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market risk from the direct exposure of financial institutions to crypto tokens; credit risk through unsecured lending to crypto token businesses; and leverage when borrowers pledge crypto tokens as collateral to borrow and buy more crypto tokens. mas assesses that the nature and scale of crypto token activities in singapore do not currently pose a significant risk to financial stability. but this situation could change, and so we are closely watching this space. given the gaps in traditional information sources, mas is exploring some unconventional ways in which to gather data about the scale and scope of crypto token related activities. one, the crypto token blockchains themselves can provide a wealth of information - including time stamps, recipient and sender addresses. how to make small business in home two, the application programming interfaces or apis provided by crypto-exchanges present real-time insights on current flows in the crypto market, including information on the fiat currencies that are being exchanged for crypto tokens. money laundering. a clear and present danger posed by some crypto token activity is money laundering and terrorism financing. intermediaries dealing in crypto tokens are already required to report any suspicious transactions to the commercial affairs department. in addition, the proposed payment services bill will require intermediaries that buy, sell or exchange virtual currencies to specifically address money laundering and terrorism financing risks. intermediaries will be required to carry out customer due diligence and put in place controls and processes that are commensurate with their risks. investor protection.

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