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[ANN] [ICO] Jizzcoins Multi-purpose 18+ token JCN

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Multi-purpose 18+ token (ERC20)

Jizzcoins (JCN) is an ERC20 token created by CTRL Venture to integrate blockchain technology into our 18+ ecosystem, simplify transactions, improve and accelerate the expansion of our online adult services.

Our focus is the “voyeur” niche and our goal is to open and connect voyeur locations worldwide, equipped with spycams to live broadcast 18+ entertainment.

By utilising gamification techniques like competitions and on-site token minting features all user groups automatically benefit.

  •     [li]Two active product sites[/li]
        [li]HTML5 Live Broadcasting Platform[/li]
        [li]Managed Voyeur Locations[/li]
        [li]Private remote Voyeur Locations[/li]
        [li]Content Marketplace for Models[/li]
        [li]Payment Platform[/li]
        [li]Advertising Platform[/li]
        [li]Affiliate Program[/li]
        [li]Content Partner Program[/li]
        [li]API Partner Integrations[/li]

Our commitment to JCN

Regardless of the ICO results the team is confident to reach the targets listed on the roadmap and make from Jizzcoins (JCN) a 18+ crypto token that is used inside and outside its ecosystem.

There is no soft cap defined, because the project will continue and will go in production. Unlike other 18+ ICOs, Jizzcoins (JCN) has a fully operational ecosystem with a continious development cycle of 4 years and is backed with existing technology.

The main reason to do an ICO is to raise funds to accelerate the opening of new voyeur locations, hire extra staff, open new business units but most important to integrate blockchain technology into all our activities and offer the public to be part of this all.

With Jizzcoins (JCN) we aim to be one of the first (live) 18+ entertainment companies that is powered with blockchain technology.

Stay tuned for development news and opportunities, by following and subscribing to our channels on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

ICO details

  •     [li]Token name: Jizzcoins[/li]
        [li]Token symbol: JCN[/li]
        [li]Token standard: Ethereum blockchain (ERC20 compatible)[/li]
        [li]Max quantity: 100,000,000 JCN[/li]
        [li]Available token supply: 45,000,000 JCN[/li]
        [li]Crowdsale smart contract: 0xc767bb2ab72358eb140b6a66b51a6afb833775dc [/li]
        [li]Token smart contract: 0x3017ad28cbd13dbcefea5f4c124db66c11ddaa64[/li]    
        [li]Initial fixed price: 0.001 ETH per 1 JCN token[/li]

Early bird at presale starts January 10th, 2018

Token sale phases

  •        [li]January 10 to January 20: Minimum 0.75 ETH with a 25% bonus[/li]
           [li]January 20 to February 1: Minimum 0.50 ETH with a 15% bonus[/li]
           [li]February 1 to January 10: Minimum 0.25 ETH with a 5% bonus[/li]
           [li]February 10 to April 10:  Minimum 0.001 ETH[/li]

More details on

Our 18+ ecosystem includes


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