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Found 6 results

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  2. I see many people talking about what is the best crypto exchange so I wanted to share a place to compare all cryptocurrency exchanges. You know that fees can be different from exchange to exchange and you should ensure to understand all the payment conditions. Important aspect the everyone should consider are fees for depositing, trading, and especially for withdrawal. Keep in mind that some exchanges have to limit access to some features due to national restrictions. Be sure that all required exchange features are available in your country
  3. Bitcoin mining is not profitable for individuals nowadays since it requires enormous computer resources. However cryptocurrency mining can show good results. Latest price, Change 24h, Market Cap, Volume and other info at one place
  4. According to AUSTRAC, on Tuesday, April 3, new rules for Australian cryptocurrency exchanges, aimed against money laundering and terrorist financing (AML/CTF), came into force... Read more
  5. Crypto exchanges are becoming one of the largest beneficiaries of the cryptocurrency boom. Ten largest exchanges earn about $ 3 million a day as commissions, which means more than $ 1 billion in revenue per year, according to Bloomberg research based on CoinMarketCap data on trading volumes and commission information on exchange websites. The research based on the lowest commissions. This is a very rough estimate, as it is almost impossible to find out which commissions offered to companies close to exchanges, and what, for example, discounts were for the most active traders. Given the daily volume of trading and the mentioned commissions, we can see that the top-10 exchanges earn billions of dollars a year. Although the figures are not accurate, the order of these values shows that the cryptocurrency boom allows you to earn quite real money... Read more