announcement thread. I will not be held responsible should the developers/project's team fail to reach their stated goals/obligations to the bounty participants, investors and everyone else. Join (on their bounty campaign) or Invest (on their ICO) at your own risk.
  2. Criptoreal - CRS >>> Project Information: CriptoReal is focused mainly on Brazil and will expand to all Latin America, it will provide an alternative payment method for the online and offline retail industry. Project inception took place after a meeting with some of the big players from this industry who expressed their interest for the new "crypto thing" and how can it be used for cutting down the intermediaries costs. [ >>> CRS Desktop Wallets: Windows: Download Here Linux: Download Here OSx: work in progress >>> Technical Aspects: Symbol: CRS Address: C Emission: ~203million Premine: 1.5% (plus swap) Genesis Block: 31/01/2018 - Brazilian News Halving: 825000 blocks ( ~38 months ) Blocks: 120 sec Algorithm: Lyra2z Difficulty: Every Block (DGW v3) Ports: 5511 - 5512 Circulating Supply: Click here to see Masternodes: Active Masternode Collateral: 50.000 CRS InstaSend: Activated PrivateSend: Activated Governance: Next Year >>> Useful Links: Explorer: MasterNode Stats: Github: WhitePaper in Portuguese: Download Here WhitePaper in English: coming soon. >>> Exchanges: SouthXchange: CRS / BTC - CRS / USD More coming soon. >>> Mining Pools: Suprnova Pool: Altminer Pool: Hash Pool: Tiny Pool: Minadores Pool: >>> Rewards: POW Rewards: Block 0 to 5000 = 6 CRS Block 5001 to 5190 = 120 CRS (100%) Block 5190 to 10230 = 72 CRS (60%) Block 10230 and after until halving = 60 CRS (50%) MasterNode Rewards: Block 0 to 5190 = 0 CRS Block 5190 to 10230 = 48 CRS (40%) Block 10230 and after until halving = 60 CRS (50%) >>> Roadmap: 1º Phase - 02/2018 to 03/2018 Launch: Compiled desktop wallets (done) Online Tier 2 Exchange listing ( Masternode enforced payment (after block 5190) 2º Phase - 03/2018 to 05/2018 Marketing: Sponsoring an eSport championship Facebook and Twitter campaigns CoinTraffic Ad campaign 3º Phase - 06/2018 to 11/2018 Growth: First services offering CRS as means of payment. Mobile Wallet Develop e-commerce platform plugins (woocommerce, magento, etc.) Webhost Membership platform E-mail marketing platform 4º Phase - 11/2018 a 12/2018 Consolidation: This phase involves the growth of CRS market share in Brazil and Latin America adding services and communicating with partners. 5º Phase - 01/2019 a 12/2019 This phase is to get CRS to the next step, teaching and showing actual benefits of using CRS to people not familiar with cryptocurrencies. Benefit conscientization. Middleman elimination. Cost, fraud and time reduction. Self-serving totems. Eg: Payment for parking at local Shopping Malls, etc. Public utility projects development. Integration with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) Crowdfunding platform. [ANN][CRS] Criptoreal - A Brazilian Coin [MN][POW][Lyra2z][DGWv3] 6º Phase - 2020 Decenex - Decentralized Exchange P2P DECENEX launch, a decentralized exchange to buy and sell CRS peer to peer, avoiding middlemen, controlled by a distributed ledger and audited by independent mediators ==== >>> Social Media & Contacts: Twitter: Discord: Telegram Group: Facebook Group: Facebook Page: E-mail: dev[at] PGP: ==== This is a new Ann thread, after implementing Masternodes and new algorithm, we have swapped 1:1 coins from the old chain. If you need help, join us, we are more than 600 on Discord:
  3. [ Website ] [ Twitter ] [ Block Explorer ] [ Discord ] [ Telegram ] [ Github ] Korean thread | Indonesian thread | Turkish thread | Italian thread | Greek thread | Russian thread Total Supply: 16.6kk coins (mining up to 2050Y) Type: PoW 100% Algorithm: SKUNK Coin name: MUNcoin Coin abbreviation: MUN Difficulty Retargeting: Every Block Block Time Average: 2,5 minutes Block Reward: Start with 0 Reward gradually increasing to 10 MUN for 3 days (1728 block), decreasing by 12% every year Block Reward Distribution: 50% to Masternodes, 50% to Miners (available at 2 week - 8064 block) and need 1000 MUN nstantSend Confirmation: ~5 seconds Superior Difficulty Retargeting Using Dark Gravity Wave Superior Transaction Anonymity Using PrivateSend Premine: 747489 MUN* Mainnet: P2P port 12548 RPC port 12547 Testnet: P2P port 22548 RPC port 22547 * Premine of only 4.3% that will be used for airdrops, bounties and implementation of all the planned phases on the roadmap [listing on more exchanges included]. ------------------------------------------ SUPRNOVA ----------------------------------------- PoolofD32th -a skunk -o stratum+tcp:// -u MX4P2KNskpMr3KbriYJHqv8k7bfvo5mU7a -p c=MUN pause ------------------------------------------ -o stratum+tcp:// -u <WALLET_ADDRESS> -p c=MUN pause ------------------------------------------ BSOD -a skunk -o stratum+tcp:// -u YOURWALLETADDRESS.rigname -p x -R 5 -a skunk -o stratum+tcp:// -u YOURWALLETADDRESS.rigname -p x -R 5 (for NiceHash use only) pause ------------------------------------------
  4. Game Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Telegram ICO stage is live - up to 50% Bonus! Bounty+Airdrop Thread ANN in other languages: Italian | Spanish | Russian EtherJack is a jackpot game, based in the Ethereum blockchain. The rules are simple: there's a massive jackpot, and people are placing bids to claim it, within allowed time after the last bid. If no bid comes, the last to claim gets it. If bids keep coming, the jackpot grows further. The game is 100% transparent and fair (thanks to the Ethereum Smart Contracts), and everything depends only on the participants, not on devs. We are announcing the start of the game's ICO stage. This is the stage when the jackpot is formed, and JACK tokens (read more on them below) are distributed at much lower prices than during the game phase. The collected jackpot will attract players placing bids, and the JACK you get will help you get a cut of the bids. The game will also automatically sell your JACK to the new players at a growing price if you wish so. This ICO is about selling stakes in the one-time big jackpot game. House always wins, so why not be the house? What is the game? After the ICO phase is over, the jackpot will have at least 333 ETH in it, and the game will start. Players will be placing bids (starting with 0.01 ETH). Each bid claims the jackpot and starts a countdown timer. If nobody else places a bid before the timer runs out, the player to make the last bid gets the whole jackpot. This won't happen so easily though, because someone else will want to place another bid and claim the jackpot for themselves instead, at the last moment. Someone else will place a bid to not let that second person win it, and so on. The more bids are placed, the shorter is the countdown timer (3 hours down to 5 minutes), and the higher the bid price (0.01 ETH up to 0.1 ETH to 0.5 ETH and higher with no limit). Check to see a simulation of the game running, and read an illustrated version of the game rules. The game is implemented as a smart contract with published source code. The source code of the JACK token is published as well. Neither the developers nor the Croupier bot (off-chain component of the game) can affect the course of the game in any way other than available to everyone else, it can be verified in the contract code. More details on roles of the developers and Croupier can be found in the white paper. is a combination of game of good timing, patience, luck, and investment. Every participant has a very real chance to win the big chunk of Ether. Mathematically proven. What is being sold? During the ICO phase of the game, the Jackpot contract is selling JACK tokens (a custom ERC20 token used in game mechanics) at a discounted price until there's at least 333 ETH in the jackpot. The price of JACK tokens during ICO starts at 0.004 ETH per JACK, and will reach 0.006 ETH by the end of ICO. At the game start, the price will jump to 0.01 ETH per JACK and keep growing as more and more bids are made in the game. The JACK price is defined by game rules (the smart contract), and the way the game is designed guarantees that JACK is worth at least the nominal price at all times. You can read more on that and why it is so, in the white paper. The power of JACK JACK has three roles in the game, and it's three ways you can benefit from being a JACK holder. Role 1: Bid JACK. At any moment, one can bid one JACK instead of an ETH amount to claim the jackpot. This is especially useful when bid prices reach too high levels. When not everyone can afford to pay the bid price to claim the jackpot, JACK holders still can by bidding just 1 JACK. Bidding tokens permanently burns them, reducing the total supply and thus increasing their value even more. Role 2: Get a cut. A JACK holder can deposit their JACK with the Croupier bot and get a cut (17.5%) from every bid made in the game and a cut (35%) from every new JACK token sold during the game phase. The cut is divided between all deposits proportional to the amount of JACK deposited. Deposited JACK can be withdrawn back to your wallet at any time. The deposit balances are stored on the blockchain. Role 3: Resell. Since the price of JACK grows all the time together with the bid price, one can benefit from buying early (cheap) and selling late. Moreover, the game can sell your JACK for you automatically. Issue a command to the Croupier bot, and it will put your JACK on sale, and you will be getting 100% of sale price every time your tokens are sold to new players. You can of course also resell JACK directly, all wallets support it as a token, since it conforms to the ERC20 standard. The JACK Holders' Panel at allows you to monitor your deposit and earnings in real time, and to give commands to the Croupier bot. So what's the JACK price again? It starts with 0.004 ETH per JACK, and will gradually reach 0.006 ETH by the time 40,000 JACK are sold in total. Buying at least 200 JACK in one transaction provides volume discounts starting from 5% and up to 25%. You can check the current JACK price and use a volume discount calculator at (scroll to the very bottom for the calculator). How do I participate? Send Ether to the Jackpot address: 0xe64d5f33E28387855d33980719f27f0d579392aF, and the contract will send you back tokens. Make sure to set gas limit to 300,000, since Ethereum is sometimes underestimating the cost due to the complex logic. The actual consumption will be around 120,000 gas on average. Track the JACK token to see it in your wallet. Address: 0x861825daa0068136a55f6effb3f4a0b9aa17f51f; symbol: JACK; decimals: 0. You can find detailed instructions for buying JACK and tracking JACK on the website, and also conveniently make the transactions via Metamask if you prefer. When does the ICO end? Having 333 ETH in the jackpot will start a 48-hour countdown timer. After the countdown is over, ICO will end, and the game will start. If you subscribe to AirDrop on the website, we'll e-mail you an alert 12 hours before the game starts, and right when the game starts. You can also subscribe to push notifications on game status changes (works in Chrome, Firefox, and many others, including mobile; but doesn't work in Safari including iOS Safari). JACK price During the ICO the price starts with 0.004 ETH per JACK. Once 10,000 tokens are sold, the price will change 0.005 ETH, and then gradually reach 0.006 ETH. Once the game has started, the price will be 0.01 ETH and will grow up by 0.006 ETH with every 100 bids placed. After 1000 bids (which is no later than 35 days from game start) JACK will cost 0.07 ETH, and after 5000 bids (67 days from start max) 0.31 ETH, and so on. JACK holders can start selling JACK to new buyers through the game's smart contract from the start. Alternatively, they can start getting a cut from each bid made in the game, or both, or first deposit, and then when the prices have grown, sell them. FAQ GameWest | Whitepaper | Twitter | Telegram | Bounty+airdrop | ICOisLive!
  5. The Bitwinner Bounty and Referral program are great way to earn free BWC tokens. Get more number of direct referrals and increase your BWC token holdings Support Bitwinner ICO through social media, blogging and discussion boards and earn BWC tokens for free. Visit to know more: Total tokens out for ICO: 03 Million Tokens releasing per day: 0.3 Million ICO date: December 21 - December 31 Token tag: BWC Token value: 0.80$ - 02$ Join BWC ICO:
  6. IDEA We would like to share an idea of bridging real world to crypto world. What is cryptosquarefeet? How crypto can be backed up by real estate actual investments? We give answers to this questions, creating the community of smart investors. We don't sell anything. Together with you we invest into liquid real estate square feet (square meters) and get outstanding ROI. Our investment is backed by real estate, it is growing in value and can be always convertered back to crypto or fiat currency. HOW IT WORKS Each investor has its own cabinet in KEYS platform to monitor operations. Funds raised through crowdsale are convertered to fiat currency. We buy property that becomes an asset that backs our tokens. We get rental payments, pay operation and service fee, get net ROI (return on investment = profit). We convert profits from fiat currency into cryptocurrency and pay dividends to our Token holders on a monthly basis. WHY US To enter the real estate market and become a rentier you need a solid amount of money. Otherwise you can share investment with community and become a cryptorentier. We don't collect money to build some platform, website or new super-dooper wallet system as other founders do promise. We will instantly put money into action through acquisition of property. So investors from the very pre-ICO begining will start earning dividends as we value our investors, their time, their resources and money and time value of the money also matters. We are transparent and open to your questions. Our team comprises of real people, real professionals: licensed real estate broker, ACCA member, financial expert and marketing advisor. Among others we are the first who will actually back up each token by something real. And we have a strong ambition to remain leaders in this way of cryptoinvestments. EXAMPLE As an example - average price for a nice 1BR apartment in Dubai in prime location with sea-view, access to all amenties and close to main attractions varies from $325 K to $400 K USD. Daily rate to stay in such apartment will be at least $200, in high season $300. Expected monthly income during high season (5 months) is $9 K and $6 K during normal season. Correction factor for incomplete load (very unlikely though even during hot summer) 0.75. Therefore annual income: (5*9000+7*6000)*0.75 = $65 K USD. From this deduct license fees, service fee, utility bills, laundry and cleaning - around $12 K USD annually. 2% of real estate price is common practice for operational costs - another $8 K USD. As the result our investor gets $45 K USD on a maximum investment of $400 K which is 11% net ROI. Unreachable level for a commercial bank on USD deposits. YOUR ACTION Go to and read more about the KEYS. Stay tuned as pre-ICO will oficially start up on 15.12.2017 and will last for one month till 15.01.2018 We are so exicited to share the idea with you as soon as possible that decided to make announcement a week earlier. Those of you who wants to encourage us right away can already make contributions to the crowdsale contract (address is mentioned on the website). We will encourage you in return - and give our first investors a 10% bonus - for those who make transactions before 15.12.2017. You are welcome to ask question right here in the announcement thread, we are also open for the proposals on collaboration.