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  2. A well-known Bitcoin supporter, Patrick Byrne, has announced his resignation as CEO of retail giant Overstock, the company he founded and led for 20 years... Read more
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  4. The U.S. Department of the Treasury has blacklisted the addresses of cryptocurrency wallets owned by Xiaobing Yang, Fujing Zheng, and Guanggua Zheng. The Chinese are accused of money laundering and drug trafficking... Read more
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  6. Russian-based research company ICORating has agreed to pay fines of $ 268,998 to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)... Read more
  7. Every book or website has its objective or focus. Wiki documentaries are designed to unveil comprehensive details about any subject. Bitcoin wiki is the right place people delve into for how to boost their earning potentials. One advantage of using a wiki documentary about bitcoin is the advanced knowledge you get. If you are looking to expand your cryptocurrency career or journey, then delving into a wiki can help. Most secrets and facts about becoming the best in the bitcoin world can be found in a wiki.
  8. As social media platforms and websites, a podcast can help you understand the in-depth of a topic or subject. Podcasts involve inviting an expert in a field and asking them to dish out real facts about a topic. With a cryptocurrency podcast, you have the opportunity of listening to deep and factual discussions about the crypto world. Listening to a podcast from a crypto expert will help you discover key ideas to success. With this innovative method of communication, crypto users will no longer lag behind trendy issues.
  9. Jennifer Lopez and her boyfriend, baseball player Alex Rodriguez, both have invested in fintech company Acorns. The company is popular among Hollywood stars. The actor Ashton Kutcher already has invested in it... Read more
  10. Investors in the Telegram Open Network (TON) ICO campaign get rid of project tokens by selling them on the secondary market. There are several OTC platforms, cryptocurrency exchanges, and at least one investment fund among sellers... Read more
  11. The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council approved the study of digital money/currencies and mobile payments in the territory of the special economic zone of Shenzhen. So, the city should create a "pilot demonstration zone, taking into account the characteristics of Chinese socialism."... Read more
  12. The leading cryptocurrency platform Coinbase reported a potential vulnerability, as a result of which the personal information of 3420 users, including passwords, was stored as clear text in the internal servers. According to the representatives of exchange, third parties did not receive unauthorized access to this data... Read more
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  14. The government of Egypt is discussing plans to issue a national digital currency. As an anonymous source in the central bank told Al-monitor media, the initiative of the authorities is explained by the unwillingness to miss opportunities and positions in the financial sector... Read more
  15. Cryptocurrency platform Wirex Japan Limited officially became a member of type II of the Japan Virtual Currency Exchanges Association (JVCEA). This is the penultimate step to the ability to provide a full range of services to customers in Japan... Read more
  16. Bitcoin has gone into a serious correction. At the moment, there is still potential for declining to the level of $ 9900. From this point the exchange rate can move into a new wave of growth as part of the development of a reversal model... Read more
  17. NetCurrencyIndex is a creative and innovative platform in the digital asset sphere with plenty of financial benefits. It is the benchmark in analysis and index for the digital asset and blockchain-oriented industry. If there is anything innovative and beneficial that struck the crypto world unaware, then it must be NetCurrencyIndex. The platform helps you harness new features such as NCI 500, NCI 100, NCI 30, VoliDex volatility indices, forecast, trend analysis and much more. As the leading platform in the crypto investment world, NCI operates with a plethora of unique tools to help set the new standard for the market. The date to remember for NCI users! 15 August 2019 is the set date when the NCI benchmark token sale will start on P2PB2B Exchange. Investors that can sign up, buy, and complete their KYC validation process will get a 12% bonus. Another point to look at is that it has over 120,000 users at the moment already. The best investment project of 2019 award has gone to NetCurrencyIndex because of its NCIgo application that helps people to trade and earn. Many professionals now agree that NetCurrencyIndex is among the top ten best investment companies in the crypto world. Reaching your financial goals is one of the objectives of the NCI platform. It operates with the NCIgo app that will enable you to trade and make money at the same time. Using copy trading and PAMM will not pose any threat to the NetCurrencyIndex platform. Apart from its active and beneficial NCIgo app, the platform also provides you with futures exchange up to 100 times. The NCIbot AI-oriented automatic trading will help boost your chances of earning more on the platform. If you want to increase your success on this crypto platform, invest from the start. NetCurrencyIndex is the right place to visit when looking for a reliable, trustworthy, and dependable crypto investment platform. As the benchmark for the crypto market, investors will find a gamut of items when investing their money. It is also better to take advantage of the upcoming token sale that happens via IEO at P2PB2B Exchange, it kicks off on 15th August 2019. Further details at:
  18. The American cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex has introduced a plan to pay compensation to lenders of margin positions that have suffered losses due to the lack of funds from borrowers to cover liquidations... Read more
  19. Well-known community investor and author of Altcoin Trading Guide Nik Patel asked his Twitter followers if they believe that Ethereum will ever again trade above the $ 1,000 mark. It turned out to be believed... Read more
  20. Peer-to-peer payments, online purchases, and other forms of transactions can make you anonymous in today’s world. Bitcoin and other digital assets can also make you remain untraceable when operating online these days. The truth is that digital assets do not provide complete anonymity for people using online payment methods. Transactions and all activities are in an open-source known as the blockchain, so you may not be completely anonymous. It implies that other individuals have the opportunity to trace funds and monitor previous transactions through a bitcoin address. Third parties are also much active in evaluating your identity and tracking payments when digital assets help to buy online products. With all these anonymity problems, SmartMixer is here to render the best security and privacy solution you need when using cryptocurrencies online. With our service, users will always remain completely anonymous and safe. We do not leave out any traceable route that can give third parties or other individuals to monitor your online crypto transactions. Our service has what is called the platform’s pools that help users mix their coins. Using our service will put SmartMixer platform’s pools the capability of mixing your coins with a plethora of digital assets and bitcoins. The SmartMixer service will help to get rid of any confusion that exists when using crypto transactions online. With us, your bitcoins and other digital currencies will move back to their initial sources for security reasons. Using SmartMixer will guarantee you of untraceable and clean coins. How To Use SmartMixer For Cryptocurrency Coin Mixing? Understanding how to mix coins on SmartMixer means that you have to first register on the platform. After registration, then you can log in into your account and follow the simple steps on the website. Step One: The first to take when using SmartMixer is by selecting the currency of your choice for the transaction process. The order detail is next move that will help you keep mixing your coins on this platform. Check to ensure that every detail in the order section is correct and accurate. Step Two: Now, you have to read the terms SmartMixer offers to prospective users before executing any order button. Ensure you read through every term until your understanding of this service is accurate. At this juncture, it is time to send to the receiver’s address. Before sending, it is crucial to ensure that the receiver address is correct and accurate. Step Three: The final stage is to go ahead and click the order button and the mixing process starts. SmartMixer will provide you crypto mixing services in an ephemeral of time. Point to understand! Having trustable at the back of your mind is not enough to mix cryptocurrencies in this current dispensation. Having the process easy, fast, and simple is also necessary when mixing coins. SmartMixer has an all-in-one feature to help you mix and get clean digital currencies. Give us a call today and enjoy the massive benefits of using our bitcoin mixing service.
  21. Analysts at the Binance Bitcoin exchange recorded a large-scale dusting attack on the Litecoin cryptocurrency network. The target of this one, most likely, is to compromise user privacy data... Read more
  22. Grayscale has published a study entitled “Hedging US-China Trade Risk with Bitcoin.” The author of the study, Matthew Beck, believes that cryptocurrency provides investors with unique opportunities and should be in each long-term portfolio... Read more
  23. Bitcoin continues to get the highs and there is a high probability of continued growth. Unfortunately, other digital assets are not ready for strong growth right now... Read more
  24. A new post has appeared on the Internet about the hacking of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. According to it, scammers stole the data of users of the trading platform and posted photos of documents on the Telegram group... Read more
  25. The announcement of the Libra's launch has seriously terrified governors. Firstly, the Libra representatives spoke to the US Congress, and now they will have to provide authorities with its data protection and privacy methods. In particular, regulators are interested in the issue of protecting private data as part of their global cryptocurrency initiative... Read more
  26. A credit card from Apple, which is being worked on with the investment bank Goldman Sachs, doesn't purchase cryptocurrencies. This is stated in the user agreement on the bank's website... Read more
  27. EURJPY was very much down throughout this week as we saw the pair starting in a somewhat steady way, but it was all too quick for it to turn around the downside. It will be a good time to go for the long term but with very large risk management to be able to gain.
  28. USD/JPY was completely off this week. Although we saw things staying steady to begin with, but within no time we saw a fairly decent turn-around and we are likely to witness similar change of happening ahead as well. It’s a good time for short trades but risky for long term.
  29. GBP/USD was bearish during the week as we saw it dropped in major way, but things got steady later on. However, the bearish trend is still very much on and going, so it will be good opportunity for one to go for shorts if there is any noticeable recovery taking place, but it looks least likely.
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