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following two successful proofs-of-concept domestically, mas has entered a collaboration with the bank of canada to test and develop a cross-border solution using crypto tokens issued by the two central banks. but as with crypto tokens, there is a fair amount of hype around blockchains. the blockchain is not a panacea to the problems of inefficiency and cost that we face in many economic transactions and processes. it does not make sense to put everything on the blockchain. not all use cases being experimented on will succeed. crypto bear market now, the bad. the anonymity of crypto tokens has unfortunately made them well suited for facilitating illicit transactions. a significant portion of bitcoin transactions globally is suspected to be for illicit purposes. questions abound as to how sanctions lists, black lists, kyc or anti-money laundering controls apply in crypto token transactions. crypto tokens have also facilitated ransomware - one of the fastest growing cyber crimes. cyber criminals inject a malware into computers and restrict their access to files, often threatening permanent data destruction unless a ransom is paid - nearly always in the form of bitcoins which do not leave a trace. finally, the ugly. crypto tokens have sparked a speculative fever across the world, with a vicious cycle of astronomical prices drawing a growing number of investors sparking further exponential price increases.

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