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nowadays you can choose to create an online business and one great example of a blog turned into business is blockgeeks . they started a blog at first, wrote content which helped answer some of the questions and address the doubts their readers were having on the whole cryptocurrency industry. now blockgeeks have turned that huge readership into an online business which teaches readers how to create your very own cryptocurrency like bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin etc. day trading cryptocurrencies. passive cash flow investing day trading cryptocurrencies is simply the same thing as the first method above which is buy, hold and sell except you sell your cryptocurrencies each day instead of holding it for a long period of time and then selling it. finally, you can sell it at then end of the day for a profit if it increases. i don’t recommend this if your sole reason is to make money right away. it’s extremely risky and you will lose your money. some of the companies that went through an ipo are like facebook, apple, google etc. which ended up as billion dollar companies. cryptocurrencies can do the same just like that with icos.

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