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Found 10 results

  1. It is our pleasure to bring this to your notice that a number of leading cryptocurrency portals have been covering the growth of Money Trade Coin. The group that marked it's presence in the crypto-space last year has been doing extremely well and giving a tough fight to leaders. Money Trade Coin has been the pioneer in providing multi-cryptocurrency exchange and wallet services all across the world, thereby making a stronghold in this volatile market system. In order to make a mark and fight powerfully to attain the desired position, the newly emerging cryptocurrency, Money Trade Coin is leaving no stone unturned. The Group has decided that it will establish its footprints and provide services in 40 countries all over the world probably in this new year. It will soon provide its services in Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Bulgaria, Denmark, Sweden, Poland among others. You may read the comprehensive article below. Courtesy - Wu Wei Dao, Cryptobble, and Ambcrypto
  2. Every time you hear the term cryptocurrency the first word that comes to your mind is Bitcoin. Naturally, being the pioneer of Digital currencies globally, Bitcoin has gained massive attention and popularity. However, the crypto-world is has a number of members which often are left out of one's acknowledgement. Apart from the Leading cryptocurrency - Bitcoin, the other virtual currencies in the global financial market are Altcoins i.e. alternate coins. These digital currencies are inspired from Bitcoin and are usually underpinned by the very efficient Blockchain technology. However, each of them has some unique and unusual features to offer the crytocurrency holders and each come with their own goods and bads. Let us have a look quick look at the other crytocurrencies that are slowly and steadily emerging as a winner and giving a tough competition to Bitcoin. 1) Litecoin (LTC) Litecoin was introduced in the crypto-space merely 2 years after Bitcoin in the year 2011. It was founded by Charlie Lee and is often referred to as the 'silver to Bitcoin's gold.' Litecoin functions on the scrypt algorithm and provides one of the fastest generation rates and transaction speeds. One factor that sets Litecoin apart is that it's overall supply market capitalisation limit is set at 84 millions. The process of mining Litecoins is simple, easy and can be solved sans any particular mining equipment. 3) Ethereum (ETH) Ethereum was initially released in the crypto-space in the year 2015. Ethereum was co-founded by a Russian-Candian Programmer, Vitalik Buterin in 2013. Ethereum is an open software platform based on the cutting-edge Block-chain Technology that allows developers to build and utilise decentralised applications. Ethereum blockchain has exceptional abilities. It allows one to build smart contracts. It is a contract that self-executes and the contract handles the enforcement, the management, performance and payment. Unlike the other cryptocurrencies, Ethereum permits developers to create whatever operations they want. Simply, it implies that developers can build thousands of different applications that follows way beyond anything we have witnessed previously. 3) Money Trade Coin Money Trade Coin was introduced in the financial market system September 2017 by the Money Trade Coin Group steered by Dr. Amit Lankhanpal. MT Coin is a virtual currency built on the efficient block-chain technology; offering safe, secure and transparent system to cryptocurrency holders for all their financial transactions. Money Trade Coin is a unique cryptocurrency that enhances the cross-border money transfer procedure. It transfers encrypted money across borders with SWIFT( wire transfer) and also become Secured Alternate Local Currency . It is a partially pre-mined coin using JavaScript APIs, with the focus of making money transfer a hassle free decentralized process. With MT Coin you can easily transfer pre-mined cryptocurrency to any person. What sets Money Trade Coin apart is that it offers Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering services to safeguard all the transaction, thereby providing a high-end transparency.
  3. Cryptocurrencies have now become an alternate for most of the digital transactions. Though used on a large scale, there have always been concerns about its volatile and unstable market structure. The ups and downs in the market capitalization of leading Cryptocurrencies have led to a number of debates about cryptocurrency credibility and reliability. In order to bring about a certain level of stability, security and steadiness in the global virtual market space, the greater Blockchain community has introduced new digital assets - Stablecoins. Stablecoins are developed with an aim to be utilized as are nice unit of account and a proper store of value. They work on the very efficient block-chain technology and are aimed to make optimum application of this technology. The recent news comes in that a team of experts have developed a USD-backed stablecoin. 'TrueCoin Project' is a team effort from Stanford, Palantir and Google. Stablecoin stands out as it is cent percent collateralized, legally protected and transparently audited. It is notable here that Money Trade Coin – an emerging cryptocurrency also started its journey with the robust and cutting-edge Blockchain Technology. Money Trade Coin sets itself apart from all the other cryptocurrencies in the market system as, it is the first ever cryptocurrency to be registered as an Algorithm (meaning an “Owned Cryptocurrency”). Also, since its nascent stage Money Trade Coin is providing Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering Facilities to secure and safeguard the transactions. Money Trade Coin works on a peer-to-peer network that is not controlled by external forces, thereby increasing Transparency. Money Trade Coin provides high-end security and freedom to financial enthusiasts; it is slowly and steadily forming a strong threshold in the global financial market system. With the use of the Blockchain Technology, the crypto-market will soon expand and there are chances of it entering the mainstream financial market system soon.
  4. The widespread usage of cryptocurrencies has raised concerns about its security and safety. Since quite some time, discussions regarding control and regulation of cryptocurrencies have been doing rounds globally. According to latest reports, the Financial Regulators in Abu Dhabi is planning to launch a Cryptocurrency framework to regulate the use of virtual currencies. The Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) of Abu Dhabi is currently assessing the development of a regulatory framework with the pertinent official authorities. The idea behind introducing the regulation is to keep a close check on the activities and utilities of the virtual currency by the Cryptocurrency holders and intermediaries. Earlier, in October, the Abu Dhabi Government had introduced certain guidelines for cryptocurrencies and ICOS in UAE. However, at that time, the Financial Regulator of Abu Dhabi did not support the idea considering ICOs as a security and Cryptocurrency as a Commodity. The FSRA in its plan to develop a proper financial framework to supervise cryptocurrency also, it is still gaining immense popularity and interest worldwide as a medium of exchange.
  5. Cryptocurrency is pacing each passing day. As such, the Money Trade Coin Group is trying to make a significant impact in the crypto-world. The Group has come up with an innovative idea and will soon launch its services in the Real Estate Sector. It will soon launch the first online Real Estate Business to be dealing with Bitcoin. This online property website is a specially designed payment solution for the Real Estate Buyers and Builders. It will allow cryptocurrency holders to make-high value payments in Bitcoin to purchase property. The services will commence by the end of February 2018 and will intially be available in four different countries namely Dubai, Europe, Thailand and Singapore. The Money Trade Coin Group aims to expand its services and integrate with other leading virtual currencies like Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold and Litecoin in the times to come.
  6. Money Trade Coin group has now launched first ever e-commerce portal MTCX Store dealing with Bitcoin and Money Trade Coin. It offers you the most time-efficient and convenient payment methods for the customer as well as for the vendors. MTCX Store has multiple benefits over traditional e-commerce sites such as low fees, Shopping access through cryptocurrency and encrypted database. This is first of its kind of E-commerce store which focuses on crypto users and will benefit them. For receiving more information stay tune in with us.
  7. Simply, Blockchain is a peer-to-peer ledger which preserves transaction data in a block, which can be viewed by the concerned parties. These blocks are recorded transactions between two parties which can be verified and the data stays for a long time. Originally, this technology is devised for the smoothening virtual currency transactions.The first to come up with this efficient service is Bitcoin. Now, the tech community has understood its utilities and exploring its potential in various businesses, banking, and financial sectors. The global market is appealing the finance and banking sectors to invest in an extensive research on Blockchain Technology so that they can comprehend the best way to implement it to help investors by adopting it vastly in the mainstream. It will help encrypted transactions with to gather a network consensus, cryptography, collaboration, and clever algorithms. Money Trade Coin, a recently launched cryptocurrency is also based on the very effective Blockchain Technology. Money Trade Coin offers a special provision of Swift Code Transactions overseas. The Money Trade Coin Group has its eyes to spread its footprints in the financial and banking sector to serve investors across the globe.
  8. An air of Cryptocurrency is flowing all over the world. The numerous Cryptocurrencies in the financial market are competing against each other to emerge as the winner. So, to build its hold and prove it's prowess in the volatile market, Money Trade Coin is leaving no stones unturned. The Money Trade Coin Group recently launched wallet and exchange services at Poland in East Europe as well as at Thailand in Asian countries. The two registered companies in Europe, MTCX Crypto Technologies, and MTCX Digital Securities Exchange will provide an array of services to aid investors. The group has also announced MTCX Crypto Solutions in Thailand. The introduction of these authorized companies will benefit Money Trade Coin to substantially step into the global financial markets and reach the desired position.
  9. Money Trade Coin is the safest and fastest way to trade in cryptocurrency. Money Trade Coin Group is launching online exchange portals in 16 different countries to aid numerous investors. Here are some tips you should keep in mind for smooth trading with Money Trade Coin. 1. Do your own research Research about the market is the best method to learn to trade in Money Trade Coin. You need to know exactly what you are buying, so read as much as you can wherever you can find any relevant material. Be it on a website or a forum, reading will surely provide insights about the current events. 2. Choose a suitable coin trading platform Choose an online crypto coin trading platform which will help you in exchanging one cryptocurrency to another. This will enable you to trade better by buying and selling Money Trade Coin as per market cap standards. 3. Your emotions can be your enemy It is difficult to understand the volatile market of cryptocurrency, money value may decline exponentially. Be wise and smart, refrain selling all your money in the fear of losing everything. 4. Never follow the crowd There should be a good reason to buy a particular coin, do not keep a sheep thinking and only buy coins which are popular in the market. Search for new coins in the market because old coins have a limit of mining and cannot exceed its value. So, there are chances that market cap of the coin may break down and you might end up losing all your money.
  10. The world is moving towards a phase where Cryptocurrency is taking all efforts to rule the financial market system. Amidst numerous digital currencies in the crypto world, the new to mark its presence and make a significant impact is Money Trade Coin. Money Trade Coin was launched in September last year and since then is garnering attention from leaders across the globe. Equitability and Accessibility are two main features of cryptocurrency. 1) Equitable - Since fiat currency is controlled and regulated by financial authorities, you cannot have complete command over your own money. But Money Trade Coin works on the Blockchain technology and peer to peer network, it eliminates the very chance of third-party intervention. Therefore, it provides a high degree of transparency, fairness, and impartiality. 2) Accessibility - Money Trade Coin has the potential to revolutionize crypto space. Money Trade Coin has recently come up with wallet and exchange services in 16 different countries. The best part is, the group is foraying into various segments such as education, travel, e-commerce portal among others to provide investors the best of the facilities. Money Trade Coin led by Dr. Amit Lakhanpal believes in an open market with full transparency and without any regulation.