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Found 28 results

  1. Ethereum Constantinople mainnet hard fork scheduled for block #7080000 estimated tentatively on January 16. In advance of ETH blockchain upgrade, we have prepared a list of cryptocurrency exchanges that will support the hardfork Constantinople... Read more
  2. On November 9, Netta Lab reported in Twitter about a vulnerability in the Ethereum virtual machine that allows users to endlessly execute smart contracts without paying for gas. The researchers also addressed to the operator of the American database of vulnerabilities, where they registered the corresponding discovery... Read more
  3. Bulls dominate on the cryptocurrency market for two weeks straight. Uptrend grows quite characteristic sharp impulses with short pullbacks, which may indicate some uncertainty in the stability of altcoins price... Read more
  4. Ethereum Foundation and Filecoin will finance an initiative to create specialized hardware for Ethereum 2.0. Ethereum Foundation researcher Justin Drake during the Devcon conference in Prague told this. He has provided public with some technical information about new ASICs maintaining the Ethereum-technology preparing for start under the name Beacon chain... Read more
  5. The developers of cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) decided to put the divisions behind with a view to working on the Ethereum project together. As a goodwill gesture, the Ethereum Foundation transferred 15,000 ETC coins (approximately $ 150,000) to the Ethereum Classic Cooperative company wallet... Read more
  6. Despite increase in majority cryptocurrencies rate in 2018, volumes of mining by large companies did not decline. Therefore, the main computing power of networks is controlled by several enterprises, which leads to a decrease in the level of decentralization of blockchains. To solve this problem, several cryptocurrency developers are planning to implement hard forks aimed at countering coin mining with the help of ASIC miners... Read more
  7. The implementation of Constantinople update, the second part of Metropolis hard fork in Ethereum blockchain, postponed until the beginning of 2019. Ethereum Core devs made this decision during the videoconference... Read more
  8. In the nearest future Ethereum cryptocurrency will change the algorithm of consensus and reduction of miners award from 3 ETH to 2 ETH... Читать больше
  9. Over the past week, the situation on the cryptocurrency market has not changed dramatically - rather, it has simply stabilized. This resulted in the development of the correctional phase, which has acquired the format of an "ascending sidemove.".. Read more
  10. Over the last week, cryptocurrency market capitalization ohas decreased by approximately 20% - from $ 350 to $ 279 billion. In turn, the price of bitcoin on June 9 began a strong downward movement, reaching subsequently marks below $ 6300... Read more
  11. According to cryptocurrency analyst Kevin Rooke, 94 of the 100 best blockchain projects based on the Ethereum platform... Read more
  12. What’s up, guys? Nice to meet you. I’m the manager of a brand new Ethereum Casino called Jackypot and I’m here to tell you about a terrific promotion that we’re having for aperture. Jackypot is the first Ethereum Casino with an smart contract 100% clear in each transaction, animated interface (simple and user friendly) and great prizes: with us you’ll have 55% chances to win! Up to 300% of your bet! Other casinos restrict your profit to a minimal chance… that doesn’t happen in Jackypot. Even if you bet 0.01 ETH or take a risk with a 10 ETH bet you’ll always have 55% chance to win (at least) 110% of your bet. So, what do you say? Introductory Offer: *[Did you lost? We’ll give you the money back!] * In Jackypot we’ll return 100% of the bet to users that have had lost by playing. If you bet “0.01 ether” in Jackypot and lost, then we’ll return you that “0.01 ether” to your wallet How to claim my prize? Step 1: Go to Step 2: Make a bet of 0.01 ETH in Jackypot Ethereum Casino (“Refund will only apply for 0.01 ether bets. Other quantities don’t apply”). Step 3: Wait for your result to appear on the board. You lost? Step 4: Leave a comment in this post with your ethereum address. Step 5: Wait for the refund of your “lost ether” to be made in about 1 or 2 hours. (we’ll answer in less of 2 hours) Note: Only bets of 0.01 ethereum will be refund. Upper quantities don’t apply. Only 3 bets will be refund per player = ethereum address ** Offer available until June 30th, 2018 or until spend all 2,000 refundable bets available. (we’ll eliminate this post when limit stablished is completed)** Social Media: Facebook Twitter Youtube
  13. Release of Casper the Friendly Finality Gadget (FFG) upgrade, designed to change the consensus mechanism in the Ethereum network. The external developers and auditors may find it on GitHub... Read more
  14. NWPsolution, the Estonia-based company creating Intellectual healthcare ecosystem. The NWPsolution is a platform that integrates smart devices and databases into a single network that provides access to existing healthcare and quality of life services. The platform is built on advanced technologies in the field of artificial intelligence, data security and blockchain. The platform provides an opportunity for its participants to solve their important tasks — ensuring their health and the health of their loved ones on the one hand and optimizing the costs of clinical health care, insurance, or purchase of drugs with another. Users are given a unique opportunity to participate in research and development, providing data for the analytical tasks of participating companies, as well as blockchain technologies that ensure integrity, safety, and, most importantly, transparency in the use of the accumulated knowledge base. To satisfy legal requirements NWP tokens are not securities, dividends will not be paid to their holders. In this regard the part of commissions received by the platform will be used for guaranteed purchase of NWP tokens on exchanges with subsequent destruction. Regular decrease of token quantity in the market will stimulate the increase in the rate of NWP token on exchange. NWP token will be used for service payments. Along with the regular increase of operations quantity in the system, the demand will be increasing as well as NWP rate. Alexander Frolov, CEO of NWP, commented on the upcoming token sale: Traveling almost all the time, I was faced with the problem of lack of access to my medical records in external situations. Then in 2016 I decided to create a platform that would allow me as a user to have access to this data and provide it to others if necessary. Based on the entered data and AI, the user will get scoring of a personal health state and receive a recommendation to improve it. Within the framework of the project, tokens will be used as a payment within the ecosystem and rewarding the users for the continuous use of our service. This will allow users to optimize the cost of medical care and the cost of insurance. Whitepaper: Facebook: Twitter: Telegram: Medium: Bitcointalk: GitHub: Golos: linkedin: Steemit: ICOBench:
  15. Game Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Telegram ICO stage is live - up to 50% Bonus! EtherJack is a jackpot game, based in the Ethereum blockchain. The rules are simple: there's a massive jackpot, and people are placing bids to claim it, within allowed time after the last bid. If no bid comes, the last to claim gets it. If bids keep coming, the jackpot grows further. The game is 100% transparent and fair (thanks to the Ethereum Smart Contracts), and everything depends only on the participants, not on devs. We are announcing the start of the game's ICO stage. This is the stage when the jackpot is formed, and JACK tokens (read more on them below) are distributed at much lower prices than during the game phase. The collected jackpot will attract players placing bids, and the JACK you get will help you get a cut of the bids. The game will also automatically sell your JACK to the new players at a growing price if you wish so. This ICO is about selling stakes in the one-time big jackpot game. House always wins, so why not be the house? What is the game? After the ICO phase is over, the jackpot will have at least 333 ETH in it, and the game will start. Players will be placing bids (starting with 0.01 ETH). Each bid claims the jackpot and starts a countdown timer. If nobody else places a bid before the timer runs out, the player to make the last bid gets the whole jackpot. This won?t happen so easily though, because someone else will want to place another bid and claim the jackpot for themselves instead, at the last moment. Someone else will place a bid to not let that second person win it, and so on. The more bids are placed, the shorter is the countdown timer (3 hours down to 5 minutes), and the higher the bid price (0.01 ETH up to 0.1 ETH to 0.5 ETH and higher with no limit). Check to see a simulation of the game running, and read an illustrated version of the game rules. The game is implemented as a smart contract with published source code. The source code of the JACK token is published as well. Neither the developers nor the Croupier bot (off-chain component of the game) can affect the course of the game in any way other than available to everyone else, it can be verified in the contract code. More details on roles of the developers and Croupier can be found in the white paper. is a combination of game of good timing, patience, luck, and investment. Every participant has a very real chance to win the big chunk of Ether. Mathematically proven. What is being sold? During the ICO phase of the game, the Jackpot contract is selling JACK tokens (a custom ERC20 token used in game mechanics) at a discounted price until there's at least 333 ETH in the jackpot. The price of JACK tokens during ICO starts at 0.004 ETH per JACK, and will reach 0.006 ETH by the end of ICO. At the game start, the price will jump to 0.01 ETH per JACK and keep growing as more and more bids are made in the game. The JACK price is defined by game rules (the smart contract), and the way the game is designed guarantees that JACK is worth at least the nominal price at all times. You can read more on that and why it is so, in the white paper. The power of JACK JACK has three roles in the game, and it's three ways you can benefit from being a JACK holder. Role 1: Bid JACK. At any moment, one can bid one JACK instead of an ETH amount to claim the jackpot. This is especially useful when bid prices reach too high levels. When not everyone can afford to pay the bid price to claim the jackpot, JACK holders still can by bidding just 1 JACK. Bidding JACK tokens permanently burns them, reducing the total supply and thus increasing their value even more. Role 2: Get a cut. A JACK holder can deposit their JACK with the Croupier bot and get a cut (17.5%) from every bid made in the game and a cut (35%) from every new JACK token sold during the game phase. The cut is divided between all deposits proportional to the amount of JACK deposited. Deposited JACK can be withdrawn back to your wallet at any time. The deposit balances are stored on the blockchain. Role 3: Resell. Since the price of JACK grows all the time together with the bid price, one can benefit from buying early (cheap) and selling late. Moreover, the game can sell your JACK for you automatically. Issue a command to the Croupier bot, and it will put your JACK on sale, and you will be getting 100% of sale price every time your tokens are sold to new players. You can of course also resell JACK directly, all wallets support it as a token, since it conforms to the ERC20 standard. The JACK Holders' Panel at allows you to monitor your deposit and earnings in real time, and to give commands to the Croupier bot. So what's the JACK price again? It starts with 0.004 ETH per JACK, and will gradually reach 0.006 ETH by the time 40,000 JACK are sold in total. Buying at least 200 JACK in one transaction provides volume discounts starting from 5% and up to 25%. You can check the current JACK price and use a volume discount calculator at (scroll to the very bottom for the calculator). How do I participate? Send Ether to the Jackpot address: 0xe64d5f33E28387855d33980719f27f0d579392aF, and the contract will send you back tokens. Make sure to set gas limit to 300,000, since Ethereum is sometimes underestimating the cost due to the complex logic. The actual consumption will be around 120,000 gas on average. Track the JACK token to see it in your wallet. Address: 0x861825daa0068136a55f6effb3f4a0b9aa17f51f; symbol: JACK; decimals: 0. You can find detailed instructions for buying JACK and tracking JACK on the website, and also conveniently make the transactions via Metamask if you prefer. When does the ICO end? Having 333 ETH in the jackpot will start a 48-hour countdown timer. After the countdown is over, ICO will end, and the game will start. If you subscribe to AirDrop on the website, we?ll e-mail you an alert 12 hours before the game starts, and right when the game starts. You can also subscribe to push notifications on game status changes (works in Chrome, Firefox, and many others, including mobile; but doesn?t work in Safari including iOS Safari). JACK price During the ICO the price starts with 0.004 ETH per JACK. Once 10,000 tokens are sold, the price will change 0.005 ETH, and then gradually reach 0.006 ETH. Once the game has started, the price will be 0.01 ETH and will grow up by 0.006 ETH with every 100 bids placed. After 1000 bids (which is no later than 35 days from game start) JACK will cost 0.07 ETH, and after 5000 bids (67 days from start max) 0.31 ETH, and so on. JACK holders can start selling JACK to new buyers through the game's smart contract from the start. Alternatively, they can start getting a cut from each bid made in the game, or both, or first deposit, and then when the prices have grown, sell them. Game Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Telegram | ICO is Live!
  16. Ethereum reached a record $738 on CoinMarketCap at the time of this writing. The new price means the turnover now exceeds $5.2 billion. Read more here:
  17. The domain name is listed for sale on a marketplace namely Uniregistry Market. Thus, it is Ethereum(dot)com for sale about $10 million. Check more here: Ethereum(dot)com for sale
  18. The best revert to this question is said by the project creator Vitalik Buterin at the Ethereum’s flagship conference, Devcon. Read detail info here: Vitalik Buterin
  19. The first part of Ethereum’s hard fork- Byzantium has officially launched on Testnet. Find out detailed information here: Byzantium Ethereum
  20. Ethereum scaling project is preparing to launch a token sale and ICO Raiden Network will seek fund for the developments of the payments protocol Read more here: Ethereum scaling project preparing to launch a token sale: Raiden ICO
  21. Technology Ethereum can challenge to such large financial institutions as Visa. This opinion Vitalik Buterin expressed during the session "Questions and Answers" TechCrunch Disrupt with the founder of AngelList Naval Ravinkat. According to Buterin, the main issue standing in the way of mass adoption of the blockchain, are security issues. And once they would solved, the technology can not only occupy a significant market share and oust the giants of the payment industry. Ethereum co-founder expects that next year will present prototypes of solutions that provide a maximum threshold of security. In order, technology really could be a serious competitor to traditional financial instruments, will take another few years. At the same time, Vitalik Buterin cautiously spoke about the prospects of Ethereum from the point of view of influence on cloud services like Amazon Web Services (AWS). According to him, in order to really transform this sector, the creators of Ethereum-based applications should convince the companies that their decentralized structure has sufficient security to store confidential data. Earlier in September, Vitalik Buterin said there were certain risks in that interest in the blockbuster was growing too fast, because the technology itself is not yet ready to accept all this interest. Bit.News
  22. Despite the fact that today mining has become a very profitable business, in the long term this sector may simply disappear. This reflected the view, articulated by Ethereum cofounder Vitalik Buterin to Kommersant. The Ethereum cofounder also spoke about the risks of using cryptocurrency. He also believes that there are risks in the fact that interest in the blockchain is growing too fast, because the technology itself is not yet ready to accept all this interest. In addition, stresses Buterin, there is still the risk of fraud. Looking ahead, Buterin believes that the types of fraud associated with using someone else's data will be relevant, when one person impersonates another. This kind of fraud, he says, is practically ineradicable and will live for a very long time. There are also new types of fraud, for example, related to competencies. Buterin also notes the increase in fraud on the market ICO, where fraudsters issue fake ICO for this project, collecting several thousand dollars from investors and dying. We will remind, earlier from the developers of Ethereum became known that on September 18, will launch a test network Byzantium, which will be an important step for an upcoming upgrade Metropolis. After some time, will be made one more upgrade, as Constantinople. Hardfork and Metropolis release scheduled for early October. Bit.News
  23. Start ICO Singapore blockchain startup Status led to a mass crash Ethereum. Status declares itself as a free open source Android and iOS mobile client, that built entirely on Ethereum technologies. ICO started on the evening of June 20, expecting to collect 300,000 ETH. At press-time in the project invested 289,185.36 ETH ($ 97,669,466.11), but at the start there were reports that the transactions specified by the organizers of the Ethereum wallet did not pass... Read more
  24. During the latest Ethereum core developers call on March 17 Vitalik Buterin suggested that the recent Ether price increase has affected Ethereum’s implementation Ice Age... Read more
  25. Euphoria among the investors in Ethereum continues to grow. If, yesterday, Ethereum price reached new record highs of $ 40, now the record had outperformed again. At time of writing this publication, the exchange rate of ETH/USD is more than $ 47 for one token. At bitcoin exchange Poloniex the price trades about $ 50... Read more